Thursday, 30 August 2018

HA'LABO manage hair and scalp problem without burning pocket money

After experiencing a good hair treatment last time (you can check out my previous blog post), I'm kinda into really taking care of my hair and scalp now. I understand that the root of a beautiful hair is always comes from the healthy scalp. I also find that many new hair treatment saloon are seen especially at my own home town, Klang. Introducing first HA'LABO Hair and Scalp Management saloon at Bukit Tinggi, Klang.

Pronounce as HA'LABO (not Hada Labo), this company already has 17 years of professional hair services in Malaysia (previously they're well known for 101 Hair Care). This time HA'LABO has collaborated with SIRIM in creating an effective hair and scalp treatment technology (sounds like a WOW factor)! 

Alright after registration, consultation started right away by answering questionnaire, hair assessment and computerised scalp analysis. I still have the same problem which is congested oily scalp that is hardly to remove using routine hair care. The consultant gave professional explanation and suggested type of treatment that I should try which is HRS.

HRS is Herbatech Revival System. Using herbal extracted ingredients and biotechnology to revive the hair and scalp problem has scientifically proven effective. Meaning you are able to see positive result from this patented treatment technology with SIRIM certify (hope it doesn't sound complicated to you).

Herbatech Revival System consists of 4 step:-

Step 1 - Restore by deep cleansing to remove impurities from the scalp and eliminates excess sebum.

Step 2 - Rebuild using the first Multi Layer Cell Awakening Technology to inject nutrients and oxygen into scalp.

Step 3 - Renew when nutrients deeply penetrates into subcutaneous tissue to activate hair follicles and enhance hair root strength.

Step 4 - Reborn with this resuscitation technology. It will trigger the prolongation of new cells, promotes blood circulation to scalp and prevent inflammation.

Accupoint therapy first and I feel so good just like massage.

Dong Gui herbal essence used and I kinda feel like can be eaten.

Mixing herbal nutrients.

Applying on the scalp only.

  Steaming time about 30 minutes.

Washing off .

HA'LABO own hair and scalp products used.

Drying up and then a very super cooling serum applied.

Alright, the whole HRS scalp treatment process took about 2 hours. Computerised scalp analysis then repeated to see the effectiveness of the treatment. My scalp is clean with unclogged oil at hair follicle. The consultant also explained that my current problem might not be severe but with continuous treatment my scalp condition will improve. At that time, I'm very satisfied that they did a good job of what they claim to deliver. 

Now how about their pricing? I know HA'LABO may sounds like premium standard of hair and scalp treatment saloon (cause of the biotechnology used), it's not going to burn out your pocket money if you're a working adult. Price from RM 198 (not depending on your hair length). If you think they can manage your current hair and scalp problem, there're packages price that can be consider. But no worry or no pressure to sign up packages as the consultant is friendly and professional. I think they should keep up this good attitude towards customers. 

So if you would like to try HA'LABO hair and scalp treatment for the first time, they're giving awesome promotion price at RM 18 only when you mentioned my name 'Lee Yann' Blogger. I bet you'll like to try it out soon.

HA'LABO Hair and Scalp Management (First branch)

49, Lorong Batu Nilam 21 B,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2,
41200 Klang, Selangor.

Call 016-716 7298 to book an appointment.

Opens everyday except on Monday.

Check out HA'LABO Facebook for updates.

HA'LABO also came out with their hair and scalp products for easy maintenance at home. I'm curently using their Herbal Cleansing Foam and Intensive Herbal Serum. The shampoo once pump is in a foam texture which is quite an ease for me (but you may required to pump more depending on your hair length). While the serum has a bit cooling sensation once applied to unclogged the hair follicle.

Lastly, I would like to specially thanks to HA'LABO for the opportunity collaboration and Steven team for professional photography provided for this blog post. Also a video is coming out soon.

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