Monday, 5 November 2018

Take care your hair as young at 11 years old feat LAB 11 FULL LIFT (impression review)

Hello ladies, 

sharing with you on my last weekend event stories first. It's an exclusive private preview of a hair solution products by LAB 11 from local brand itself, Malaysia made. For your info, LAB 11 is a creation of team Global Story that has been one of the hair and beauty industry market leader with 18 years of experience through 11 Hair Story saloon branches, 1 Hair Story academy, 2 Sugar Nails saloons and 2 Face Story outlets. They're so well known in Penang, the northern side of Malaysia.

Watch event and unboxing video first.

Why LAB 11?

Global Story has a teams that continuous in research and development of the product since year 2016. As the 11 is the ages that you should start to use beauty products already!! LAB 11 is the mother brand of Full Lift Shampoo and Soft Mask which aimed to deliver different type of hair texture with more than 10 benefit using natural extracts, essential oils and 11 types of amino acids that I'm going to unveil it now.

LAB 11 Full Lift Shampoo and Soft Mask it said to has no artificial colouring, fragrance free, 100 % natural extract and 100 % pure essential oils.

7 active ingredients used and their benefits

  1. Watercress - strengthen hair roots to lit hair up
  2. Castor oil - thickens hair and repels humidity
  3. Argan oil - hydrates dry and tames frizzy hair
  4. Lime essential oil - remove oil and rebalance moisture on scalp
  5. Sweet orange essential oil - happy and uplifting experience
  6. Peppermint essential oil - prevent hair loss and promote hair growth
  7. Eucalyptus essential oil - stimulates hair follicles

Products texture and direction of use

LAB 11 Full Lift Shampoo 300ml has a clear gel type. Like usual apply suitable amount of shampoo to wet hair, massage into a rich lather and rinse thoroughly with water.

LAB 11 Full Lift Soft Mask 250ml has a white thick creamy type. After shampoo apply generous amounts to your hair concentrating on the ends. The oil in the soft mask will immediately soak into hair fiber providing it with essential nutrients for protection that lasts. Rinse off after 3 minutes.

Before vs after 

Before (left side) vs after (right side) using LAB 11 products. My hair regime used to be using shampoo and conditioner will do but with LAB 11 soft mask after application, my hair feel even softer and manageable for styling.

My hair also smell very good of citrus scented due to their products using active ingredients of essential oils (listed above).

Since I only started to use this LAB 11 products a few days ago, at the moment I can't really tell if there is a big change of my hair experiencing now. While what LAB 11 Full Lift products promise to see and feel the benefits are:-

  • Hair look and feel fuller
  • Prolong hair growth phase 
  • Strengthen hair structure
  • Delays hair shedding
  • Promotes hair regrowth
  • Oil control
  • No frizz
  • Relaxing and calming effects
  • Restructures split ends 
  • Prevent damage
  • Heat protection from dry and flat iron

Impression review

My impression towards products LAB 11

I think this products are able to work wonder on my hair at the few washes already. I like the natural ingredients used and also the essential oils scented left on my hair. As I have said it earlier, my hair feel more softer, smoother and manageable for easy styling everyday. Just that during the shampooing part, I feel it need more pump even on my current short hair length. I guess it could finishing fast. The packaging are simple and handy for me to use during shower time. Pricing vise for this two bottle are around RM 150+.

My impression towards company Global Story

I'm impressed with this hair company from Malaysia made has a successful team and also awarded internationally. During the event, Global Story unveiled not only about their new products but a new business platform for everyone. Just for your info now, they're not selling LAB 11 products at common market place ya.

Alright thank you for checking out this post. See you next.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Kahuna poke; your healthy bowl near Damansara

Hi guys have you try any poke bowl type of food before this? If yes I'm sure you guys are into healthy eating lifestyle like me. I'm trying to eat as clean as healthy as possible despite all the local delicious food around. If you're staying or working near at Damansara, you guys can try the new poke shop just opened, Kahuna poke. Kahuna has its origin from the Hawaiian word kahu which is broadly used to refer to the caretaker, master or expert of one's field.

Kahuna Poke located at 41, Jalan SS 21/A, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Easy to find but parking lot are always occupied.

Let's eat poke at Kahuna Poke cause I find this new place is simple interior, warm ambience yet fun atmopshere for Instagram spot.

Me the look above hungry but keep calm first cause food is on the way. 

But first craft your own Kahuna poke bowls by choosing a base, 4 sides, your choice of poke protein, complete it with any toppings and flavour. I find they only have seafood or vegetarian for protein poke only unlike others poke that I have tried before this. For the total price of a Kahuna poke bowl, it's stated on the menu paper and I find it's slightly pricey if to compare.

Kahuna Poke serve Hawaiian inspired poke bowls that reflect the diverse culture of the Hawaiian islands. At the Kahuna Poke, food are raw and fresh.

The Kahuna Poke bowl. My verdict is the poke bowl presentation look good and about the same like others poke bowl. Taste good and fresh ingredients served. Proportion of rice may a bit heavy and dry for me but you can op for green. 


We are done, full and satisfied with my fav Blogger babes, Emily and Liyana. Thank you Steven and Kahuna for inviting us.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Back pain solution with new brand Kiper (must read medical point of review)

I have this back pain problem on and off for a long times already. I knew sometimes I tend to hunch back when standing position and also I can't sit straight too (you know the typical Ah Lian type with one leg up on chair..haha..). So I have went for orthopedic consultation and did imaging. My report is not too serious to do any medical procedure. Luckily but the back pain problem is still present so I have to find a way by adjusting my job and lifestyle.

If you don't know me I'm working in medical line and also I like to share about health, beauty and lifestyle content with you thus 'missy forward beauty' was created.

How bad is your back pain?

Back pain is a very wide and serious topic to discuss in medical line but don't worry you can access yourself first using pain scale chart as below. If you experience moderate pain onwards and prolong for more than 6 months, I recommend you to seek for medical professional advice first.

Images from Google.

If you only experience on and off pain to mild like my case this is what I can recommend you by adjusting your job and lifestyle. You heard it before do stretching exercise to reduce back pain, go for swimming activities to strengthen back muscle and many that you can try to help your back. Warning always listen to your body cause sometimes it may get worsen then please seek for professional advice.

Find back pain solution

One of the way to help your back pain is wearing spine braces. Introducing new brand in the online market, Kiper. Well we all know that they're many in the market that you may have seen but most of time you may not sure it's suitable or comfortable for you or not before purchase it. I went thru the doubting moment too. How about Kiper? Watch this video below first.

What I think about Kiper?

Kiper only carried 2 type of spine braces which are the upper back posture corrector and lower back support. First of all both braces are very easy to wear immediately without any help. The products are light weight and also portable to carry. Meaning you can use them at almost anywhere at anytime. Just remember to bring it along with you. The material are comfortable, breathable and durable. I can say it is fitted and good quality products ensured from my side.

In details I like how the upper back posture corrector pull back my shoulder to prevent hunch back posture. However I'll recommend you to wear a comfortable shirts covering up to armpits for a layer of comfortable on your skin. I also like the lower back support idea that doesn't cover up the whole tummy unlike braces that I knew before. I can lean back wards for comfortable sitting and this feeling is even better than any type of chair. However I do not recommend you to wear it at all when driving.

The brain behind Kiper is the Master Chris Leong a Malaysian chiropractor recommend to wear Kiper braces for at least 15 minutes a day to relieve back pain. I have been wearing it most of the time when sitting and doing my work with lappie. I can feel it has improved my back posture and less back strain experience. I'm highly recommend Kiper to you and anyone that you know that may need this back support.

Where to buy Kiper braces?

Go to link now. Note you need to pre order first as it is comes by batch. I find pricing is very reasonable and affordable to own. You also can visit Kiper Facebook for promotions update. Thank you Kiper for introducing this new brand braces to me that fit my needs and I'm way happy to share this good products with you all too.

This post is a collaboration of Leeyann x Kiper.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Lost moisture? I found LaF Seoul Water Bomb + Ampoule for dry skin solutions

Hi ladies,

Welcome back to my blog for another beauty ventures with me and this time skin care first. If you know me I always emphasis on skin care first to achieve beautiful healthy face. If you have problems with dry skin and feel like you need somethings that really work instantly yet you could afford it immediately this post is for you.

Imagine a beautiful flower (your face) but your skin started to experience dryness just like the flower above. Meaning you have lost moisture to lock it down in your skin. Usually using moisturiser could help but using special treatments such as ampoule just before the moisturizes will work more effectively. This is what I have experience so far. Introducing my current ampoule that I have been using, LaF Lost and Found SEOUL WATER BOMB + AMPOULE (sounds so fun).

LaF Lost and Found SEOUL WATER BOMB + AMPOULE 30 ml is the solutions for dry skin and it fast acting ampoule deliver dramatic skin moisturizing effect. This product is made in Korea using Aloe Barbadensis leaf water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin, Betaine.

Now lets see more details on the products and how to use at below.

Open and pinch the ampoule cap to pick up the prodcuts.

As you can see above it is a clear gel texture and it has a mild fragrant smell. Upon application on the skin it absorb immediately into skin leaving skin feeling fresh, moisture and non sticky. Before that clean your face first, toner and use it just before the moisturiser step. It will help your dry skin texture improve immediately.

Before and after application of skin texture. Image from

What I think about it after trying out this ampoule type? I like it!
First of all the packaging is simple and easy to pick up the products and as it said it is works instantly on my skin for moisture, feeling fresh and non sticky. My dry skin texture have eventually improve with every day use. Did I mention early that you can afford this ampoule? Yes price range is very acceptable from RM 47 and you can find it at Guardian Malaysia outlet. Alright goodbye dry skin and hello healthy skin!

packaging ****
products *****
result *****
price *****
overall *****

This post is a collaboration with The Butterfly Project x LaF. Thank you very much for introducing another good products to share.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Come for turtles and beach shot at Resort World Kijal Terengganu

Photo credits to Mekonie

The last weekend my friends and I have so much fun filled with education blogger trip to Resort World Kijal at Terengganu and I wanted to share everything with you now. Special thanks to Resort World Genting for inviting me to witness the beautiful side of East Coast Malaysia. So if you plan for Terengganu trip and searching where to stay and what to do? Read this post first. I have include many beautiful photo captured and also many short video.

We reached Resort World Kijal Terengganu after 5 hours ride on bus. We're so surprised by the warm reception and welcome show arranged. Watch the cute girls dancer from the primary school students.

Photo credit to Marvin

Every one is hungry so we went to Restoran Kampung Meraja Bersi for lunch first. Food prepared are local delicacies of the East Coast side.

At the Restoran Kampung Meraja Bersi.

After that we went up to check in the room for freshen up. I have included a short video tour of my premier room with sea view. 

Check in time.

We also got the chance to tour around the resort. I manage to captured the beautiful and classy style of the resort interior design. Watch what other type of room available too.

For your info, Resort World Kijal, Terengganu is rated as 5 star accommodation. No doubt the classy looking and the facilities are still functional although it's already 20 years old. They also have the grand ballroom, function rooms for meetings and also you can organize a team building event too. Next what you about to watch is we're having a fun telematch activities at the beach shore. Some of the activities played in the video is a traditional games such as 'tarik upih'. We all had so much fun and laughter in the afternoon. I also managed to captured the beautiful and clean beach of the Resort World Kijal.

After a fun beach games just now, we're back to the beach shore again for our dinner at Oasis Beach Bistro. The chef prepared delicious BBQ food to enjoy while entertained by the live band. Also if you plan to dine in here come early to enjoy the sunset view.

Dinner at the beach shore.

Oasis Beach Bistro.

With Blogger buddy Sharon cheering for the night.

I love this couple beach shot with the help from Sharon.

Now come to the highlight of the day, we're going out to others beach side for turtle watching. Do you know Terengganu is famous for the turtles landing at the beach? I never know about this creatures stories until this trip thought me every things about the cycle of the turtles life.

Turtles usually arrive on Terengganu beaches from April to September are mainly the common green turtle type (Chelonia Mydas) and the occasional rare type Hawskbill turtle (Erectmochelys Imbricate). Turtles returning by instinct to the very area that they were hatched. The 7.6 km beach at the Resort World Kijal is one of these hallowed places for turtles. For about 3 months the turtle eggs will lay incubating in the sand only when the hatchlings to emerge during full moon and speed their way to ocean. In the years to come many turtle will return to the very same beach completing the cycle of life and at here this resort will be waiting to welcome them back.

Until the next day although our last night didn't get to witness mother turtle ambling up to the beach but today we're going to learn about how to help the turtle in the conservation efforts by the Resort World Kijal.

Sunrise view from my premier room.

The hatchery place at the Resort World Kijal.

Baby turtle are soft shell actually and going to deposit into sand.

Mr Ragu explained how baby turtle hatched and back to the sea.

Baby turtle are 4th day to release back to sea.

My first baby turtle on hand and I'm feeling happy and sad to let you go.

Do you know from 1000 baby turtle back to the sea only 1 can  survive until adulthood. Photo credit to Marvin.

Resort World Kijal has a conservation programme in place to ensure the safety of both the turtles and their eggs. Regular cleanings are done to ensure the beach is safe for both turtles landing and guest activities. The resort is also working with the Terengganu fisheries department to seek official protection for the beach and to certify the guest turtles conservation programme. 

You can participate in turtle eggs planting or turtle hatchlings release sessions at RM 49 per person. While night time turtles watching at RM 70 per person which held at the resort or at the popular Turtle Sanctuary Ma Daerah Kerteh or Pantai Teluk Mak Nik Kuala Kemaman with transportation provided. You also can options for the resort 3 days 2 nights sea turtle package at RM 682 per night in Premier Seaview room (as I have share with you) including a buffet breakfast for 2 pax at Restoran Kampung Meraja Bersi and a choice of turtle hatchling release or egg planting. Please check Resort World Kijal website for updates.

There are not only the turtle focus at the resort, you can enjoy water polo in the swimming pools to an archery range and tennis courts. You also can hop on a bicycle to explore the resort surroundings or venture further out on one of the resorts exploration tours to the local fishing village and night market to search for some local flavour, firefly watching in nearby mangroves and taste of the seasonal durian trip. If you want to relax by swinging clubs, the Palma and Rimba Nines a 18 hole championship golf course is right next to the resort providing its sand based course. Just make sure you pack suitable clothes along.

Coconut tree planting.

Random shot with beach tree.

Local fishing village tour.

Ending this long post about my new experience of 2 day 1 night stay at Resort World Kijal, Terengganu. I think I'll plan to come here again to explore more. Terengganu welcome you to come for the turtles and stay long for an exciting activities to do with your family and friends.