Friday, 6 May 2016

Bake & Shop party with ALTHEA x Butterfly Project 2016 a birthday version.

Hi everyone, 

It's a birthday party to celebrate butterfly project turning three years old now!! 
We are so glad that the main sponsor is from ALTHEA. Awesome!! 
Check out here on how we celebrate it among beauty bloggers in The Butterfly PROJECT founder by Tammy.  

Tammy, I would like to thank you for giving me this new butterfly an opportunity to celebrate this amazing moment together. Hug youuuu...

The Butterfly is a communities of independent beauty and lifestyle bloggers geared towards inspiring everyone around us. 

 Glasshouse Seputeh 
 17, Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, Taman Persiaran Desa, 50460 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Here, we are! I guess we are the first three that arrived earliest at the Glasshouse Seputeh. 
From the left Syafiera, me (Lee Yann) and Bowie.

While waiting for the time, this is what we do, photo, photo and photo...

Me wearing Ottavia dress from Twenty3 and loafers from ZALORA.
Pink theme for the party.

Entering to a beautiful cafe at Glasshouse Seputeh.

Received a pink box from ALTHEA.

Applying the handmade cute apron by Tammy's mother.
I'm feeling like Alice in the wonderland in pink version.
Do you agree?

 The Delectable by Su cafe. It's feeling so delicious. 
I also heard a few good review too.
You may come to taste it out yourself. 

This is the most special one. 
Look like a plant in a glass is actually a cake that can be eaten. yum yum...

Meet my lovely friends of the day. From left Sydney, Shin May and me.

This is Tammy in the middle, the founder of The Butterfly PROJECT as I mentioned earlier.
She is a very talented and top blogger in Malaysia too.

The middle guy is a CEO of ALTHEA, Frank Kang from Korea. happy to see you here..he kinda of having flushes at his cheek. 
He said to happy to see so many beautiful butterflies. ahaha..

Our lil santa helper Aliza.

Have a drink first and the colour is so beautiful with the fruit taste.

BB Cushion Deco time

This is actually so much fun with the deco kit sponsored by ALTHEA.
However, I had made a mess and Sydney had helped me re-icing again beautifully. 
Thanks to Sydney for being so helpful to me.

Finally, our BB cushion decoration are done.
Do you feel hungry seeing this?

Shop and Selfie with ALTHEA 

The most excitement part, ALTHEA is giving us RM 150 to shop within 30 minutes!!
I'm very excited and stress at the same time with some trouble during the on line payment.
However, the CEO was so helpful to sort it out fast.
Guess what I get from ALTHEA? Couldn't wait for another pink box from Korea again!

If you ever encountered any problems during on line shopping with ALTHEA,
 don't worry just email to them and they are very helpful to sort it fast for you through my experience before.

If you still do not know what is ALTHEA? Check it out

Tea time and Cookie playground

Lucky dip

Filling up this cute survey form and get a lucky gift. 

BB Cushion competition time

I was actually quite shocked when Sabrina aka BB deco Guru had selected mine BB Cushion first! Oh mine..Kinda like jumping around and telling to Sydney, I got it first!! ahaha..

Thanks to Sabrina, the BB deco Guru. She is so cute right?

Top 20 BB Cushion decorated deliciously looking.
I guess you should try it out too and have the fun.

So many gifts and prize I received from the party.
Gonna try it out soon and share with you all the review.  
You also can check out review on ALTHEA before purchasing the item.  

If you have ever watch them in the YouTube, they did make up tutorial and all the item used are from ALTHEA. From left is Samia and Carolyn.

The emcee of the day, Leonard the diva.

Lastly, all the beautiful butterflies that I met and they are many more.
Hope to see more again on the next event.



#altheakorea  #butterflymsia

(Hope I can win another RM 150 shopping spree) 

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