Wednesday, 15 August 2018

How many types of mooncake you have try? ft Donutes Taiwanese Mooncake

When you see mooncake available means mid autumn is about to celebrate again every year just like celebrating Chinese New Year. It's one of the important festivals to celebrate with family and friends. I still remembered we'll make time to gather to have a good dinner and lastly enjoy the mooncake accompanied with tea under the moonlight at the yard decorated with lantern around. (Smiling)

I have a question for you, how many types of mooncake that you really have try before?? I know in Malaysia, we have this one very popular and common type of mooncake which is the chewy crust with red bean or lotus seed paste filling and sometimes egg yolk is included. In this modern time, many style of mooncake has been introduced such as the jelly type, snow skin, flaky crust and even the ice cream type.

I have tried out many types of mooncake before with different kind of crust, filling and style especially when visited others country such as China. Just that I never thought in my mind that not only the history remained but the taste of a good mooncake will remains in your mind too. Not forgettable mooncake always comes with a pretty packaging that is good to distribute as gift especially to family and business friends or you can keep it as jewelry box.

In this post, I have tried out a Taiwanese mooncake from Donutes Coffee and Cake Baking based in Malaysia.

Do you know, the Taiwanese most traditional mooncake found has flaky crust texture similar to puff pastry like. It's filled with sweetened red bean paste sometimes with mochi in the center. The most common traditional mooncakes coming from Taiwan are filled with mung bean or taro paste generally with a salted duck egg yolk in the mung bean mooncakes and either salted duck egg or a savory treat in the taro mooncakes. 

In the modern time, more trendy Taiwanese mooncakes are wide in variety that include low fat, lard free and ice cream versions. Popular modern flavors include green tea, chocolate, strawberry and tiramisu. (Info from Google).

The famous Taiwanese cafe shop, Donutes Coffee and Cake Baking serving in Malaysia baked the similar mooncake recipe. So you not need to travel far to get this pieces to try. There are actually 7 flavorable mooncake to try out. In the photo has 6 flavor shown only.

From right is Taro Yolk, Red Bean Mochi Yolk and White Lotus Yolk.

From left is Japanese Purple Potato Yolk, Blueberry and Matcha Yolk.

I have tried out each of them and let me tell you this is my first time experience new combination taste of it. The most flavor that I like is the Matcha Yolk, Taro Yolk and White Lotus Yolk. Somehow I still prefer my favourite type of mooncake with yolk. It doesn't taste over sweet or salted but a harmonious combination taste. Just that for this type of flaky crust you're advisable to cut into maximum 4 pieces only.

Available on 20th August 2018 onwards, each pieces selling at RM 6.50 and a whole box of 8 pieces price at RM 52 only. This is so much less pricey compared to the common mooncake available. The marble packaging is so much attractive and the size are very convenient to distribute as gifts. 

If you think to get it soon, find Donutes Coffee and Cake Baking at Puchong Jaya, Kota Damansara and Subang SS15. Happy celebrating Mid Autumn festivals with your family and friends.

This post is a collaboration of Donutes x Lee Yann. Thank you very much.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

ViQ the fitness and fashionable brand that you can afford more

First of all congratulations again to ViQ for a huge new branch opening at Paradigm Mall last weekend. I still remembered the last time I worn their pieces is from the Pop by Jaya One. I can assure that they have a good quality of  fitness apparel, trendy designs and affordable to own for more pieces (why not right).

If you're nearby Petaling Jaya, check out ViQ new store opening at 2F, Paradigm Mall. Capturing business owner and brand ambassador during the launching. Alright, time for shopping.

ViQ has many trendy designs with many colors and size up to  3 XL to serve different market needs. So don't worry if you can't find one and start your work out soon. For me, I find many pieces that I would like to purchase it. Do you know each pieces are no way more than hundred Ringgit Malaysia!! Of course it's much more affordable if compared to big sports brand. Other than just wearing sports attire during the work out,  I also can mix and match to look sporty chic (just like the above photo) for outing and transform easily when hits gym center. That's how you can look fit and fashionable at the same time.


Common sports apparel mostly has more unisex design or size but at ViQ, I find they have design and size customized not only to female but male body structure too. So you can wear it fit to your body and less loosen during work out to ease your performance. My boyfie also get a pieces for himself too.

Finally thanks to Steven for the invitation. He is one of the brand ambassador, my gym instructor, PR and good friends too. Alright, ViQ also can be purchase online at 

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Enliven Herbal Hair Masks safe my problem (Setia Alam branch review)

I always wanted to have a beautiful hair, yes you know what I mean. Other than just keeping long hair then cut different style of hair then hair colouring but before that bleach it first then hair treatment then use many kinds of shampoo, conditioner, treatment at home then putting up different styling every day.. (phew) These are female challenge but I bet male also did almost the same things. After all the hassle we have done on our hair, do you ever notice what happened to our hair or scalp other than just want to look beautiful or handsome?

I started to experience having beautiful hair for a few weeks after a hair colouring done. Then afterwards my hair texture become dry and I started to dislike it especially the bleaching part so I chopped it off. Routine hair care is a must to do at home but then I started to notice white hair, hair loss, dandruff are more often seen then before. It's started to make me feel more worry.

But until I find out Enliven Hair Care..

Enliven Hair Care back to natural
What kind of hair care services they offered? Enliven has one hair services only which is organic herbal treatment to control hair loss, scalp treatment, promote hair growth, dye grey hair and improve hair quality. Enliven has opened up many branches in the whole Malaysia since 2016. For full branch listing can be found at their website

I have visited one of the Enliven Hair Care branches at Setia Alam recently which is near my house. Located at the famous Saturday Pasar Malam area, you can waze to it. Opening hours from 10 am to 7 pm everyday except on Tuesday. Last call on 5 pm and please call them first for an appointment. Usually on weekdays there are more available slots while on weekends are more occupied but let me remind you since this shop is located at the famous Saturday Pasar Malam, it would be a bit difficult to get parking during that time otherwise the parking slot are plenty available.

Enliven Hair Care Setia Alam
Find them at 5-5, 2, Jalan Setia Prima H U13/H, Setia Alam, Selangor 
Call for appointment 016- 348 7818

Alright, let me share with you what's my first impression visiting this hair saloon? It's smell like a coffee shop seriously (not like the common hair saloon smell) and I think it's because of the herbal scented. The ambiance is kinda simple, comfortable and relaxing.

After registration, I did a scalp scanning first and it's a free test so don't worry about extra charges. I know about my hair problem as I have mentioned it earlier but I have no idea on my scalp status until the scan shows. I have oily sebum secretion that blocks hair follicle and also white hair present due to loss of colour pigmentation (oh no).

Alright after scanning, the treatment procedure started by applying mint solution for clean scalp (not need to wash hair first). Then scalp and neck massage for scalp stimulation. Coconut oil the apply to prevent protein loss. 

Now is the time to apply herbal hair mask with yogurt on my whole head thoroughly. Their main ingredients includes a mixture of various leaves, stems and petals. You'll benefit of all these natural plants and herbs in strengthening hair shafts from the root, detoxes the hair follicles and keeps the scalp clean to prevent dandruff. Looking at the chocolicious colour and it could leave browny stained without over pigmented to cover white hair especially.

After that wrapped up for steaming up to 50 minutes. While waiting, they served me a cup of warm tea. Times up and went for cleaning and rinsing. During the process, I can feel my hair being washed and rinsed for a few times to remove the coated hair mask and my scalp feel cooling all the time. After that dry up and organic solution apply. No hair styling done so don't be disappointed.

This is my before and after hair treatment done. I have my routine hair care done at home before went to Enliven hair treatment. The result my hair feel more smoother then before and my head feel less tense.

Alright, Enliven also has their own hair care products range available at their own saloon. One of the best selling products is their Botanical Aqua Cool Shampoo which gives you the feeling of clean and cooling during the wash (this is what they're using during the cleansing part). Do you know you can get a free bottle of this shampoo when you come in for the hair treatment? 

Yes as new branch opening promotion, you can try their hair treatment for the first time at RM 38 only (actual price starting from RM 79+) and when you quote my name 'Lee Yann' you can get a Free Botanical Aqua Cool Shampoo worth RM 45 and it's extended for you my readers until end of August 2018 at Setia Alam branch only. If you like their hair treatment services, there's package price promotion depending on your hair length. Like and follow Enliven Facebook for more updates.

I'll highly recommend you to try this hair treatment yourself first at RM 38 only and get a Free hair shampoo worth RM 45 when you quote my name 'Lee Yann' until end of August 2018 at Setia Alam branch only.

Friday, 22 June 2018

LG new store promotion at Desa Home, One City

Firstly congratulations to LG for newest store opening at Desa Home, One Space, One City. LG electronics is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances around the world. I believe many knew LG brand already for the world's leading producers of TVs especially. Me checking out what LG got to offer for my coming new home.

Check out LG top seller in the global premium white goods and TV markets with blockbuster signature appliances brand and OLED TVs. 

What a gimmick of 'Instagram' refrigerators available. Haha.. I kinda like this new fridges concept which save up to 41% of cold air loss. 

As part of the grand opening, attractive promotions will be available from 22nd June to 1st July 2018. Customers who visit the brand shop at 12 pm within the promotion period will be able to participate in the happy hour promotions for selected products of up to 5 units. At the same time, customers are entitled or a 1 x RM 50 petrol gift card for every RM 1000 spend. Spend, draw and win from a prize pool up to RM 10, 000 at LG new store at Desa Home, One City only. Terms and conditions apply.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Adorable & Affordable Disney Tsum Tsum collection from Mentholatum

Have you started seeing adorable cartoon character of Disney Tsum Tsum beauty care products by Mentholatum in the market lately?? They are super cute and you gonna stare at them happily for a moment before using it. Well I'm so lucky to try out their newest beauty care range from Mentholatum and I'm going to share more with you here. Do you know Disney Tsum Tsum is the name of a range of Japanese collectible stuffed toys based upon Disney and Pixar characters. The name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning to stack and because the rectangle shaped toys are designed to stack on top of each other forming a pyramid shape. 

Mentholatum release new Tsum Tsum collection of face wash, face mask, lip balm and hand cream. At first sight, these new babies range are so kawaii colorful packaging and I'm going to have fun trying them out. Now lets see more details.

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Wash 100g

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum face wash are available in 2 variants which are Hydra & Whitening and Pore Refining. They are developed especially for Asian skin in the hot and humid weather. Each face wash are formulated with natural floral and fruity extract to help your skin concern as written clearly on the packaging itself. I have try out the pore refining face wash, my face feel clean, smoother, moisture and refreshing. It has a natural orange scent but not too fragrant. Overall I'm satisfied while the price is at RM 14.90.

 Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Mask

After cleansing my face, I have tried out one of the face mask which is the Lavender for soothing and hydrating face. There are other 3 variants available which is Rose, Honey and Tea Tree. Each of these masks contains natural extract ingredients to improve various skin conditions. I like the packaging itself written clearly on which masks you should try for your skin concerns. Meanwhile the white mask sheet, I find it a little bit thick but yet I can feel my skin soaked perfectly. The lavender face mask scent is not over fragrant during masking time. Selling a single sheet of mask at RM 7.90.

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Lip Balm 3.5g

Mentholatum is always famous for their best lip balm brand in the market. Getting one of them is a must since my schooling time. This new Mentholatum Tsum Tsum fruity lip balm contains natural moisturizing ingredients and refreshing fruity flavor of apple, lime and peach only available. I have tried out the peach lip balm and as it glide on the lip it released a peachy scent leaving the lip feel smooth and moisture. Tips for you apply lip balm before sleep everyday and you'll wake up with soft and healthy lip. I'm very happy using this lip balm and the price is at RM 11.50.

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Hand Cream 50g

The last product of this new Tsum Tsum collection is the hand cream. Available in 3 variants of rose, lavender and jasmine. They contains natural moisturizing ingredients and also strong scent of flowers. I have tried out the jasmine hand cream, my skin feel nourish and smooth as massaging into the skin. I really like it but to keep in my bag I find it a little bulky. This hand cream price at RM 16.90.

Alright I have share with you all the newest Tsum Tsum collection by Mentholatum. Overall I find their product are good, contains skin loving natural ingredients with floral and fruity scents that works well. These collection are very attractive because of their packaging but not too worry each products are affordable. Available at watsons, AEON Wellness, Caring and Sasa nationwide for you to look. Until next take care and love your own skin first!!

Mentholatum x Lee Yann

Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Smurfs live musical at Resort World Genting for the first time

Lala la la la la lalalalala.. they're here for the first time at Malaysia, our adorable blue creatures of the forest, the Smurfs!! If you have been watching the Smurfs in the movie before this then you might consider to watch them alive at Resort World Genting now!! Do you know this year is the Smurfs 60th anniversary as they born in 1958 and they're still the most adorable cartoon that I ever watched. This musical theater production has been touring since 2014. It has since performed in more than 15 countries, entertaining 150k fans. The production is based on the comic created by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford also known as Peyo.

 The Smurfs Save Spring is a 70 minute, two act musical extravaganza that features live actors singing and dancing in full smurf costumes. Directed by John Rowe and choreographed by Katie Kermond of Millennium Entertainment International, The Smurfs Live on Stage- The Smurfs Save Spring presents an original story about the Smurfs favorite time of the year which is spring. As the village prepare for their much awaited Spring Parade, their perennial nemesis, the evil Gargamel plots to disrupt the festivities with another one of his wicked plans. The Smurfs will have to work together to battle Gargamel and save Mother Nature, brought to life by talented actors of this long running touring production. Eight of the best known Smurfs will feature prominently including Papa Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, Brainy Smurf and lovely Smurfette.

Tickets for The Smurfs Live on Stage - The Smurfs Save Spring at Resort World Genting are priced at RM 176 (VIP), RM 136 (PS1) and RM 96 (PS2) excluding RM 4 processing fees. Children under a year old will enjoy free entry. A 10% discount applies for Genting Rewards Card members. There are also special room packages starting from RM 263 nett which offers saving up to RM 399. The show will be performed daily at the 1000 capacity Genting International Showroom from May 26 to June 24 at 8.30pm Mondays to Saturdays and at 4pm on Sundays. Additional 4pm matinees scheduled for June 15 and 16. 

For more info, call +603 2718 1118 or visit 

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Plantur 39 helps to combat hair loss

Hey ladies,

if you're a women above 39 and started to experience hair loss and still dunno what's going on or what to do with it?? Don't panic yet cause this is a post that may benefit you that I have learned the other day together with my mum. I find hair loss can happen to anyone no matter male or female and also at the age as early as 20 years old. Many women started to experience thinner hair and falls out prematurely due to hormonal imbalance especially during and after menopause symptoms which can be happen as early as 39 years old.

For your information, menopausal hair loss also known as androgenic alopecia is caused by the drastic decrease of hair friendly estrogens in the hair roots. These hormones help to protect the hair roots against testosterones which are the main culprits for hair loss. With the onset of  menopause mostly when women hit the age 40 and above, the estrogen decreases causing a hormonal imbalance where testosterones take over the place of estrogens in the hair roots causing hair to fall out prematurely. Don't worry as this initial hair loss problem can be control as early as possible by using the right hair care products.

Introducing Plantur 39 Phyto-caffeine hair care series products made by Dr Wolff since 1905 from Germany. It contain an active phyto-caffeine complex which prevent the hair roots from premature exhaustion due to menopause. With special galenic formulation the caffeine complex as an active ingredients is able to travel all the way to the hair shaft to activate the hair roots and prevent further hair loss. Plantur 39 improves the resilience of the scalp and hair, promotes regeneration and protects the hair roots from the negative effects of testosterones.

On that day, we have learned a lot from Dr Klenk (Head of Dr Wolff Research and development), Dr Ruban (Dermatologist for hair restoration) , Peter Wong (A Cut Above Academy Principal) at A Cut Above Academy Sunway.

Dr Wolff research and development has done a trial with female magazine readers in UK to prove the efficacy of the products. A panel of 284 women aged between 40- 64 tested Plantur 39 for 3 months and used the caffeine shampoo every time they washed their hair. After 3 month trial, 87 % of women said the condition of their hair had improved after using Plantur 39. More than half 57% noticed a reduction in hair loss and hair thinning since using Plantur 39 and 70 % recognised less hair loss in the shower and hairbrush.

Peter Wong and his team also demonstrate to us how to create more volume hair style if you have thin hair and to cover hair loss part.

Retails price for Plantur 39 hair care range products are:-
Plantur 39 Phyto-caffeine shampoo for fine, brittle hair RM 49.90
Plantur 39 Phyto-caffeine shampoo for coloured and stressed hair RM 49.90
Plantur 39 Conditioner for coloured and stressed hair RM 39.90
Plantur 39 Phyto-caffeine tonic RM 55.90

Plantur 39 Phyto-caffeine products are available exclusively at selected watsons outlets nationwide from late May onwards. 

Mum got pampered with Plantur 39 products. Let me tell you more about the contains. They claims contains caffeine ingredients however it doesn't have the real caffeine or coffee smells so obviously. Both shampoo and tonic are in a clear liquid form while the conditioner in white creamy texture. During shampooing, you may required to apply more to create the bubbly texture. After conditioning, massage the tonic into scalp once a day for treatment to be success. Well, you won't see result in just one washes as this take times up to 3 months where you yourself will experience the difference. So if you thinking to get this products on hands don't forget to check out watsons in this May and products price are at affordable too.