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ROHTO, a drop of coolest experience from WORLD NO 1 Eye Care brand.

Hi everyone, 

due to prolonged starring at your mobile phone, computer, television, I think everyone need an eye drops to help to relief the tired eye. Sounds very appropriate right?

 Figure it out here why ROHTO eye drops is the world no 1 eye care brand that you should try it. 

For me, ROHTO eye drops is totally a new experience of the coolest sensation that you can feel in the eye.

ROHTO eye drops is certificate by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. 

Trying out the ROHTO eye drops. 

At first, I was very scared to put anything inside my eye that include I have never try on contact lenses at all. 

Come back to the feeling coolest drops in my eye, it does feel like putting 'medicated oil' that kind of cooling in the eye. 
Don't worry it doesn't sting at all.

Oh mine, what happened next it is really lubricating your eye instantly by the cooling sensation that trigger your tear drops to produce natural eye lubricants. 

 The ROHTO Eye drops cool with cooling level of 5/8.

Moisturize, refresh and provide immediate cooling relief to dry, strained and tired eyes due to prolonged exposure to TV/computer usage; eye discomfort due to wearing of contact lenses; minor eye irritations due to smog, dust, wind, sun glare and chlorinated water. blurred vision. Suitable for usage with or without contact lenses. 

The RHOTO Cool Eye drops is priced at RM 16.90 per bottle and available in leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide.  

RHOTO Eye Drops are available in 3 variants, which cater to the varying needs of eye care. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      How does Rohto® Eye Drops stand out from the others?
As compared to other ordinary eye drops, Rohto® Cooling Eye Drops deliver a unique cooling sensation with formulas that work wonders to clear, soothe and relieve your irritated eyes.

       Why do you used a clear bottle as packaging?
The innovative, transparent, slim and sleek bottle design serves its practical purpose by allowing users to see if the product has changed color, or has become cloudy. It is advisable to stop using the eye drops, should the liquid has changed its color, or became cloudy.

       How frequently can I use the Rohto® Eye Drops?
When using the Rohto® Eye Drops, we suggest 1 to 2 drops in the affected eye(s) up to 5 to 6 times daily.

       Can I use the Rohto® Eye Drops while wearing contacts?
For the Rohto® Cool and Aqua, you may use it with your contact lenses on, as for Rohto® Dry Aid, you are recommended not to use the eye drops while wearing contact lenses. However, our best recommendation is to remove your contact lenses first, then apply 1 – 2 drops on the affected area and wait for at least 15-minutes before you put on your contact lenses. This gives the drops a chance to dissipate from the ocular surface.

       How long are the drops good after they’re opened?
It is advisable to use the drops within 2-3 months after opening. If unopened, the product is guaranteed until the printed expiration date on the packaging.

       What are the Manufacturing Standard for Rohto® Eye Drops?
At Rohto®, we received PIC/SGMP and submitted GMP and ISO (13485) for ingredients such as SCL artificial tears, which produced in Ueno Factory, Japan.

       What is the Standard of Water used in manufacturing the Rohto® Eye Drops?
We use purified water produced by Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP), USP-PW.

       What are the sterility controls during the manufacturing process?
The manufacturing line we practice is SIP (stationary sterilization). All ingredients are filter-sterilized whereas bottle, cap and nozzle are gamma sterilization or electron beam sterilization

      What is the Air Quality Standard within the manufacturing area?
In the manufacturing area, we use High-efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter for air conditioning within the area and manufacturing under the controlled environment with a filling grade of A (ISO 14644). Further to that, we also confirm that the environment is maintained by a constant environmental measurement and valuation.

   How is the manufacturing process being carry-out - man-made or machinery?
The entire process of manufacturing the products, from filling to packing are done by machinery.

About ROHTO®
Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has been producing and marketing eye drops for over 100 years. Rohto® is the number 1 brand of eye drop in the world and has been number 1 in Japan for the past 40 years. Rohto Cooling Eye Drops launched in the United States in 2001.

About The Mentholatum Company
The Mentholatum Company, Inc. Founded in 1889 is a manufacturer and marketer of non-prescription drugs and healthcare products. The headquarters is in Orchard Park, New York, U.S.A with operations in Australia, South Africa, Canada, Scotland, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Korea, P.R China, India and Japan. Manufacturing is carried out in 26 locations around the globe and marketing / distribution in over 150 countries. The company, privately held for 99 years, was acquired by Rohto Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. of Osaka, Japan in 1988. Rohto is a major player in the Japanese pharmaceutical market with top selling products in the eye care, topical and stomach relief categories.

Since 1889, The Mentholatum Company has grown and prospered from a small purveyor of soaps and toiletries into an international company, marketing quality proprietary medicines around the world. In the United States, and in many countries around the world, the Mentholatum family of products has earned a reputation for quality and value. Every Mentholatum brand is sold with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. Brands under Mentholatum: LipIce, Oxy, Hada Labo, Selsun, Sunplay, Rohto Eye Drops, Deep Heating Rub, Botanics.

This is The Butterfly Projects and thank you to Rohto-Mentholatum company and you too.

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