Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Do your Spine need Lumbar Brace Support feat Kiper CLS

If you're checking into this post meaning your spine could be having somethings. First of all always listen to your body first. Consult your orthopedics if needed to find out your diagnosis or problem. Never skip actual finding and assume it yourself. This mindset is very dangerous to your spine health because you may get wrong treatment.

For me, I knew my back pain come and go due to the scoliosis posture. My orthopedics plan conservative treatment for me, meaning there is not need any invasive surgery or procedures. So what I need to do are regular back exercise and wearing brace to support when needed. I also go for weight lifting exercise to strengthen my back muscle, swimming exercise to relax my back muscle and sometimes bone setting or massage.

How I find Lumbar Brace Support from CLS by Kiper?

First of all, let's get to know about CLS by Kiper brand. CLS stands for Chris Leong Series. It's designed and inspired after the name of Dato Seri Dr Master Chris Leong which is well known in the bone setting treatment. Kiper said after 12 months of product testing and research brings you the best lumbar spine waist support which is done from Japan, to Taiwan, to China and back to Malaysia and trying out more than 15 different waist support belt in the market.

Kiper has a treatment pad which provide warming therapy to relieve waist discomfort. It has Tmaline technology and magnetic healing stones pad (it can be feel when touches on the pad). Just attached to the brace and I think this is an intelligent 2 in 1 benefits which I haven't seen it out in the market yet. Been using it for a few weeks with treatment pad attached, I find it's really a good products.

CLS lumbar brace support is very easy to use as you see in the photo. The whole brace is features with stretchable velcro to prevent slide.

Next the materials used is elastic nylon with breathable mesh. So that you can stretch to fit into your waist and prevent excess heat and sweat up. Wear it outside of your clothes.

CLS by Kiper look good quality products with ergonomic design. Guess the price?

At the back of the brace there is a 6 firm bendable cartilage rod to stabilize and give positioning support to your back while still allowing range of motion. This is very useful to wear especially during activities such as driving, required to sit longer at work, and weight lifting exercise.

Overall I feel it's a good product to use if you feel needed but make sure you know your actual diagnosis from your orthopedics first. Lumbar brace support means for support as it may not treat your actual problem in serious case. Check out www.kiper.store. to purchase. Price at RM 338 which is in the affordable range.

Review written in this post is based from my thoughts and backgrounds working in the medical field while being an active lifestyle Blogger endorsing healthcare. Special thanks to Kiper for engaging with me again.

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Saturday, 14 December 2019

How to 'Dolly Wink' in 10 seconds for this Christmas

When you know this month is all about celebration, holiday, partying, and many on, you knew that you got to look pretty always and almost everyday. No matter what's look that you want to achieve like, you want your look stay all day long. I think you'll definitely agreeable with me.

This year I'm celebrating Christmas in advance with The Butterfly Project Malaysia members and Dolly Wink, a Japanese beauty brand specializes in eye make up. You definitely seen this brand before cause it's been in the market for 10 years old already. So what's up with Dolly Wink? How to have a perfect look all day long? Wanna try Kawaii Jap look this Christmas?

Let's congratulate Dolly Wink for celebrating 10th years of anniversary!! With that Dolly Wink recently launched a 10 seconds of Easy Lash for everyone. How can it be different from the older version and within the market?

How to choose your Dolly Wink Easy Lash? 

First of all recognised your mood of the day or prepare for your upcoming occasions and scenes. 

Display box suggests 4 lash design for each 4 different occasions or scenes. Total 16 designs available for you to choose the right one and play around. No more boring eye make up look.

4 looks to choose from 16 design available:-

  1.  Long lasting and Kawaii look for dinners and dates
  2.  Smart look for daily wear at work or play
  3.  Fashionable look for Instagram moments
  4.  Gorgeous and chic look for parties and holidays

Got mine Dolly Wink Easy Lash from each categories. 

Dolly Wink eye make up products. 

How to apply Dolly Wink Easy Lash in 10 seconds?

I'm using Dolly Wink Easy Lash in No 16 for holiday and party mood. See the comparison before (left) and after (right).

My verdict on Dolly Wink Easy Lash

Firstly, you must know and understand your own eye shape and eye lid works. For me, my eye shape and eye lid are problematic uneven. So my eye make up is mostly focusing on the eye lid balancing and applying eye lash. We're informed to wear no eye make up to the event, so that we can try out Dolly Wink products on the spot. My eye make up steps is different from common steps as I'm figuring out. I started with eye lash curler to see how's my eye lid mood on that day. That's monolid problem cause sometimes it can be double eye lid at one side or not even at all.

Next, I'll draw out my eye shape that I want to look like using Dolly Wink No 1 Liquid Eyeliner Super Black. Been using this and I'm really like it cause it does stay all day long without any mess under eye. Then, I'll apply Dolly Wink Easy Lash after glue on. To my surprise it's easy to apply!! I'm happy that I did it at one time for the first time. Not sure it's within 10 seconds time but it's fast. To complete the eye make up, I added some colour eye shadow. Finally, I got the feeling of accomplishment during the event activities cause usually I'll need to take forever time to complete my make up look.

I find that the Dolly Wink Easy Lash strip is shorter for easy application. The lash strip also has no colour which making the after application look less thick yet bold with lashes. If compared to common falsie, my eye will feel heavy, thick and not comfortable to open up.

Dolly Wink Easy Lash using technology of Koji Honpo from Japan itself but made in Vietnam. When using Dolly Wink Easy Lash, there's not need to use mascara to overcoat it. So no messy clumps around. Thus, the lash can be reuse again almost everyday up to one month time usage. Count that savings when each box price at RM 29.90 only.

What if you're into eye lash extension? It's always up to your choice. But for me, I tried eye lash extension before too. The after effect is beautiful however I still have problem with my uneven eye lid. After sometimes, my eye will have some discomfort due to falsie extension came out and damage own lash. Eye lash extension also required a service from beauty consultant at your own favourite place thus you need to spend some rate about a few hundreds.

I think I didn't overrated Dolly Wink Easy Lash. It's good to use as daily eye make up for every one. Try to practice it frequently and you'll find your easy way. Dolly Wink also has rebranding concept from special make up for girls to everyone including guys!!

Where to purchase Dolly Wink products easily?

Others than you can find them at store like Watsons, you also can shop easily when you download 4allbeauty apps now.

Christmas party at Kakiyuki

Chilling and fun Christmas celebration at Kakiyuki, a Japanese desert shop that just match the Kawaii Jap party theme. Love the vibes here and also each corner are Instagramable feel. Not forgetting the desert too, although didn't get to taste all type but definitely will come back again.

Let's pose with Catherine.

Ice may melt in the hot sun, but my heart melts when you smile.

The Butterfly Project members in Kawaii Jap look

Being Butterfly member, I always get more excited to attend event cause I know mamasan will throw us a theme or dress code to go. That's the only time I got to play and doll up in extraordinary style. This time we try to look alike Dolly Wink Kawaii Jap style. See more cute photo with the Butterfly members. Not forgetting mamasan Tammy, the founder of The Butterfly Projects thrown each of us a cute scarf as a Chrismas gifts. Thank you for your warmest care to all of us.

With Pinku.

Warm gifts from Mamasan.

With Nanz, mamasan Tammy and Dina.

With Rawlins guys. Who said guys cannot join us?

With Jenny.

The Best Dress in Kawaii Jap look.

The Butterfly Project Malaysia group of Bloggers, Youtubers and Instagrammers.

The 163 Retail Park

Since Kakiyuki is located inside the 163 Retail Park at Mont Kiara, this is my first time visited this place. It's a shopping mall that bring nature elements of the great outdoors to enhance indoor dining experience and also shopping experience. Love this and I'll pin it to come again next time to explore more.

Last but not least, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year 2020.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

How to use Eye Cream for Face ft AHC K-beauty

When I first heard that this Korean skin care brand going to have a workshop soon, I'm pretty much excited to know more. Being a Butterfly Projects members, I always got the opportunity to discover beauty brands together with the Blogger community. All thanks to our great mamasan, Tammy and the helper team.

It was a good Saturday morning that I actually came quite early even before the mall started business hours. This event was held at Northpoint Residences, Mid Valley City. (Just opposite to the mall only). Walking in to the room of the workshop setting, the first things is WOW! Such a warm colour
ambiance, candle light and calming music just alike spa feeling. With my 'classmate' of the day, Vivian such a cutie. Looking at the table setting, how I wish my every day table can be like that. haha..

AHC brand introduction
I'm sorry if I have delayed you into the brand introduction first cause I want to share every details of the workshop with you. As you know, AHC is a Korean skin care brand but what makes them so interesting and fame for is they're born from aesthetic clinics. AHC stands for Aesthetics Hydration Cosmetics. All products created based on the principle of Aesthe balance. You know Korean is very famous for the aesthetic procedure and no matter what their skin always look the most perfects.

Let's discover the secrets of Korea #1 Aesthetic Skin Care Brand together, the AHC beauty ritual for an at home spa experience.

Prepping skin with the Premium Hydra B5 Toner and Lotion.

The highlight of the products, The Real Eye Cream for Face.

Before the workshop, we have been informed to wear no make up to the event. (Imagine the braveness!). So during workshop, we can straight prep our skin using the Premium Hydra B5 Toner and Lotion. I'm admiring the triangular shape of the product packaging, it's look premium and also the pleasant scent content. It's work immediately absorb into the skin for hydration, soothing and protect even the most sensitive skin.

How to use Eye Cream for Face?

When talking about eye cream, it's usually came in small size of tube and the content is more concentrated. But for AHC, they recommend using an eye cream for your entire face!! That's why I'm pretty much excited to know more. AHC created The Real Eye Cream for Face, a powerful anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream which with one bottle sold every 2 seconds in Korea! Now do you get the relation feeling? It mean using a concentrated products not only on your eye area but entire face for best skin care results.

Alright looking back at the packaging first, the size is bigger compared to usual eye cream. It's feel luxury with the gold on. The easy to use tube contain came out white cream concentrated and during massaging into the skin, it changes to clear as products absorb into the skin.

AHC Beauty Ritual using Eye Cream for Face

Step 1 - Application : Apply lines of cream under the eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin.

Step 2 - Neck : Massage the neck form the front to the back, applying pressure using the palms of your hands.

Step 3 - Face : Massage from the center of face outwards applying pressure towards temples behind the ears and continuously towards the contour of the jawline and chin.

Step 4 - Eye bags : Stroke the lower frame of the eyes with ring finger increasing the pressure towards the temples and lifting the eye brows.

Step 5 - Eye lids : Gently press the upper frame of the eyes and eye lids towards the temples.

Step 6 - Mouth : Using the middle finger to lift the corners of your mouth to prevent laugh lines and to draw blood circulation to the mouth area to make your lips fuller.

Step 7 - Nose : Apply pressure at the bridge of the nose on each side and stroke upwards.

Step 8 - Face : Form a fist and stroke the forehead upwards using the soft part of the knuckles.

Step 9 - Ear : Make a peace sign. Place fingers between the ear and massage.

Step 10 - Neck and shoulder : Face to the right 45 degrees keeping the body and shoulders facing forward. Place your right hand behind the left ear, stroke down to the neck and towards the shoulders. Apply generous amount of pressure to release tension around the neck and lymph nodes. Repeat the same on the other side.

My Verdicts
The creamy formulations is very suitable to use with massaging methods on face. It leave the skin feeling very nourished, lifted and relax scented. I'm liking it very much. I'll use it on every day just before bed time following all the steps above. In case I'm feeling too tired to do all those steps, I'll just apply a small amount of cream on the eye area.

Before the workshop ends, AHC also taught each of us to accept, appreciate and love our self first. Sometimes I may forget about being myself while chasing for perfection. Be grateful!

With The Butterfly Projects ladies and also gentleman, we're happy to mingle around and learn new things together especially related to beauty stuff. Special thanks to photographer of the day, Eros for some photo used in this post.

Good News
You too can join this beauty workshop just like us!! Details as below.

Where to find AHC products?
Look into Watsons store or visit Hermo online shop. The Eye Cream for Face has a smaller size too for you to try out first. In case you want to know the actual size products price at RM 118.