Tuesday, 31 May 2016

BYBLOS cafe and lounge, a Mediterranean and Lebanese cusine at Kuala Lumpur

BYBLOS is a cafe and lounge that served Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine. For me, this is my new experience of different taste of food. First walked in into the cafe, I known I'm already travelling to another new country. haha..Let's find out first the food that specially prepared for the Bloggers Luncheon.  

Byblos is the name of the most ancient in city in Lebanon, and by all possibilities, the world. It is a city steeped in history, and its origins can be traced as far back as 7000 to 8000 BCE. Drawing on the rich history and culture of this city, Byblos Café & Lounge was named thus to give Malaysians and foreigners alike a taste of the real Lebanon; to that end, the interior of the restaurant emulates an authentic Lebanese feel. The photos and paintings adorning the walls depict scenes from the real Byblos, as well as other places in Lebanon.

Fresh juices

Home made mint lemonade = RM 14.

Cold Appetizers & Salads

Hummus, a mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini paste and lemon juice topped
with olive oil = RM 13. 
Moutabal, minced eggplant mixed with tahini paste and lemon juice topped with olive oil = RM 13.

They served with their special kind of bread and dip the hummus and moutabal. It's just feel like you eating a roti nan with the dhal but this is totally a new taste for me and I'm loving it. 

Tabbouleh, fresh parsley, tomatoes, onions and burgul wheat topped with lemon,
olive oil and spices = RM 25.

Hot Appetizers 

Falafel, a deep fried minced fava beans and chickpeas served 
with tahini sauce and condiments = RM 17.
 I have to said this is so delicious as you may feel like eating a wadir. My most favourite dishes as I had eaten up to two pieces. 

Mixed pastries, an assortment of cheese rolls, kebbe kras, sambousek and spinach fatayer = RM 24. 
All of this deep fried pastry really have the crunchiness and of course it does taste good.


Mixed grill, grilled beef tenderloin cubes, marinated chicken breast and minched lamb served with hummus, garlic sauce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and French fries = RM 49.
For me this is looking so beautifully as well as it tasted good too. yum yum..


Lebanese desert, the sweet and the aroma of roses make you feel so lovely eating this = RM 11.

Byblos desert, mouhalabieh, layali loubnan and chocolate custard = RM 16.

As I said earlier, you may feel like being in another new country, Here's the view inside of the cafe with the innovative setting, classic-contemporary menu, wide selection of shisha and alcohol are available too. It's a ni place to chill out in an authentic atmosphere.

With the Dani Maurice, the director of the BYBLOS cafe, Sandra Foo, Public relations, Aliza my friends and me. Thank you for the new experience of eating a Lebanese cuisine. I'm loving it.

BYBLOS Cafe and Lounge 

The Hive, TREC, Jalan Tun Razak, 54000 Kuala Lumpur

Operation Hours Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 3am 
Friday & Saturday: 11am – 5am 

For reservations, call +60.12.902.2240 

Front view from the cafe.

Back view from the cafe.

Byblos is located at The Hive in TREC, a dining, entertainment and night life venue built on a 7-acre site located along the bustling Jalan Tun Razak. With front-row views of the spectacular greens of the Royal Selangor Golf Club, and within the immediate vicinity of the Ikea/Ikano Mega mall development, TREC has an enviable location like no other. Endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia as a Designated Entertainment Zone under the NKEA EPP 8 programme, TREC comprises five unique zones, offering eateries, quirky and indie cafes, wine bars, bistros, pubs and lounges, and clubs. TREC is also part of the KL Tourism Master Plan.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bybloscafeandlounge 

Instagram: @bybloscafeandlounge


Check out their iftar promotion during Ramadhan too. 
Thank you for reading and I hope you'll enjoy in the Lebanese style.

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