Friday, 28 June 2019

Original hair on recovering with Origin Herbal Hair Treatment


After beautify my hair with nice hair colour, the consequences of it is having super dry hair and of course the nice colour will go away after some time leaving the yellowish base hair colour which kinda give you the look of unhealthy hair. To rescue it, you must use correct hair care products at home. Other wise, get your hair and scalp check and get treated by expert.

For me personally, other than just cut my hair regularly, colour my hair one to two times yearly, I do visit hair treatment center regularly which is nearer in my town. The reason being is to maintain my scalp and hair in healthy state. Your hair is your beauty crown that people cannot take away from you. This time I have try Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment in my Klang town.

Introducing Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment 

The founder, Madam Cheah Bee Chew originating form Singapore has established herbal hair and scalp treatment center since 2000. There are 21 outlets in Singapore, 76 outlets in Malaysia and more than 200 outlets across 13 nations in Asia. The brand has won numerous awards in Singapore and Malaysia too. For more info

Before treatment started, first you must know how hair and scalp center charges. Treatment charges are calculated based on your hair length from RM 95 - RM 183 for 1 session. I find their pricing is transparent with no hidden charges and affordable to make a visit regularly if you're a working adult.

If you have more severe hair and scalp problem such as hair loss, premature grey hair, oily itchy scalp, dandruff, bacterial infection you got to think to have continuous treatment to see better result. There are also Herbal Hair Treatment package available.

Visited Origin Herbal Hair Treatment at Klang outlets

The shop outlets is simple and comfortable while the staff are friendly and skill full treating customers hair and scalp. Thanks to Joanne and her team.

If you're nearby in Klang town, find Origin Herbal Hair Tratment Setia Alam,
Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Opening hours every day from 10 30 am - 7pm except Monday. 
Call to make appointment first at 03-3359 0623 .
Check out their Facebook for

The Origin Herbal Hair Treatment process

Before treatment, you get to know your hair and scalp condition first using microscopic camera. Then scalp is clean using their hair spray product while hair spa treatment product used to soften the hair texture first. Herbal treatment then apply on scalp and hair layer by layer. I like the herbal scented on my head during application.

The ingredients used in the Origin Herbal Hair Treatment are:-

  • Gingseng - help to control oiliness of the scalp and reduces hair loss
  • Dang Gui - help to promote blood circulation
  • He Shou Wu - darkens the hair and prevents growth of grey hair
  • Ling Zhi - control dandruff problems and itchy scalp 

This is the most awaiting part where steaming for about 30 minutes time required after herbal hair treatment applied. This process is to ensure the herbal treatment is penetrate into the hair texture and clean the scalp. After that, washing a few times are required. I like the washing part, the shampoo has the cooling effects and you'll distress. Lastly, blow dry the hair only and Origin hair products applied such as tonic on the scalp, oil and cream on the hair. The whole process took about 2 hours and I'm satisfied with the end result. See before and after.

Before and After 

From the microscopic camera view, on my scalp has oiliness, dirts and grey hair seen too. Overall my condition is not bad but I have severe dry hair texture. The after result, you can see the immediate effect of a clean scalp that can last about 2 days.

Absolutely love the after result on my hair. The hair texture condition is improve leaving it shiny and manageable.


Since my hair and scalp condition is not bad so I only plan to visit monthly to maintain the healthy hair look and detoxify the scalp. What I can notice the difference after continuously visit for 3 months is my hair colour is more darken and it look way more healthy than the yellowish base seen earlier. Also it covers up a few of my grey hair seen which I'm happy about it. Each time after treatment, my scalp will feel more soothing, lighten and distress that can last about 2 days time. Overall, I really think it's worth the time and money to pay a visit to a herbal hair treatment saloon.

If you're first time to Origin Herbal Hair Treatment saloon and would like to try it out soon,
you can get 20 % off for your 1st visit and 25 % off for 2nd visit when you use my referral code "leeyann2019" on this link .Thank you Origin Herbal Hair Treatment. FYI, the referral code doesn't affiliate any commission to me just sincerely for your use.

This is a collaboration post of Origin Hair X LeeYann.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Get luminously beautiful at 60% off!! (Luminous 2nd branch opened at Cheras)

Hello beautiful, yes you see it right!! Up to 60 % off during opening promotion of Luminous Beauty Parlour. Congratulations again on your 2nd branch at Cheras. Do you know their first branch is located at Desa Park City. Now let's tour around the new saloon at Cheras first.

Overall the saloon look clean and breathable, feel comfortable and relax just like your house.

What kind of services you can get under one roof? 
Luminous provide ultimate services of nails, spa massage, women wellness, facials, body and embroidery. Their therapist are experience and skillful to make you look beautiful as their tagline irreplaceable human touch. You know this is the most important criteria in choosing which beauty saloon that you want to try.

This time I'm trying out eye lashes extension. This is also my first time doing it and I have a little worry as my eye are easily irritated. Before started, you have to choose how dramatic your eye want to look after. For me, I want some things that can lift up my monolid and look super naturally.

During the process, I actually fall asleep as you need to close your eye for about 2 hours. I don't really feel any severe discomfort on the eye. The eye lashes extension is using glue to stick in between real eye lashes. See the before and after picture.

I like the end result, it lifted up my eye look although I have an uneven eye lids. Thanks to Slyvia for your skill and advise on how to care for it. I learnt a few new things.

Do you know?
  • Eye lashes extension look more naturally if compared to fake eyelashes applied during make up.
  • You not need to apply mascara!! Which I hate to clean it after wards.
  • It give you the illusions of wearing eye liner.
  • Your eye will look lifted, bigger and brighter. Only monolid girls will feel it more. 
  • You will feel more confident to go out without heavy eye make up.
  • Clean the eye part using cleansing water make up remover only. Oil texture make up remover is not suitable to use as it can dissolve the glue faster.
  • The after result can last up to 1 month if you know how to take care properly.

Next I'm in happy mode when I see my nail in beautiful term. I bet you too. As usual I like to do pedicure since my job not allow me to do manicure. At Luminous, I like the spa and gel art pedicure services. The spa was awesome cause it felt cooling and whole leg kinda lighten and smoother. Special thanks to Amanda for your patient and skills in nail art services. The result I like it very much. Also the whole process, she will make sure it's all dry up before I can go. Unlike other saloon I have experience before, my nail art spoil before it dry.

Overall, I'm happy and satisfied customers to get my self pampered at Luminous Beauty Parlour. I think you can give a try too since they are having very good opening promotion!!

Luminous Beauty Parlour (2nd branch)

66-1 G, Jalan Dataran Cheras 6, 3,
43200 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor.

 013-601 6976

Opened everyday from 10 am - 8 pm. Call them first to book your appointment and also check out their updates on social media too.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Tired skin fixed with overnight booster (Murad Hydration Night Fix Enzyme Treatment review)

Last month Murad just launched a prebiotics series to promote skin 's good bacteria. When you have balanced microbiome, your skin will look more radiant and healthy. See the launching event post here to understand more. This time I'm going to review one of their product series, Murad Hydration Night Fix Enzyme Treatment.

Before we go into details, Murad reminds us to get sufficient sleep every day. Do you know a recent study shows that the key to maintain a youthful looking skin is to have sufficient sleep appear 2.5 years younger!! When we are sleeping at night, our body goes into make over mode where our cells renew and repair between the magic hours of 11 pm and midnight. This is when cells need to absorb nutrients at the most and supplying our body with everything it needs to help the anti aging function.

Our skin also loses water 3 times faster at night resulting fine lines, dehydration and dullness looking in the next day. If you understand the importance of sleep and its effect on the skin, Murad Hydration Night Fix Enzyme Treatment can help.

Let's see what's the ingredients and benefits:-

  • Chronopeptide treatment - sync up with the body's circadian rhythm to supports natural repair and lends vibrancy to your skin.
  • Trienzyme formula - made of purified red and green micro algae forming 3 encapsulated enzymes that provide potent antioxidant protection and detoxification to reduce visible signs of premature aging.
  • Patent pending aroma technology - it features ingredients designed to keep you in a rested state such as violet. Cedarwood which exudes earthy aroma that elevate mood and lemon which purifies.

Add Murad Hydration Night Fix Enzyme Treatment as a booster and customization to your current regime, the usual 3 step process. Use at night after applying moisturizer, massage evenly over face and neck as the last step of your night time regimen and inhale the aroma left on hand.

Obviously my skin feel more hydration instead of stickiness, fine lines smoothens, most importantly feeling calm and relax. I should start to sleep more early too to get well rested skin. Otherwise I really like this over night booster that help my tired skin look better in the next morning. I also find my make up are more easily to apply too.

Murad Hydration Night Fix Enzyme Treatment 30 ml retail at RM 398. Although I find it's slightly pricey but it's worth to invest one if you're a working adult. Check out the whole new range at now.

This post is a collaboration of Murad x Leeyann. Thank you Great Work Marketing.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Know your whitening products before you buy (Dr Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening System event and review)

First of all, an introduction about Dr Wu. Dr Wu is the leading clinical skin care brand in Taiwan. Founded in 2003 by the renowned dermatologist Dr Wu Ying Chin along with his eldest son Eric Wu. With 40 years of vast clinical experiences and extensive research on skin structure and a formula based on doctor prescription, Dr Wu has created a technologically advanced skin care line of high potency products for sensitive skin.

Recently, Dr Wu launched all new Glutalight Whitening system. A revolution whitener using Japanese patented Glutathione. For your info, Glutathione has long been consumed orally as an anti oxidant rich skin lightening supplement and also as the main ingredient for whitening injections.

An interesting consultation show during the event with local talented host Lynn, Dr Wu and famous Malaysian artist Tong Bing Yu.

For the first time ever, beauty fans can now skip the pills and needles as Dr Wu Glutalight Whitening system pioneers in the utilization of Gluthathione as a skin care ingredient adopting advanced patented Japanese technology to develop an extremely stable yet effective form for direct application.

The launched of Dr Wu all new Glutalight Whitening system at GMBB mall, KL. Dr Wu brand is the very first commercial product to use the Japanese patented Gluthathione.

Do you know others advanced ingredients formulated and it functions?

  • Gluthathione - works to protect the skin from UV damage while suppressing the production of skin darkening melanin.
  • AA2G (Ascorbyl Glucoside) - working along side with other key ingredients for prolonged suppression of melanin production.
  • Hyalo Oligo - a stabilized small molecule version of the regular hyaluronic acid that enables it to quickly pass through cells for long lasting and effective hydrating effect.
  • Silybum Marianum extract - derived from the milk thistle plant to protect against oxidative damage to the skin.
  • Vitamin B3 - to lighten dark spots and pigmentation.
  • Vitamin B5 and B6 - to soothe inflammation.
  • Micro molecule Hyaluronic acid - moisturize the skin.

According to the test report conducted by Providence University's cosmetics laboratory for 40 individuals aged 20- 50 years old who used the Glutalight Whitening system on a daily basic for 28 days results showed that:-

97.5 % - of the respondents noticed fairer skin with Glutalight Whitening serum
95 % - felt improved skin clarity
95 % - felt it reduced skin darkness
97 % - felt improved skin moisture
100 % - felt an improvement in evenness

Respondents noted a marked improvement in skin's radiance between 7 to 28 days as well as decrease of shallow and deep level spots.

82.5 % - reported a decrease in the number of spots
92.5 % - reported a significant decrease in the areas covered in dark spots

All data are retrieved from press release.

Dr Wu Glutalight Whitening system simultaneously performs 5 different functions in just one bottle:-

  1. whitens
  2. soothes and hydrates
  3. brightens dull skin
  4. creates an in depth anti pigmentation 
  5. evens out the skin tone on the face

After knowing so much related to Dr Wu Glutalight Whitening system, I'm excited to try it out but also feel skeptical about any thing related to whitening products. Regular whitening products not only help to lighten up your skin, it's also can make your skin thinner, sensitive and dry. Let's see more details and my review about all new Dr Wu Glutalight Whitening system range.

Step & Review

My personal review after using for daily day and night in almost one month time.
My skin type:- combination of dry and oily.
My skin concern:- dull with post acne mark.

Step 1 - Cleanser

Step 2 - Toner

Dr Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Essence Toner 159 ml (RM 179)

Verdict:- I like this colourless toner alike serum texture that can quickly absorb into the skin leaving very moisture skin after cleansing.

Step 3 - Serum to treat

Dr Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Serum 15 ml (RM 169)

Verdict:- The colourless serum texture is absorb quickly into the skin with no scent.

Step Special - Eye Cream care

Dr Wu Glutalight Whitening Eye serum 15 ml (RM 179)

Verdict:- A white colour light weight textured serum is applied under eye. It help to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eye area.

Step 4 - Lotion to hydrate

Dr Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Lotion 50 ml ( RM 219)

Verdict:- A white colour lotion with creamy texture and it's absorb into the skin well. It helps to soothe and moisture the skin with no over stickiness feel. I feel it make my skin look bright and shine healthy.

Before & After

From the picture, you can't see clearly the differences but I certainly see the overall radiance instead of dullness. My new acne still come and go monthly but those post acne mark seem to be lighten. I'm quite satisfied as it does hydrates over dryness. 

Dr Wu also claims that all new Glutalight Whitening system can be used during the day or as a facial treatment after care and is acid free. Most importantly, I find it's safe products to use every day as I also did laser facial treatment. I don't have irritation issues.

Finally, pricing vise I find it's slightly higher side in the market as it's a new revolution patented products. Dr Wu Glutalight Whitening system are already available in May 2019 at Sasa outlets nationwide. Check it out soon if you plan to have a flawless skin!!

Friday, 31 May 2019

5 reason to watch Supermum Malaysian made Chinese movie now (Halabo event)

Hi guys,

First of all, thanks to Halabo the other day for the invitation to watch Supermum movie. Just wanna share with you my little thoughts of this movie. Here are the 5 reason why this movie is worth to watch with your family soon.

1) It's an inspiring story by the Late Aunty Lai Meng
In the beginning of the movie, the all time famous Aunty Lai Meng appeared to send her last gifts of hope and love to the audience. That moment was a very touching that felt deep in the heart.

2) A proudly Malaysian made Chinese movie
Directed by Bjarne Wong while all cast are locally famous of old and young Chinese artist. You'll recognized them straight away.

Bringing my fam to watch this movie together.

3) It reminds us on family, hope and love value in life
Watching this family genre movie mostly will make you feel sad or touching, however in this movie I find it has a few laughing moment too. Yet delivered strong message of family relationship. ''No matter what happened, please come back home'', said the mum.

Wefie with Halabo CEO.

4) We Care about Children charity campaign 
It's not just a movie, Halabo Hair and Scalp Management company launched this campaign to help children in need with every Halabo products and treatments purchased, Halabo will donate RM 1 from your purchase to children around the world to fight against hunger, poverty and sickness. Besides that, Halabo is also providing education opportunity and medical support to a total of 101 countries.

5) Rating 7/10
Finally it's a good local made Chinese movie to watch with your family. Airing from 30th May 2019 at all GSC cinema. Check out the movie schedule now. Alright, see you next time.