Friday, 17 May 2019

Have Who's Tea fun drinks at Melaka only (food review)

While others are famous for boba milk tea drinks using straw to suck it out, this one the only branch in Malaysia at Melaka catch my intention to try, Who's Tea. My recent visit to Melaka is to watch Encore Melaka impression show and of course exploring the nearby area.

When I first reached Kota Laksamana, Melaka where Who's Tea is located, the shop and the new building area are impressively beautiful of colour and design. Guess it's gonna be next tourists side soon. I also have the feeling that it's look like the next SS15, Subang Jaya area where you can drinks all type and brands of bubble milk tea shop.

Who's Tea Melaka (the soft drinks shop)
Address: No 8, Jalan KLJ 9, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka.
Opening hours: 11 am - 1 am

In case you dunno Who's Tea name is actually derived from the Chinese pronunciation. When you are drinking Who's Tea, their special milk foam will leave a small beard like mark on your lips. That's how you gonna have some fun moments.

Who's Tea originated in Taiwan and was founded in 2011 by a group of young people. Who's Tea has more than 30 branches in Taiwan now. Besides that, Who's Tea also has branches in China, the United States, Cambodia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Thailand. Malaysia first branch at Melaka officially launched on last March 2019.

Upon entrance, the kitchen and counter are right in front and so quickly grab a Who's Tea menu. Let's check out some of the Who's Tea drinks. Who's Tea drinks has wide variety of drinks to choose. They are:-
  • Black Who's Tea series with chocolate foam
  • White Who's series with rose salt foam
  • Cheese Who's series with cheese milk foam
  • Fresh Fruits series
  • Tasty Tea series
  • Fresh Milk Tea series
  • Vinegar series
  • Bubble Tea series

While waiting for my drinks, I'm observing the staff is preparing the special milk foam that will leave a small beard like mark on your lips when you are drinking. I also get to know that 80% of the ingredients used in Who's Tea are imported from Taiwan to maintain a good tea quality being serve.

Must try their signature drinks Black Who's Milk Tea with the chocolate milk foam. It's taste very rich of milk tea and the sweetness of chocolate foam. Writing about this post already make me miss the taste that is still lingering in my taste buds.

Next in case you want both combinations of Black and White Who's Black Tea with chocolate foam and rose salt foam. It's taste very refreshing tea but a bit salty when comes to the white rose salt foam.

While on my hand is White Who's Green Tea with rose salt foam. Taste as refreshing, aromatic and salty foam tea but the most importantly if you ordered the white foam series it's easier to get the moustache alike on your lips. Photography tips alert!!

Next how about the Cheese Who's Tie Guan Yin with cheese milk foam? It won't let you down as the cheese foam taste a bit salty that will enlighten your taste buds immediately with aromatic tea combinations.

If you don't like all the fancy foam drinks here's Fresh Fruits series from left Fresh Bowl of Grapefruit, Fresh Native Pineapple, and Fresh Red Dragon Fruit. Personally I really like the pink colour drinks which is the Fresh Red Dragon Fruit that captured not only my eye but my heart too. Taste a mix with other fruits also and it's good to take away.

Do you know at Who's Tea, it encourages you to be yourself and have Who's Tea fun when drinking. Have a wonderful day!!

Congratulations to Who's Tea first branch in Melaka, Malaysia. The shops environment are comfortable, relaxing and chilling.

Others than just having Who's Tea drinks fun, there are some snack food to fill up your stomach too. Let's see what I have ordered.

The Charcoal Panini and from the front is Thick Chicken Panini then Omega Egg Cheese Panini. Panini is a special hand made and fermented bamboo charcoal bread. It's thick and not too soft texture. The combinations with a little sour sauce of thick juicy chicken gives you the feeling of fullness. While the omega egg cheese has the very refreshing taste of sauce added.

If you like fries, there are 2 Kinds of Potato and Taiwanese Fried Chicken. Personally I like the fried chicken, it's thick, juicy and not over coated with the flour. Eat all fries when are hot served and drink your Who's Tea cold drinks, it may make your day a wonderful one.

Ending my post at here. Special thanks to Irene and Melvis for inviting me to try Who's Tea at Melaka. Check out Who's Tea Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Friday, 3 May 2019

How impressive is Encore Melaka? (travel)

If you are planning to visit Melaka again and thinking which part to explore more, I have a suggestion for you. Come to Encore Melaka to watch a theater performance of Melaka impression series show. By the way does it gonna sounds boring to you?

I used to study and stay in Melaka last time so I'm actually quite familiar with the state. Encore Melaka definitely is a new hot spot to check it out since launched last July 2018. If you are a Malaysian you should know Melaka is a historical city declared by the UNESCO world and of course famous for tourist spot from local to internationally. However how much do you know about Melaka history?

Before the theater show, I'm amazed with the geometric roof that has concaved arcs made out of thousands of fish scale like LED panels. Wait until the sunset and the lights on, it's a very beautiful architecture of Encore Melaka. Look like it's gonna be every one favorite place for your insta feeds.

The ticket to Encore Melaka impression series show. Show is about 75 mins long and bear in mind you're not going to have your popcorn in. The ticket details as below:-

Encore Melaka impression series show

Monday to Saturday : 5.30 pm and 8.30 pm
Sunday : 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm

Premium seat
Malaysian = RM 228
Non Malaysian = RM 248

Standard seat
Malaysian = RM 128
Non Malaysian = RM 148

Family Special Package
50 % off for senior citizens aged 55 years and above and students or children aged 5 - 12 years, students must present student ID.

In the theater, this is the most amazing part where we just experience a 360 rotating audience platform and watching a 240 meter long stage. It's not an usual history war show, it's about stories of Melaka are told though the art of song, dance and scenery and enhancing your senses. During the show, there are 3 languages are narrated in respect of the various mother tongues namely English, Malay and Mandarin. Well I can't tell you all of it here cause you should experience it yourself.

After show, all the 200 local performers are out to engage with the audience and grabbing photo opportunity with them.

Since I'm amazed with the Encore Melaka and the surrounding construction in progress, I visited the sales gallery which just next to it. So what I gained to know more about it is this Encore Melaka is built by the China architecture that built the biggest national stadium in Beijing (also known as Bird's Nest). While the nearby area of Encore Melaka is going to become an Impression City by name in 10 years time.

My impression on Encore Melaka - it's not a boring show as you're going to experience a theater performance like never before. You'll feel amazed on how they put on the performance to bond with you together. As a local I'm feeling very proud. If you have an overseas friends that would like to visit Melaka you should know now where to tell the stories of Melaka. Picture above is taken by me using smart phone photography from the parking area.

Alright that's all from my side and thank you Encore Melaka for having me.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Daring into aesthetics beauty solutions? (novu event & review)

Hello pretty are you a type of person that are brave enough to try new things in life? How about daring into aesthetics skin solutions? But before that you should know why you need to level up your beauty regime first.

If you have skin concern such as:-
  • uneven tone
  • dull looking skin tone 
  • pigmentation
  • rough sin texture 
  • enlarged pores
  • acne 
  • post acne
  • scarring
  • fine lines 
  • wrinkles
Most of us has at least a few of skin concern as above. For me I have acne on and off but the most worried me is post acne with scaring problem. Using skin care products at home is a must but it takes longer time to see result. I remembered aesthetics skin treatments could help to get faster result but usually it's quite expensive per procedure.

Super thankful to The Butterfly Projects again for inviting me to try out aesthetics skin treatment at novu Sunway Pyramid the other day. In Malaysia, this is novu first aesthetics counter located inside the Parkson, Sunway Pyramid. Novu claimed to be a holistic 360 skin solutions for healthy and youthful looking skin. Read more about novu first.

About novu
Novu aesthetics is the world's first ever aesthetic chain to disrupt traditional conventions by removing the frills and focusing on bringing fast, effective and affordable skin care solutions for everyone.

It has won multiple accolades as Asia's largest aesthetic medical group with innovative treatments tailored to meet the needs of today's fast paced modern lifestyle.

With over 7 million protocols done and delivered by qualified and accredited medical professionals, the novu ethos of colour, consistency and contour has been embraced world wide to help patients achieve clearer, tighter, glowing and healthy skin.

Today, novu is international network continues to grow extensively with over 1000 locations in Singapore, China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Spain and South Korea.

At novu, I'm actually quite excited yet scared about to experience the aesthetics skin treatment. I had
once experience before this on the laser treatment but that used to be a long time ago. The beauty consultant took consent first and informed me that during the procedure you will feel slightly tingling and burning on the skin.

While waiting for my turn, I'm trying to relax myself and chilling with other butterflies and also tasting out the beautiful deserts served.

Inside the novu room treatment, Novu targets various skin conditions based on 3 main issues
  1. Colour for uneven skin tone and pigmentation
  2. Consistency for skin roughness, enlarged pores and blemishes
  3. Contour for loss of skin firmness and wrinkles

Novu has 5 type of treatments and through a combination of different treatments skin is rescued, renewed and restored.
  1. P+ Phyto Laser - a non ablative laser treatment that promotes skin rejuvenation while reducing pigmentation and acne. Skin looks brighter and clearer. Gentle enough to treat a wide variety of skin types. 
  2. Radiance Light - stimulates collagen production, kills surface bacteria while inhibiting acne and pimple formation. Also lightens, brightens and evens out the skin tone. 
  3. RF Fibrotaut - uses radio frequency technology to  promote collagen production to lift and tighten the skin while pumping it from within. Also helps expel toxins and improve skin micro circulation at the same time.
  4. Ion Infusion - improves skin hydration using novu's iontophorosis to infuse moisture and nutrients deep into the skin while instantly soothing the skin at the same time. Skin is smooth, supple and radiant. 
  5. NEW RF Eye Revital - a gentle, non ablative treatment which leverages on energy contouring technology to stimulate collagen production and lift skin surface around the eyes, It is effective in banishing that dreaded droopy eyed effect and decreasing the appearance of lines. 

My verdicts during and after side effects
I have experience P+ Phyto Laser, Radiance Light and novu latest revital eye series treatments using radio frequency. For the eye part I can feel instant tighten and slightly lifted. When comes to P+ Phyto Laser, I'm very afraid because my skin feel very tingling and burning although I'm been informed it's at a very low intensity only. Lastly is the Radiance Light, I can feel a very strong flash on my face.

The whole procedure took about 20 minutes which is quite fast and ended up with moisturizer and sunblock applied. The result my face look brightens and it's kinda glows. Surprisingly my skin doesn't have redness due to the post treatments which I'm worried about. However acne scar are still seen and of course I don't expect miracle in just one time treatments only.

Now you may wonder how much an aesthetics skin treatments cost?
From my past experience, it's quite costly. However, if you're a working adult and you think you may want to get effective result you can consider to try aesthetics beauty solutions.

At novu, they're having promotions of any 2 sessions for just RM 168 only. Usual price at RM 336 - RM 596. Each sessions is a combination treatments depending on your skin concern. Overall, I find they're real fast, safe, quite effective with no down time and affordable to give a try first. Novu also has a few skin care range to treat your skin concern post procedure according to the advise given.

A good days with The Butterfly Projects girls again. Some of them walk in and glow out instant result. Go check out some of their reviews too. Also I want to thanks to the photographer of the day, Eros and some of the photo used in this blog post.

Alright after the first skin treatments done, I find my skin have a few new acne present in a few day time. But before that, I also find that the black heads and white heads are easily to remove. So I waited about 2 weeks time for the acne to heal before I go for the second treatments. The result as picture below is the bare face look after the treatments done. With my Blogger Babe Liyana. Do we glow? (non edit photo by the way).

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Hydration skin with Neogence (review)

Ever since I have been introduced about Neogence brand, I'm confident about their skin care products. This time I'm trying out a few products of Neogence hydrating series. If you don't know about Neogence yet, they're lab dermatological skincare brand from Taiwan. 

Neogence Hydrating Cleansing Liquid - a mild moisturizing cleanser that easily removes facial impurities and make up. The texture is oil free refreshing gel that can be used by hand to remove make up.

Verdict:- I really like the texture of gel and oil free that actually remove my make up effectively using hand. It's so easy to use. See photo below. After that, I will use facial wash to clean it up. 

Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence - contains high concentration of HA that retains water. It can be used with other products to enhance hydrating and absorption.

Verdicts:- I like this essence texture of gel type that is so easily absorb into the skin. My skin not only feel moisturizing yet refreshing. 

Overall if you want to have a good skin looking, let me remind you again hydration skin care is the most important base that you must do every day. Either before and after make up, morning and night, you must have at least one of those any hydration products or step in your skin care regime. Hold on any whitening products or anti aging products that you might think of.

Here's I included the full range of Neogene Hydrating Series for your reference. Available at Watsons or Sasa stores. Lastly thanks to Neogence, my skin is rescued.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Jason Mraz is bringing good vibes to Kuala Lumpur this 13th May 2019

If you have been listening to Jason Mraz songs I'm pretty sure that you'll be very thrilled to welcome Mraz to Malaysia and this is very soon by just next month.

The multiple Grammy awards winner Jason Mraz had his first performance in Malaysia in 2009 followed by tour is a Four Letter Word 2012.

On playing for his Asian fans, Jason said "I enjoy travelling to and performing for listener in Asia. I feel a sense of gratitude and enthusiasm unlike any where else in the world which makes a performance feel more like an event than a recital. The audience participation in Asia is harmonic and supersonic. I'm thrilled to return, reconnect and reexperience the joy."

The good vibes tour announcement follows the release of Jason's 6th studio album 'KNOW' on 2018 becoming his 5th consecutive studio album to debut in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200.

Now are you ready for Jason Mraz? The good vibes tour already started in North America last summer. This tour continues in Asia where Jason Mraz will perform in Manila, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taipei and Malaysia of course in May 2019.

Jason Mraz will be performing on:-
Date : 13 May (Monday)
Time : 8:30pm
Venue : Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket prices : RM198, RM298, RM398, RM498, RM598 and RM698 (VIP)
Tickets are available NOW on

If you're feeling lucky you might just win tickets to Jason Mraz Good Vibes Tour in Kuala Lumpur. How? Join 'Love is still the answer' snap and win photo contest and you might stand a chance to win a pair of VIP tickets worth RM 698 each.

All you have to do is upload a photo of what love means to you on social media and don't forget to hashtag #Loveisstilltheanswerphotocontest #jasonmrazliveinmalaysia. Hurry only 12 pairs VIP tickets to be won.

Jason Mraz Good Vibes Tour 2019 in Kuala Lumpur is presented by Great Eastern Life Malaysia in collaboration with Aco Media Sdn Bhd and The Rock Promotions.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

HUYGENS Paris a beauty apothecary landed in Malaysia (beauty event)

Bonjour pretty,

I'm still in the feeling of French smell after using their products. Why such and you really need to know cause just recently HUYGENS Paris landed in Malaysia bringing in French beauty apothecary for beauty enthusiast.

Firstly how to pronounce HUYGENS?? It is called Hui-gens. They are person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs in apothecary term. And so HUYGENS stories telling about to begin from Paris itself.

In 2013, co-founders Daan Sins and Sebastien Guerra discover an abandoned 17th century alchemist's house in the heart of Le Marais, Paris. (Wish I could visit the city one day). Inspired by the exceptional mansion and its vicinity's lingering energy, they decide to create HUYGENS, a French beauty apothecary that offers 100 % clean, cruelty free and made in France next generation organic beauty collection.

Met co-founders of HUYGENS, Sebastien Guerra said that HUYGENS is ideal for those want to reconnect with nature and pure organic ingredients aligned to the preparation of yesteryear but in a contemporary way.

Do you care about what goes into your beauty products? About 97 % - 100 % of all ingredients in HUYGENS organic beauty collection are of natural origin whilst up to 100 % of all ingredients are grown from organic farming. The percentages of natural and organic ingredients are clearly indicated on each product.

HUYGENS presents a comprehensive range of organic beauty products that caters to every need and personality. These include face care formulas, be spoke body, bath and hair collection, home and aromatherapy array and fragrances with natural active ingredients.

If you love perfumes that are all natural and kind, HUYGENS perfumes are made from the finest natural raw and organic ingredients which include flower water and organic alcohol made from wheat. You can select from 3 distinct evoking fragrances which include La Cologne, Les Roses and Le Parfum Originel. I personally fall in love with the Les Roses one.

Why I think HUYGENS are so unique at first place? It is an innovative customisation concept spurning 192 combinations allowing you to choose scents that meets your individual needs, benefits and persona. Just like it said a beauty apothecary.

How does the customisable Bespoke body, bath and hair collection work? Imagining as I didn't include a good video here. There are 3 simple steps that facilitates each of you with a unique store experience. For the first timer, I highly recommend you to visit their store first.

Step 1 - pick from a selection of 12 neutral base products comprising either a body, bath or hair care base.

Step 2 - choose an essential oil of your preference aligned to the benefits that suit you. There are 15 natural essential oils to pick from the categories of comfort and calm, energy and vitality and balance.

Step 3 - the HUYGENS team will then create your Bespoke body, bath or hair product using special tools.

Brought to Malaysian shores by Clini7 Malaysia Sdn Bhd, HUYGENS officially aired it debut launching. Congratulations to HUYGENS again.

Now after knowing so much about HUYGENS, it's the time to unveil the price range. The HUYGENS Bespoke body, bath and hair collection retails respectively from RM 165 - RM 278 (body), RM 98 - RM 308 (bath) and RM 108 - RM 202 (hair). 

HUYGENS perfumes are priced from RM 499 (La Cologne), RM 575 (Les Roses) and RM 575 (Le Parfum Originel) respectively. Overall I think the price range are at the high side but if you are a working adult, you can treat yourself kindly. Like why not?

You can head on to HUYGENS stores at Robinsons The Gardens Mall, Robinsons Kuala Lumpur Shoppes Four Seasons Place and Parkson 1 Utama for a unique in store experience first. If you don't know yet, HUYGENS clean organic beauty collection is presented in biodegradable plastic and glass containers to support Eco friendly.

If you have knew HUYGENS before, you can shop online at .

To know more visit HUYGENS in Instagram at @huygensmy #huygensmy .

Ending this post with my Blogger friends around Cinda, me (Lee Yann), Zi Hang and Reiko. Nice car and refreshment prepared credit to the Ben's The Gardens Mall and also Pat Lin Communications for inviting me.