Sunday, 24 March 2019

HUYGENS Paris a beauty apothecary landed in Malaysia (beauty event)

Bonjour pretty,

I'm still in the feeling of French smell after using their products. Why such and you really need to know cause just recently HUYGENS Paris landed in Malaysia bringing in French beauty apothecary for beauty enthusiast.

Firstly how to pronounce HUYGENS?? It is called Hui-gens. They are person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs in apothecary term. And so HUYGENS stories telling about to begin from Paris itself.

In 2013, co-founders Daan Sins and Sebastien Guerra discover an abandoned 17th century alchemist's house in the heart of Le Marais, Paris. (Wish I could visit the city one day). Inspired by the exceptional mansion and its vicinity's lingering energy, they decide to create HUYGENS, a French beauty apothecary that offers 100 % clean, cruelty free and made in France next generation organic beauty collection.

Met co-founders of HUYGENS, Sebastien Guerra said that HUYGENS is ideal for those want to reconnect with nature and pure organic ingredients aligned to the preparation of yesteryear but in a contemporary way.

Do you care about what goes into your beauty products? About 97 % - 100 % of all ingredients in HUYGENS organic beauty collection are of natural origin whilst up to 100 % of all ingredients are grown from organic farming. The percentages of natural and organic ingredients are clearly indicated on each product.

HUYGENS presents a comprehensive range of organic beauty products that caters to every need and personality. These include face care formulas, be spoke body, bath and hair collection, home and aromatherapy array and fragrances with natural active ingredients.

If you love perfumes that are all natural and kind, HUYGENS perfumes are made from the finest natural raw and organic ingredients which include flower water and organic alcohol made from wheat. You can select from 3 distinct evoking fragrances which include La Cologne, Les Roses and Le Parfum Originel. I personally fall in love with the Les Roses one.

Why I think HUYGENS are so unique at first place? It is an innovative customisation concept spurning 192 combinations allowing you to choose scents that meets your individual needs, benefits and persona. Just like it said a beauty apothecary.

How does the customisable Bespoke body, bath and hair collection work? Imagining as I didn't include a good video here. There are 3 simple steps that facilitates each of you with a unique store experience. For the first timer, I highly recommend you to visit their store first.

Step 1 - pick from a selection of 12 neutral base products comprising either a body, bath or hair care base.

Step 2 - choose an essential oil of your preference aligned to the benefits that suit you. There are 15 natural essential oils to pick from the categories of comfort and calm, energy and vitality and balance.

Step 3 - the HUYGENS team will then create your Bespoke body, bath or hair product using special tools.

Brought to Malaysian shores by Clini7 Malaysia Sdn Bhd, HUYGENS officially aired it debut launching. Congratulations to HUYGENS again.

Now after knowing so much about HUYGENS, it's the time to unveil the price range. The HUYGENS Bespoke body, bath and hair collection retails respectively from RM 165 - RM 278 (body), RM 98 - RM 308 (bath) and RM 108 - RM 202 (hair). 

HUYGENS perfumes are priced from RM 499 (La Cologne), RM 575 (Les Roses) and RM 575 (Le Parfum Originel) respectively. Overall I think the price range are at the high side but if you are a working adult, you can treat yourself kindly. Like why not?

You can head on to HUYGENS stores at Robinsons The Gardens Mall, Robinsons Kuala Lumpur Shoppes Four Seasons Place and Parkson 1 Utama for a unique in store experience first. If you don't know yet, HUYGENS clean organic beauty collection is presented in biodegradable plastic and glass containers to support Eco friendly.

If you have knew HUYGENS before, you can shop online at .

To know more visit HUYGENS in Instagram at @huygensmy #huygensmy .

Ending this post with my Blogger friends around Cinda, me (Lee Yann), Zi Hang and Reiko. Nice car and refreshment prepared credit to the Ben's The Gardens Mall and also Pat Lin Communications for inviting me.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Watch your favourite TV cartooons live at Genting (Teletubbies + Sarah & Duck + Go Jetters + The Duggee)

Hello people, 

weekend can be more fun at Resorts World Genting in case you have nothing to do. Me and my friends just watched our favorite TV cartoons from our old time, Teletubbies and also others CBeebies friends live show at Genting International Showroom. You are never too old to have some fun again.

Who is Cbeebies friends? 

The famous Teletubbies, Hey Duggee, Go Jetters, and Sarah & Duck are the delightful and fun loving characters from the British Broadcasting Corporations children entertainment channel.

Party dancing along with the Teletubbies; Tinky Winky, Dispsy, Laa Laa and Po. 

Celebrate Scarf Ladys birthday with Sarah and her best friend Duck.

Become honorary cadets at the funkiest school in town with the Go Jetters Xuli, Kyan, Lars, Foz and Ubercorn, a dancing unicorn.

Earn your Hey Duggee teamwork badge with Duggee and the members of the Squirrel Cub including Betty the octopus, Happy the crocodile, Roly the hippo, Tag the rhino and Norrie the mouse.

CBeebies friends live and It's party time is a musical show that makes its world premiere at Genting International Show room on 16 March 2019 - 31 March 2019. Tickets are now available priced at RM 186 (VIP), RM 156 (PS1) and RM 116 (PS2) with additional RM 4 processing fee. Children below the age of 1 enjoy free entrance. Families travelling to see this world premiere can also enjoy attractive show and room packages for as low as RM 353 nett offering savings of up to 51 % off standard room and ticket prices.

For more info, visit or call +602 2718 1118. Have a happy weekend guys and see you next.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

HALABO launched new smart hair care apps (event)

If you have hair and scalp problems and would like to get help to manage it, may be you can consider HALABO. Recently HALABO started to expand many in town area and they're now going to launch a smart hair care apps which I'm here as invited Blogger guest. This is going to be an interesting simple post that won't make you feel boring.

With my babe Blogger Bee Lee. We're excited for the launching cause it's in the Onyx hall of Golden Screen Cinema at Mid Valley.

HALABO launched the world's first AI personalized prescription hair care and products in kinda Iphone launching style. What a brilliant idea.

The founder talked about how AI technology personalized for each person problems, seamless IOT technology, smart family to share treatment, smart scheduling and real time image and historical will be record. Sounds very 'canggih' to download and use. Find HALABO in Play Store and App Store.

During launching, local celebrities are invited for their personal sharing; William, Coby, Pei Xuan and Pauline.

Me just taking the photo opportunities with my favorite local artists. weee...

The behind scene working hard team.

I have try HALABO hair and scalp treatment services before and I'm very satisfied customers. Check out my review now. If you don't know yet, HALABO use biotechnology technology for your ultimate hair solution at premium quality yet affordable price range. The price also no further than RM 198 per session if to compare with others well known brand. So don't worry to give a try first at RM 18 promotion price only.

Alright check if you have a good hair day and see you next.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

3 special steps for pore solutions (Neogence event & review)

Hello people, 

I'm back and I believe you too. Chinese New Year celebrations is done and the weather is still hot. While you can't blame it, you better take care of yourself first. I mean don't forget to take care of your skin too. Check if your skin easily gets an oily gloss resulting in pore blockage then the pores become bigger due to keratinization thus resulting in facial problems like blackheads and acnes. For me, I'm still facing this kind of problems and I have to find a pore care solutions that will work.

Firstly thanks to Watsons for introducing Neogence skin care from Taiwan. Neogence is a lab dermatological brand which composed of the R&D team of dermatologist, bio medical doctor and professional pharmacist that have been deeply researching and analyzing the skin pore and head problems. Just recently Neogence launched a new product of pore solution series with 3 steps of skin care only. The 3 steps are not the common steps that we used to know.

From the above image by Neogence and from the right:-
Step 1- Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask
Step 2- Neogence Extremely Off Heads Serum
Step 3- Neogence Skin Refining Cream

Met Shu Sen, a young and talented YouTuber in Malaysia. She shared about her experience using Neogence skin care product and benefits well on her skin. Not forgetting how humble and sweet of her that she even created a card for her fans. 

Don't be surprise is me using the Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask on my face. This is the first step in the series after my face is cleaned. Combining natural clay and charcoal powder that absorbs sebum, removes dead skin cells cleanses pores deeply and weakens the solid roots of comedones. It's a very fast acting and my pores feel refreshed again. Don't believe try it out yourself. Use weekly only.

The other 2 steps are to use daily. The second step is the Neogence Extremely Off Heads Serum which effectively dissolve heads and blocked pores completely. While the last step is the Neogence Skin Refining Cream which help skin cell renewal and repair of acne scars. Note you still can use toner to prep your skin for serum absorption. 

Overall I'm satisfied with the product content quality, packaging and also the result I'm experiencing so far. I know when I started to reduce the habit to squeeze my pores out. Girls only understand that. Alright then if you want to get it you knew it, Watsons. Check out their online and offline store now for promotion price (retail price range from RM 100+ for each).

Sunday, 27 January 2019

How to get V shape face while sleeping? feat IDAZ review

I always admiring those with V shape face and to have a V shape face is kinda every ladies dream. I dunno how much you really want to look V shape face on you but some may go until extreme to do plastic surgery. That's guarantee a V shape face on you! But how about applying facial cream to achieve V shape face?

Introducing ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning SLEEPING PACK made in Korea.
ID.AZ face fit is a functional cosmetics product line that aids in finding your beauty contours with proprietary ingredients and patented formulations. It helps in face slimming, giving volume and lifting through its product line up.

Why ID.AZ brand? 
This brand is well known in Korea for facial expert in health and beauty from facial surgery to non invasive functional cosmetics since 2014. It's first developed to treat patients sensitive skin after facial surgery and treatments. For more info about them visit

The product packaging
It's very interesting at first place once opened up from the box. The glass jar look contains 30 ml of content only.

While the product texture
It's in white concentrated creamy type with almost no scent at all.

When to use?
Every night before sleep, take generous amount to apply on your skin and that's it. It works while you're sleeping so remember not to sleep too late. A reminder for myself too.

How does it works? 
- promotes slimming with firming functions.
- helps with smoothing of wrinkles by enhancing elastin formation and helps maintain it.
- contains sodium deoxycholate helps with smoothing and tightening the facial and breaking the fat in skin.

What I feel immediately?
I really can feel my skin have immediate tightening effects and doesn't has the warm effects as I thought it will. Others than that, I'll make sure to apply it every night to see the results for about 2 weeks.

Before and after 2 weeks
Although from the pictures you may not see huge difference since it's only about 2 weeks application but I can feel my cheek side have gain a little smaller 'pao' size.

Got V shape face?
Now come to the most important questions. For seriously I do not see any much obvious V shape line in 2 weeks time. Unless for those after facial surgery, this products definitely can help them to maintain the V shape look. Other vise, I can feel my skin is firm up .

Do you need this? 
Ladies if you're already in late 20 you should consider to start using anti aging products that can help your skin to lift and firm up.

Where to buy?
This product will be launching on February on wards at watsons store. Price at RM 199. Check out the online store link here for promotion price.

Alright see you next round ladies.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Murad the ultimate moisturiser for travelling use

Since ever I knew about Murad brand, I definitely give a trust in their good skin care range of products. Coming this holiday season, Murad sent me a product that just in time to use especially during travelling. The Dew a Little Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisturiser is suitable to pack for travel use because of it small size.

From the name itself I know that this is gonna be a good moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated all the time. Not only that it can help to solve your skin problem of dull, dry, fine lines and even the sensitive type. When you have enough hydration locked into your skin, you'll see improvement in your skin.

Products is in luxurious white cream texture yet I feel lightweight during application on the skin. It can provides up to 24 hours of hydration which is perfect especially travelling that required to stay outdoor longer than indoor. It's also smell almost no scented.

Use it every day and night and massage evenly over face, neck and chest. I feel almost no stickiness on my skin while products absorb well into the skin. 

Overall I'll consider this is my best moisturizer used in my list. Check out Murad website for more info. Until then Happy New Year 2019!

Thursday, 20 December 2018

What is Christmas party like with beauty brand (ALTHEA Korea x The Butterfly Project Malaysia)

Merry Christmas people!!'s never too early to wish cause it's already the month of people feeling festive season and also planing for holiday soon. Before I going off for my trip, I have to share this first with you all.

Ever wonder what is Christmas party celebration like with beauty brand?? (I'm sorry it's a private event but you can gain some idea to host your own party too). Many thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for organizing a year end party inviting active member of Beauty Blogger in Malaysia (not only YouTube has year end party..haha).

This year we have our most favourite beauty brand sponsored from ALTHEA Korea. Kamsahamida Frank Kang, CEO of ALTHEA and team for making Christmas moments of love, laughter and good will. So this post may be a bit long for you cause I'm filling up you with pretty photo and video taken during the event.

Party card by ALTHEA

First of all after attendance marked, each butterflies got a party card on what to do during the event. There are foods, games, insta corners, gifts and friends. Butterflies know how to behave and mingling around. Without wasting time I ordered my food first from Chubeecloud. We're having our party event at Chubbeecloud, Petaling Jaya. Check out Chubbeecloud cafe at .

Food and drinks by Chubbeecloud

Chubbeecloud prepare Xmas treats of toasts and beverages for each of us. I have to tell you that the Xmas toasts with Boba is so delicious!! Yes you drink it before now you eat it straight. Next to it is Kimchi toasts. Both are very delicious. While on my hand is Xmas beverages of magical milkshake. This is so pretty and colourful to drink at first and taste yummy too.

Games by ALTHEA

Next I went to the end corner of the cafe to play ALTHEA game machine. What a surprise cause it's a very big pink game machine. This is my first time ever playing the game machine. Watch the 9th attempt and finally I got one of the ball. What a fun day and little success for me.

Xmas Insta corners + pink OOTD


A mandatory insta corner to take OOTD. We have been informed to wear pink to the Christmas party. At first it's hard for me cause I need to find matching Christmas accessories. My initial plan is to create a reindeer look however during the event day due to the time constraint I didn't able to make it. So plan B plugged on, I hang a fairy lights that I bought recently from LAZADA 11.11 online sales to look like a Christmasy feeling or some of the butterflies commented you're looking like a walking pink Christmas tree..haha. What do you think??

Surprise gifts!!

While the most ever surprised me is the Chubbeecloud marshmallow gifts set with ALTHEA Christmas logo and my profile photo printed on it. Too lovely I can't eat my own face..haha. Until now I still keeping it but one things for sure it's definitely a good idea of gifting season. Chubbeecloud is also a gift experience store with cafe style where they can create personalized gifts, gourmet snacks and handcrafted beverages for you.

Magical candy cart by Ask Joey

A party with customized theme desert will added point to the party atmosphere. When you see pretty desert although you may not eat or finish it but your mood definitely will elevated. Ask Joey cause she again did a good job for the Christmas party theme. Look for her at

Gifting corner by ALTHEA 

In this post the main sponsored of the event is ALTHEA Korea, an online beauty brand for you to shop all Korean brand products authentically at the best price on . From being just a customers at first to now blog about them, ALTHEA has launched their own exclusive products at which are the skin care range to the make up now. All are designed and made in Korea with the best quality at affordable price. I have tried some of their exclusive products before and it's good on my skin. Showcasing in the photo is the ALTHEA newest products of concealers which is currently on sale BUY 1 FREE 1 at .

Photo booth by Tag Booth

During the event, we can't get enough photo using our own phone and camera. Luckily we have Tag booth to help to take pretty photo and printed out immediately. What's special about Tag booth is you can decorate sticker placement (customized ALTHEA sticker) in the photo. Find them at .

The Butterfly Project Malaysia girls






Bee Lee




The coincident tulle skirt geng with Bee Lee, Sharon, Nicole and me. 

The Butterfly Project Malaysia girls are actually active member as Beauty Blogger in Malaysia. The organization itself is a non-profit community and what we do are learning and creating content as our part of interest and hobbies.

The best dress

In The Butterfly Project Malaysia party, the members invited are always looking pretty and suit the theme given. I feel this is the only time I can dress up more prettier than common day. In this Christmas party, Top 3 best dress won another goodies bag of ALTHEA exclusive products. Congratulations again to Ayu the princess look, Cindy the reindeer look, and Lia the Santa girls look.

Group photo

Before the party end, a group photo of The Butterfly Projects Malaysia girls (we're in pink outfit) with the ALTHEA team (in Christmas elves outfit). I'm impressed with their elves outfit.

Unboxing ALTHEA Christmas box

Special thanks 

The Butterfly Project Malaysia
Ask Joey
Tag Booth
Eros Si (Photographer of the day and some photo used in this post)