Friday, 22 June 2018

LG new store promotion at Desa Home, One City

Firstly congratulations to LG for newest store opening at Desa Home, One Space, One City. LG electronics is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances around the world. I believe many knew LG brand already for the world's leading producers of TVs especially. Me checking out what LG got to offer for my coming new home.

Check out LG top seller in the global premium white goods and TV markets with blockbuster signature appliances brand and OLED TVs. 

What a gimmick of 'Instagram' refrigerators available. Haha.. I kinda like this new fridges concept which save up to 41% of cold air loss. 

As part of the grand opening, attractive promotions will be available from 22nd June to 1st July 2018. Customers who visit the brand shop at 12 pm within the promotion period will be able to participate in the happy hour promotions for selected products of up to 5 units. At the same time, customers are entitled or a 1 x RM 50 petrol gift card for every RM 1000 spend. Spend, draw and win from a prize pool up to RM 10, 000 at LG new store at Desa Home, One City only. Terms and conditions apply.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Adorable & Affordable Disney Tsum Tsum collection from Mentholatum

Have you started seeing adorable cartoon character of Disney Tsum Tsum beauty care products by Mentholatum in the market lately?? They are super cute and you gonna stare at them happily for a moment before using it. Well I'm so lucky to try out their newest beauty care range from Mentholatum and I'm going to share more with you here. Do you know Disney Tsum Tsum is the name of a range of Japanese collectible stuffed toys based upon Disney and Pixar characters. The name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning to stack and because the rectangle shaped toys are designed to stack on top of each other forming a pyramid shape. 

Mentholatum release new Tsum Tsum collection of face wash, face mask, lip balm and hand cream. At first sight, these new babies range are so kawaii colorful packaging and I'm going to have fun trying them out. Now lets see more details.

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Wash 100g

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum face wash are available in 2 variants which are Hydra & Whitening and Pore Refining. They are developed especially for Asian skin in the hot and humid weather. Each face wash are formulated with natural floral and fruity extract to help your skin concern as written clearly on the packaging itself. I have try out the pore refining face wash, my face feel clean, smoother, moisture and refreshing. It has a natural orange scent but not too fragrant. Overall I'm satisfied while the price is at RM 14.90.

 Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Mask

After cleansing my face, I have tried out one of the face mask which is the Lavender for soothing and hydrating face. There are other 3 variants available which is Rose, Honey and Tea Tree. Each of these masks contains natural extract ingredients to improve various skin conditions. I like the packaging itself written clearly on which masks you should try for your skin concerns. Meanwhile the white mask sheet, I find it a little bit thick but yet I can feel my skin soaked perfectly. The lavender face mask scent is not over fragrant during masking time. Selling a single sheet of mask at RM 7.90.

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Lip Balm 3.5g

Mentholatum is always famous for their best lip balm brand in the market. Getting one of them is a must since my schooling time. This new Mentholatum Tsum Tsum fruity lip balm contains natural moisturizing ingredients and refreshing fruity flavor of apple, lime and peach only available. I have tried out the peach lip balm and as it glide on the lip it released a peachy scent leaving the lip feel smooth and moisture. Tips for you apply lip balm before sleep everyday and you'll wake up with soft and healthy lip. I'm very happy using this lip balm and the price is at RM 11.50.

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Hand Cream 50g

The last product of this new Tsum Tsum collection is the hand cream. Available in 3 variants of rose, lavender and jasmine. They contains natural moisturizing ingredients and also strong scent of flowers. I have tried out the jasmine hand cream, my skin feel nourish and smooth as massaging into the skin. I really like it but to keep in my bag I find it a little bulky. This hand cream price at RM 16.90.

Alright I have share with you all the newest Tsum Tsum collection by Mentholatum. Overall I find their product are good, contains skin loving natural ingredients with floral and fruity scents that works well. These collection are very attractive because of their packaging but not too worry each products are affordable. Available at watsons, AEON Wellness, Caring and Sasa nationwide for you to look. Until next take care and love your own skin first!!

Mentholatum x Lee Yann

Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Smurfs live musical at Resort World Genting for the first time

Lala la la la la lalalalala.. they're here for the first time at Malaysia, our adorable blue creatures of the forest, the Smurfs!! If you have been watching the Smurfs in the movie before this then you might consider to watch them alive at Resort World Genting now!! Do you know this year is the Smurfs 60th anniversary as they born in 1958 and they're still the most adorable cartoon that I ever watched. This musical theater production has been touring since 2014. It has since performed in more than 15 countries, entertaining 150k fans. The production is based on the comic created by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford also known as Peyo.

 The Smurfs Save Spring is a 70 minute, two act musical extravaganza that features live actors singing and dancing in full smurf costumes. Directed by John Rowe and choreographed by Katie Kermond of Millennium Entertainment International, The Smurfs Live on Stage- The Smurfs Save Spring presents an original story about the Smurfs favorite time of the year which is spring. As the village prepare for their much awaited Spring Parade, their perennial nemesis, the evil Gargamel plots to disrupt the festivities with another one of his wicked plans. The Smurfs will have to work together to battle Gargamel and save Mother Nature, brought to life by talented actors of this long running touring production. Eight of the best known Smurfs will feature prominently including Papa Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, Brainy Smurf and lovely Smurfette.

Tickets for The Smurfs Live on Stage - The Smurfs Save Spring at Resort World Genting are priced at RM 176 (VIP), RM 136 (PS1) and RM 96 (PS2) excluding RM 4 processing fees. Children under a year old will enjoy free entry. A 10% discount applies for Genting Rewards Card members. There are also special room packages starting from RM 263 nett which offers saving up to RM 399. The show will be performed daily at the 1000 capacity Genting International Showroom from May 26 to June 24 at 8.30pm Mondays to Saturdays and at 4pm on Sundays. Additional 4pm matinees scheduled for June 15 and 16. 

For more info, call +603 2718 1118 or visit 

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Plantur 39 helps to combat hair loss

Hey ladies,

if you're a women above 39 and started to experience hair loss and still dunno what's going on or what to do with it?? Don't panic yet cause this is a post that may benefit you that I have learned the other day together with my mum. I find hair loss can happen to anyone no matter male or female and also at the age as early as 20 years old. Many women started to experience thinner hair and falls out prematurely due to hormonal imbalance especially during and after menopause symptoms which can be happen as early as 39 years old.

For your information, menopausal hair loss also known as androgenic alopecia is caused by the drastic decrease of hair friendly estrogens in the hair roots. These hormones help to protect the hair roots against testosterones which are the main culprits for hair loss. With the onset of  menopause mostly when women hit the age 40 and above, the estrogen decreases causing a hormonal imbalance where testosterones take over the place of estrogens in the hair roots causing hair to fall out prematurely. Don't worry as this initial hair loss problem can be control as early as possible by using the right hair care products.

Introducing Plantur 39 Phyto-caffeine hair care series products made by Dr Wolff since 1905 from Germany. It contain an active phyto-caffeine complex which prevent the hair roots from premature exhaustion due to menopause. With special galenic formulation the caffeine complex as an active ingredients is able to travel all the way to the hair shaft to activate the hair roots and prevent further hair loss. Plantur 39 improves the resilience of the scalp and hair, promotes regeneration and protects the hair roots from the negative effects of testosterones.

On that day, we have learned a lot from Dr Klenk (Head of Dr Wolff Research and development), Dr Ruban (Dermatologist for hair restoration) , Peter Wong (A Cut Above Academy Principal) at A Cut Above Academy Sunway.

Dr Wolff research and development has done a trial with female magazine readers in UK to prove the efficacy of the products. A panel of 284 women aged between 40- 64 tested Plantur 39 for 3 months and used the caffeine shampoo every time they washed their hair. After 3 month trial, 87 % of women said the condition of their hair had improved after using Plantur 39. More than half 57% noticed a reduction in hair loss and hair thinning since using Plantur 39 and 70 % recognised less hair loss in the shower and hairbrush.

Peter Wong and his team also demonstrate to us how to create more volume hair style if you have thin hair and to cover hair loss part.

Retails price for Plantur 39 hair care range products are:-
Plantur 39 Phyto-caffeine shampoo for fine, brittle hair RM 49.90
Plantur 39 Phyto-caffeine shampoo for coloured and stressed hair RM 49.90
Plantur 39 Conditioner for coloured and stressed hair RM 39.90
Plantur 39 Phyto-caffeine tonic RM 55.90

Plantur 39 Phyto-caffeine products are available exclusively at selected watsons outlets nationwide from late May onwards. 

Mum got pampered with Plantur 39 products. Let me tell you more about the contains. They claims contains caffeine ingredients however it doesn't have the real caffeine or coffee smells so obviously. Both shampoo and tonic are in a clear liquid form while the conditioner in white creamy texture. During shampooing, you may required to apply more to create the bubbly texture. After conditioning, massage the tonic into scalp once a day for treatment to be success. Well, you won't see result in just one washes as this take times up to 3 months where you yourself will experience the difference. So if you thinking to get this products on hands don't forget to check out watsons in this May and products price are at affordable too.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Dare to go bare face with ALTHEA new skincare?


If you still haven't heard or unsure about any gossip related to ALTHEA new skincare line, let me share more with you about my recent experience using this simple and basic step only in my skin care routine. I'm super in love with it but not over rated here until you have try it out yourself first.

Althea is a one stop online shop for absolutely everything about K beauty and finally launched its very own product line which is made in Korea such as Petal Velvet Powder and now ALTHEA BARE ESSENTIALS skin care. Are you'll ready or dare to go bare face with ALTHEA BARE ESSENTIALS skin care?? Let's find out more with me at here..

ALTHEA BARE ESSENTIALS is a simplify skin care steps from the famous 10 step korean skin care routine and give your skin what it really needs only. Infused with nourishing and hydrating ingredients from nature, ALTHEA offers 3 step skin care only that all you need to keep your skin at its most optimal and comfortable state. From billions of data that ALTHEA have collected over the 3 years, the most prominent fact is that a solid routine starts from 3 essentials steps of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The bare essentials skin care range are dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types included sensitive skin. Some of my blogger friends with very sensitive skin concern have tried out this range and it doesn't cause them to have any allergic issues so far. Now, let's see more details..

Ingredients:- ice plant, lemon verbena leaf
Price:- RM 23.00

This cleanser has it interesting name called contour which means not only remove impurities from the skin, exfoliate and it's also helps to detoxify your skin to create a defined, slim face shape by promoting blood circulation, reduces bloating and swelling face. Sounds like every girls dream right but let me tell you I don't see much different maybe it's still in early stage yet. But one things for sure, I like how the white cleanser contains micro capsules that pop with water to create the foamy texture with refreshing fragrant. Feeling so clean and good right after wards with not over drying my face.

Ingredients:- Snow lotus, dewdrop
Price:- RM 43.00

This is my favourite primer water ever that acts as 2 in 1 toner and primer with clear concentrated of liquid. Interesting about it is made with patented dewdrop technology that gently fills the gaps between pores and allows hydration to penetrate deep within the layers of the skin. Not only that it has a relaxing kind of fragrant that will leave your skin feeling smooth and glowing. You can directly apply on or using cotton pad.

Ingredients:- trehalose, green tea, baobab tree
Price:- RM 50.00

This is the last part of it to use moisturizer cream to fix the skin. The white creamy texture is quickly absorbed into the skin and it's claims can last for 24 hour of hydration. During application, I can feel a light soothing and refreshing fragrant on. I like the after applications cream on my face cause it doesn't feel stickiness. I also want to add if there is a spatula spoon given it would be even better rather than using finger.

Alright, overall I'm very satisfied using this new skin care line from ALTHEA BARE ESSENTIALS. I find it is simple cause we're going back to the basic of 3 step skin care only that can provide nourishing and hydrating that last. For me, I 'll follow this basic skin care step when I'm feeling too tired or too rushing cause I have my choice of additional steps in my skin care routine. Using ingredients from nature and dermatologists tested done, I think you can try it out yourself safely. So far no irritation on my skin seem and also heard from any of my beauty blogger friends in the community. I also like the overall products packaging that look clear and clean just like a high quality products. The value of these products are at a reasonable price too.

For your info, these 3 products are available at for purchase at RM 116. Upon its announcement there was a 10,000 person in waiting list for the products!! This is a craze in the online beauty world. Plus ALTHEA also is giving out an additional 10% off with a free special edition mirror as you can see at below if you want to purchase it now!!

Special thanks to ALTHEA x The Butterfly Projects Malaysia beauty blogger community.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

The Unicorn Party Interesting Ideas for Adult edition feat The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Hello lovely people,

The last weekend, I have a beautiful memory of birthday party experience ever with unicorn theme in my life. How I wish I'm still a little girls but as a growing adult to maturity stage, I have never thought that I could dress up and putting effort on make up especially to suit the theme, UNICORN party!! First of all, it's not easy to buy or get anythings related to unicorn in adult size!! So I got an idea to DIY-ing my own unicorn horn as you can see. The pink unicorn horn yay or nay??

Alright actually this is not my birthday party, it's a community birthday party where we gather our member of beauty and lifestyle Blogger in Malaysia to celebrate our community, The Butterfly Project Malaysia birthday which is turned 5 years old this year!! I'm so glad joining this community again as it's a platform for same like minded individuals to pursuits and passion of sharing personal interests, experiences and reviews in our own blog. What we do as a  Butterfly Bloggers, we create content and learn a long the way through a series of experiential activities called projects and connect with our favorites brands.

Before you proceed to see more, let's me alert you first as it's gonna be a long post of beautiful photo and read up about what happened during The Butterfly Project Malaysia 5th birthday party with unicorn theme ideas. Perhaps you're inspired to host an unicorn party soon especially for adult edition.

The Unicorn Poster

Happy birthday to all our member of The Butterfly Project Malaysia. We're 5 years old already in the blogging world. Who is the brain of this brilliant community?? Our mamasan, Tammy!! I believe this beautiful poster is created by her in details and pro like. Thank you so much Tammy for every things you have created for us.

The Unicorn Field 

We're having our birthday party at Wonder Milk Uptown Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. It's a cafe shop lot easily found but to get a parking there might be not a convenience. The nearest there is a Starling Mall parking available for your guest if you're hosting a group of people and on that day we have 50 bloggers turned unicorn invited all turns up. Completely an unicorn crowd and pack at the event space.

The Unicorn Celebration

So we started our party with our funny colorful hair emcee, Dee. He never failed to make us laugh as always and together with Tammy in purple hair, the founder of The Butterfly Project Malaysia popping the balloon initiated the celebration of the Butterfly community 5th birthday party.

The Unicorn Activities 

What we're doing during the community birthday party?? As I mentioned earlier it's a unicorn theme party and of course every things seem to have unicorn details to welcome each of us. During the registration, each of us were given an activity card to complete it. What a cute unicorn card ever seen!! Well it's not too late to have fun like a kiddo right..

People love taking photo and especially when you are really putting effort to dress up nicely for an events. Having a photo booth in an events seem to be a trend nowadays for your guest to have fun, memory captured and printed instantly. We are also having our fun at the GNG Studiobooth also known as Glitz&Glam Studiobooth. This team are one of my trusted list and reliable photo booth consultants for your events. Why I said so?? Look at the photo quality itself and also they'll customized it accordingly to suit your theme. 

What's new in GNG?? Boomerang photobox with unlimited photo printing service and we're the first group of people to try this!! Boomerang is on the spot live action video recording moment when we're moving just like how we doing it on Instagram. The print out quality is a waterproof and anti finger print. Also as you see you're able to download the soft copy in your email. Thank you GNG Studiobooth for supporting us again this year!! 

Next booth, unicorn smelling some real flowers around..haha.. It's a flowers bar by Everyday FLOWERS. So we got to choose our favourite flowers available at the bar and they'll work magic to turn it into beautiful mini bouquets. What a good idea of having mobile flowers shop around in your event space and each of your guests will get a personalized bouquets to bring home as a gifts too.

Check out them at

Feeling kiddo time again when you see balloon and you got the chance to put on colour on it!! haha.. On my hand this is an auto inflate coloring BRRRLOON with unicorn details on and it's first available in Malaysia.

Check out them at

Lastly, I was very curious when the card mentioned unicorn adoption activities. Haha.. What a fun things that each of us were given a promise card aka adoption certificate before adopt it away and it's actually a super cute unicorn mug from 50GRAM!! I will features it out later at below so keep on reading..                                       

Check out them at and

The Unicorn Decoration

A birthday party must have a basic decoration which is balloon!! But a theme birthday party like unicorn you got to find a special party supplier and rental store which able to customize personalized bubble balloon, helium balloons, balloon powered toys, balloon sculpture, balloon arches and many more. For our unicorn birthday party, we're truly grateful to have BRRRLOON as our main decorations in the event space. Thank you so much..

Check out them again at

The Unicorn Cake

A birthday party must have a birthday cake too!! Did you see the cute unicorn theme birthday cake?? How I wish to taste it actually but because the concern of everyone for photo taking, the cake didn't get to cut on that day.. Others than having unicorn activities around, we're also enjoying our party food prepared by Wonder Milk and sponsored by our mamasan. However, I was a little disappointed on the food services part by Wonder Milk side. Hmm..

The Unicorn Winner

It's an unicorn party and of course to make the unicorn atmosphere happening, all Blogger invited are coded to transform alike unicorn. Each of us really putting effort to dress up, make up and the most importantly the magical unicorn horn must be on top of our head!! Haha.. Our effort was acknowledged by rewarding the best unicorn wears. On that day, it was a fair selection where each of us was given a gold sticker to paste on who do you think did the best of unicorn transformation ever?? How to choose?? Everyone is doing so well!! Finally, Top 3 winner was screen out and congratulations to Syafiera, Rawlins and Bella!! Each of them was rewarded by Trollbeads support.

The Unicorn Moment

Of course, we can't stop taking selfie, wefie and pro photographer around, Eros. Some photo used in this blog post credited to Eros especially, Syafiera, Syafiqah, Bella and not forgetting the helper of my camera. They're too many awesome people to mention but you know I help you and you help me that kind of attitude. Haha.. No matter what, I think every one have a good time seeing each other again and the most importantly to appreciate the friendship and bonding made in The Butterfly Project Malaysia. See you all again!!

The Unicorn Gifts

A birthday party and of course birthday gifts!! Each of us get to bring back an unicorn gifts specially hand picked it to match the theme. Let's see what I have received..

Tadah.. I really love the cuteness of the unicorn theme party paper bag by our Mamasan and goodies from the sponsors:- belif Malaysia, NYX Cosmetics Malaysia, KOJI Dolly Winks eyelashes, Wanderlust THINGS, Dear Beauty Japan and 50GRAM. Close up as below..

The beauty community always love beautiful skin and we got our belif Malaysia to support us. This is their best sellers on the go kit and available at belif Malaysia stores.

Check out them at and

Alright you know unicorn does have the eyelashes images portray and that's why the latest launch KOJI Dolly Wink eyelashes is here for us!! You also can check out the availability at selected watsons and Sasa Malaysia.

Next the colour of unicorn by NYX:- Vivid Bright Eyeliner (Purple) and Lip of the day Liquid Lip Liner (Pink). This is my post party look and before I removed my make up, I actually trying out the colour and turns out adding impressive!! Haha.. Available at NYX stores and online retailers.

Check out them at and

The mini unicorn necklace by Wanderlust THINGS.

Check out them at and

See the super cute unicorn mug from 50GRAM. Check out them at and . Mamasan also has given each of us an adorable thank you cards with a unicorn make up brush horn on. Haha.. Super innovative!!

Super thanks to The Butterfly Projects Malaysia and all the support from the sponsors for making unicorn birthday so magical for adult community and so lovely to be memorize!!