Sunday, 25 September 2022

5km Fun Walk; Asthma Malaysia x World Lung Day 2022


25 September 2022 is World Lung Day for health advocacy to take action and promote better lung health globally with the focus on saying no to tobacco, protecting people through vaccination, breathing clean air, take regular physical exercise. 

In conjunction with World Lung Day, Asthma Malaysia organized a Fun Walk 5km at Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam. Asthma Malaysia is a non-profitable organization with the mission 
  • to serve as a credible resource on asthma 
  • to raise awareness of the best standards of care
  • to empower patients in the management of their asthma
Asthma Malaysia's vision is to be the leading portal for asthma with a view to creating more informed and empowered patients. They aim to ensure that asthma care in Malaysia is equal to the best in the world with a view to reducing the suffering and deaths associated with it. They intend to evolve and proactively engage in research and promotional campaigns to increase awareness of asthma in Malaysia.

The day started with heavy rain and then became slowly making everyone anxious in the first place. While YB Khairy (Minister of Health Malaysia) and Dr Helmy (Cofounder of Asthma Malaysia and Consultant Respiratory Physicians) joined in the walk too.

Fun Walk with my family. I'm glad my baby is joining us and my mum made it her first 5km as a cancer patient. Let's create more memories.

Completed a 5km walk and received a cute glass medal. It's a happy family day. While resting and eating the day continue with a lucky draw, memorandum, and health talk.

For your information, The Generational End Game Bill aims to ban smoking for those born from 2007 onwards. It's a huge game changer when referring to a section of the Control of Tobacco Products and Smoking Bill 2022.

The above is in line with the Global Initiative for Asthma, a World Health Organization collaborative organization founded in 1993 to increase global awareness of asthma. Understanding asthma cannot be cured, it may be managed to lessen and avoid asthma attacks.

Friday, 16 September 2022

How to Self Care without Selfish; Oh La La Event

Being a new mum recently, my baby is 7 months now, and I'm no more feeling being myself is my priority. I also feel hard because of body changes. I know I need to gain back my strength again to face my new chapter of life, as a full-time working woman, a new mum juggling with the little ones and also hustling at the same time from home based. I now have a more purposeful life and a busy schedule ahead.

In order for me to continue playing each role, I need to take care of myself properly. Just like a car you need to service it from time to time. Sometimes I feel mum's guilt when I need to take care of myself first. I know I cannot be selfish and grateful I can get support from my dear husband and family members.

Last weekend was a self-care day, an Oh La La event organized by Tammy for the women's community. I'm very happy to be invited and to see everyone again after 2 years of movement restriction order. This is the time when I get to play dress-up and take a moment for myself.

How to Self Care without Selfish | Oh La La event

1) Dress Up Doll Up

Playing dress-up according to the theme given, Parisian Chic. It's something effortless, classic, nonchalant, cool, and not arrogant. 

2) Be Positive Be Happy

The event started with a stress-relieving ice breaker where we paints what makes us happy on a tote bag by Us for Ocean. Us for Ocean is a beach clean-up fundraiser. Join them @usforocean

3) Relax for Wellness

Next, Roots Malaysia brings us a relaxing moment of aromatherapy and also unveils a way to relieve PMS. Thanks to the new 'Goddess' essential oils. @myrootsmsia is a Malaysian brand focusing on essential oils products produced in small batches.

4) Love our Skin

@iloveskininc is a bespoke fuss-free beauty skin product made in Korea and manufactured for Skin Inc Global Singapore. Their products are catchily and got to try out Skin Inc Supplement Bar Custom Recovery Sleep Mask given.

5) Take a Moments

Make your favorite drinks at home. Got to learn how to make mocktail recipes at home using @monin_asia and chills.

6) Go for a Tantalizing Brunch

The Kitchen of Lou Lou James hosted the Oh La La event in an elegant way. Lou Lou James is a trademark of EJ Global Labels Company, officially registered in the EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in 2021. In 2022, EJ Global Labels ventured into the food and beverage industry with the concept of connecting their signature product ALTA Learning Tower (below photo) with a physical pop-up kitchen. Together with reputable Chef Frediani who is known for his excellent culinary skills debuting its very first family-friendly restaurant in the Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City. @louloujames.thekitchen served a western fusion of attractive to the eye and mouth-watering. Well, I plan to dine in again with my family members. 

For your information, EJ Global Labels is a company that houses different lifestyle brands and products under one roof, mainly focusing on modern contemporary design and luxury quality at an affordable price. Established in 2020, the company debuted Lou Lou James online, a brand that designs fashionable children's furniture with the implementation of early childhood developments. I'm excited to check it out for my baby stuff at

7) Mingle Time

Self-care doesn't limit to yourself only but getting in touch with your friends. Chat, gossip, and have fun outside cause it's your time out from the normal routine.

Special thanks to Tammy for inviting me and also for some food photos used in this post. Many thanks to all brands mentioned in the post too. I love to share about brands, their stories, and my lifestyle. Thank you for checking out this post.

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Mamaway Baby Sling Highlight

There are a few types of baby carrier or baby wearing in the market that you should know at least before buy such as the wrap type, sling type, soft structured type aka backpack. But let's ask yourself first if you need one of those? 

In this post, I will be reviewing Baby Sling type from Mamaway. A well know brand for mama and babies stuff from Taiwan.

Mamaway official website:
Mamaway Baby Sling:

Mamaway Baby Sling with Ring in Mickey Kaleidoscopes brown design.


Mamaway Baby Sling Features
  • thick and durable nylon rings to ensure safety  
  • the sling is100% cotton which is comfortable on baby skin
  • the sewing is neat and strong 
  • not stretchable but adjustable using rings 
  • one size can fits all including the wearer and baby size due to long cloth
  • can be use from newborn to toddler due to strong fabrics
  • pocket design to keep and neat
  • modern design to choose and look stylish for wearer
  • can be hand wash or washing machine if needed

Mamaway Baby Sling Benefits
  • the most important is hands free when using baby sling
  • convenient to walk around if to compare to stroller in some situation
  • this baby wearing will encourage bonding with baby
  • baby will look relax and my baby eventually fall asleep
  • also can sit and breastfeed conveniently using the long cloth to cover
  • it help to distribute load and less strain on your back when use correctly
  • approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as hip safe and health care products
  • lightweight to put into baby bag when outing and use when you need 
  • easy to use after a few practices

Carrying my baby in Mamaway Baby Sling. Make sure logo on the top of the shoulder.

Hands free while walking in the park. Also as baby is growing, my hands is tired to carry baby all the time. Sometime I'm using it in the house too to comfort my baby.

Back view of the Baby Sling. No back pain.

Come back to the earlier questions, I think using baby sling is nice to have especially when baby is small and haven't learn to walk yet. If you need one of any type, do make sure you understand it product features first so that you can get the most benefits from it. For example, the wrap type is mostly stretchy fabrics and suitable on baby size if compare to sling type which is adjustable and cotton fabrics is durable to use up to toddler size. 

For me, so far Mamaway Baby Sling fit into my usage purpose. Price at RM260 RM219.90 . Check out more design to choose from . My readers can get RM15 off for purchase over RM 150 using my code MAMABLOG-LEEYANN. 

Monday, 28 February 2022

Postnatal Care with Mamaway Support Belly Band

About 3 weeks ago I just gone thru a new life experience delivering my first baby. Recalling back when I didn't expect that Covid hit my family members and automatically I became close contact. The worries started and not long, baby also started to show time. Well plan B executed, landed at government hospital for labour with strict Covid measures, quarantine life although I'm negative, baby isolated until the discharge time only I get to see him. He cried, I cried too but I'm grateful we both are well.

Currently I'm doing my confinement at a postnatal care center. Recovery from wound, pain and emotion take times. While at the same times, I need to adjust my new life schedule and I'm still working on it. Thankfully my family and friends are there to support me.

Talking about support, let's see a postnatal recovery and support belly band from Mamaway. Most mummy will talk about how to reduce postnatal belly and effectively. Either consume internally or wearing externally or both works. The main treatment is to reduce uterus size within 6 weeks recovery period, tighten abdominal muscle separation to get back in shape and also reduce back pain.

Mamaway postnatal belly band made from nano bamboo in Taiwan. It has anti bacterial, anti odour and far infrared rays. Materials is legit stretchable and look breathable. Sewing is neat and strong. First hand look it feel good quality and durable.

Wearing instructions is very easy. Wear on clothes. Band is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Align the bottom edge to the lowest point of the pelvis and fasten the velcro. Use the secondary straps to target problem areas or create an immediate waistline. Adjust your own tightness for compression. There's no need to get other people to help you like 'bekung' type.

My verdict:- after wearing it for a few weeks, it works as it said. It's stretchable, breathable and comfortable to wear long hours. My Dr did palpation on my abdomen to locate my uterus height. She is surprised that my uterus has reduced. I guess I'm SVD so I recover sooner compare to C-sec mom. But don't worry C-sec mom also can wear it after your wound inspection and recommendation by Dr.

After many wears, the velcro tape is still strong however the band fiber started to wear off while it's still feel durable. I like to wear it during day time to support my back during nursing. Up to now the belly band doesn't easily look dirty or smelly as of the bamboo material. Also it's easy to clean using fabrics spray or hand wash if needed. 

Hopefully my uterus will recover completely, belly look less bulging, get my waistline shape back, weight reduced, also healthy baby, happy mom. Too much wishing but grateful.

Mamaway postnatal recovery and support belly band has size from S-M (100cm) or L-XL (115cm). Price at RM 380 RM 330.

My readers can get yours at . Use my code MAMABLOG-LEEYANN for RM15 off for purchase over RM150.

Sunday, 27 February 2022

TopzMall Happy Women's Day Sales; 4 - 8 March 2022

Shout out again to TopzMall, they're determined to become one of the largest online shopping platforms in Asia. Established in 2020 in Malaysia and caters to small business owners and brand managers across Southeast Asia. This platform aim of creating an e-commerce mini programme to build up self domain traffic and unlock sales channels, provide creative sales strategies to improve sales performance, adopt KOL marketing strategy to increase brand popularity and offer one to one guide courses for Malaysian SME.

For Seller 

For the first 100 seller that join TopzMall, here's the 5 benefits you'll get

  • Free sign up and listing
  • 3% transaction fees
  • Free training and marketing support
  • 800 KOL & Blogger ready to promote
  • TopzMall shipping fees subsidy

Scan below to join now or click this link

Coming up in March, TopzMall wil go live commerce for 5 days during Women's day which starts from 4 to 8 March 2022 to meet customers shopping needs and release shopping desires with exclusive discounts in Malaysia. Bringing products through live commerce is one of the best way to help customers to save time in choosing goods, customers can understand the value of products, build trust in products, purchase with confidence and provide customers the pleasure of shopping at all time even at home.

For seller that join TopzMall, you can participate this Women's day promotion, allowing customers to enjoy up to 80% discount which feature all products related to women; fashion, clothing, shoes, jewelry, daily necessities, beauty, nails, perfume and more.

Also TopzMall will hold exclusive deals in the following months to bring the best quality products and best prices to all customers. Ramadhan Sales will be starting from 1 to 30 April 2022 and 6.6 carnival starting from 3 to 9 June 2022.

For Customers

Let's shop at TopzMall with RM10 cash voucher (no min spend) valid from 4 to 8 March 2022 only.

Term and conditions:

  • RM10 cash voucher with no min spend for platform wide.
  • Each account can only redeem the voucher once.
  • This voucher is non refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full and is valid for a single transaction only.
  • Cash voucher is not redeemable for shipping charges.
  • TopzMall reserves the right to amend the T&C of this promotion at any time without prior notice.

Shop at website

You also can shop TopzMall using Yippi apps to enjoy more rewards. Here's how to use (video) below.


Sunday, 6 February 2022

SevenFriday Watches with NFT Certificates (Tiger year 2022 edition)

To celebrate this Chinese New Year 2022 of the tiger, recently SevenFriday offer latest series limited to 500 pieces each in either green or red watches. SevenFriday is a Zurich based brand inspired by industrial elements, tools, engines, machines, wheels and art. Let's see product details as below.

Now pay attention to this, SevenFriday doesn't only offer bold design with limited stock of watches. It has NFC authentication for the very first time that you don't want to miss out to know more about it.

When you register your T-tiger in their proprietary App, SevenFriday will offer you, your very own NFT, a digital certificate authenticated by a blockchain contract, attesting to your ownership of a genuine SevenFriday products.

Not only that, for a limited period, you can also elect to receive a NFT collectible, a unique digital image with which you can start your digital journey by using it as your profile in the App or even trading it if you wish so.

Where to get SevenFriday watches in Malaysia? Look for Red Army Watches located at One Utama or Pavilion KL. Red Army Watches has over 15 years of experience in the watch retail industry and more than 30 watch and accessory brands under their care.
Do check it out this new release for yourself or for your male partner as Valentine's day is approaching soon too.

Photo credit to SevenFriday. Thank you for checking out this post.