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Enliven Herbal Hair Masks safe my problem (Setia Alam branch review)

I always wanted to have a beautiful hair, yes you know what I mean. Other than just keeping long hair then cut different style of hair then hair colouring but before that bleach it first then hair treatment then use many kinds of shampoo, conditioner, treatment at home then putting up different styling every day.. (phew) These are female challenge but I bet male also did almost the same things. After all the hassle we have done on our hair, do you ever notice what happened to our hair or scalp other than just want to look beautiful or handsome?

I started to experience having beautiful hair for a few weeks after a hair colouring done. Then afterwards my hair texture become dry and I started to dislike it especially the bleaching part so I chopped it off. Routine hair care is a must to do at home but then I started to notice white hair, hair loss, dandruff are more often seen then before. It's started to make me feel more worry.

But until I find out Enliven Hair Care..

Enliven Hair Care back to natural
What kind of hair care services they offered? Enliven has one hair services only which is organic herbal treatment to control hair loss, scalp treatment, promote hair growth, dye grey hair and improve hair quality. Enliven has opened up many branches in the whole Malaysia since 2016. For full branch listing can be found at their website

I have visited one of the Enliven Hair Care branches at Setia Alam recently which is near my house. Located at the famous Saturday Pasar Malam area, you can waze to it. Opening hours from 10 am to 7 pm everyday except on Tuesday. Last call on 5 pm and please call them first for an appointment. Usually on weekdays there are more available slots while on weekends are more occupied but let me remind you since this shop is located at the famous Saturday Pasar Malam, it would be a bit difficult to get parking during that time otherwise the parking slot are plenty available.

Enliven Hair Care Setia Alam
Find them at 5-5, 2, Jalan Setia Prima H U13/H, Setia Alam, Selangor 
Call for appointment 016- 348 7818

Alright, let me share with you what's my first impression visiting this hair saloon? It's smell like a coffee shop seriously (not like the common hair saloon smell) and I think it's because of the herbal scented. The ambiance is kinda simple, comfortable and relaxing.

After registration, I did a scalp scanning first and it's a free test so don't worry about extra charges. I know about my hair problem as I have mentioned it earlier but I have no idea on my scalp status until the scan shows. I have oily sebum secretion that blocks hair follicle and also white hair present due to loss of colour pigmentation (oh no).

Alright after scanning, the treatment procedure started by applying mint solution for clean scalp (not need to wash hair first). Then scalp and neck massage for scalp stimulation. Coconut oil the apply to prevent protein loss. 

Now is the time to apply herbal hair mask with yogurt on my whole head thoroughly. Their main ingredients includes a mixture of various leaves, stems and petals. You'll benefit of all these natural plants and herbs in strengthening hair shafts from the root, detoxes the hair follicles and keeps the scalp clean to prevent dandruff. Looking at the chocolicious colour and it could leave browny stained without over pigmented to cover white hair especially.

After that wrapped up for steaming up to 50 minutes. While waiting, they served me a cup of warm tea. Times up and went for cleaning and rinsing. During the process, I can feel my hair being washed and rinsed for a few times to remove the coated hair mask and my scalp feel cooling all the time. After that dry up and organic solution apply. No hair styling done so don't be disappointed.

This is my before and after hair treatment done. I have my routine hair care done at home before went to Enliven hair treatment. The result my hair feel more smoother then before and my head feel less tense.

Alright, Enliven also has their own hair care products range available at their own saloon. One of the best selling products is their Botanical Aqua Cool Shampoo which gives you the feeling of clean and cooling during the wash (this is what they're using during the cleansing part). Do you know you can get a free bottle of this shampoo when you come in for the hair treatment? 

Yes as new branch opening promotion, you can try their hair treatment for the first time at RM 38 only (actual price starting from RM 79+) and when you quote my name 'Lee Yann' you can get a Free Botanical Aqua Cool Shampoo worth RM 45 and it's extended for you my readers until end of August 2018 at Setia Alam branch only. If you like their hair treatment services, there's package price promotion depending on your hair length. Like and follow Enliven Facebook for more updates.

I'll highly recommend you to try this hair treatment yourself first at RM 38 only and get a Free hair shampoo worth RM 45 when you quote my name 'Lee Yann' until end of August 2018 at Setia Alam branch only.

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