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Will they scared their customers away? Find out here with me as I had TRIED AND TASTED!

Mum first tried and she said OK.


Spicy chow tofu.
Cheese chow tofu.
Price list for chow tofu.

You can try their speciality in house home made chow tofu at Puchong.

RESTAURANT LONG HOUSE at Jalan Tasik Prima 5/2, Puchong.

As I had TRIED AND TASTED chow tofu for the first time in my life, I find that this chow tofu are quite nice. The smelly tofu are not that strong sting as they only prep for 2 days. So the smell is acceptable for the first timer like me. Second, the taste is juicy from inside and the outer side is looking nice fried chow tofu. They also mentioned they are the only one selling chow tofu at Puchong currently.

There are also a few food that I had TRIED AND TASTED good that I want to share with you. Check it out.

Sabah chicken rice.
Sabah chicken rice stall.

Price list for sabah chicken rice. 

The rice come in triangular shape as shown above together with the soft chicken and sweet sour chili sauce. Overall good taste. Next is Sarawak mee, see below.

Sarawak mee.

Laksa Sarawak.

Price RM 6- RM6.50.

Those Sarawak mee are seriously no joke, its absolutely good taste. See the boss smiling and he is from Sarawak. By the way, most of the food are own by the local malaysian, you know what I mean. Check out on other interesting local cuisine food too as below.

Nasi lemak nyonya style from RM 3 - RM 8.50.

Bah kut teh klang style from RM 11.

Hokkien mee from RM 6.50 - RM 8.

Steamed fish head Thailand and Malaysia style from RM 28 - RM 32.
There are still other local food to try. Below are the Restaurant Long House open air view.

Lastly the friendly and cute boss wife chatting with my mum. Thank you for the nice food and will come again. The end and thank you for reading. Leave me a comment below if you had try and taste it, what do you think?

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