Sunday, 8 May 2016


Get ready early to go to the Malaysia's largest neon run at Selangor TURF club, unfortunately the weather turn into very heavy rain. Reaching to the partners race pack collection booth, I already fully wet and there it all mess to collect the race pack. The event crew look stressed out preparing the race pack. After waited there for about 40 minutes, I had collected my race pack and moved to the media registration booth to wait while the rain are still unstoppable.

 Met Farfirds, an admired You Tuber.

Due to the heavy rain, I had asked if they provide more rain coat to the people, and again this is kinda disappointed that there is no more to accommodate the people. Lucky enough got a crew lend out her ones to me since she is not wearing it. 

 Alright, Misz Ella, the glamorous blogger is here. Glad to join her this time. Thank you for inviting me. Got us wet and we gonna to light it up!! We need glow sticks but not even one we get it.

Electric Run is the World's Premier Night time 5k. The very first Electric Run Malaysia made it into the Malaysia Book of Records for "Largest Participation in a Neon Run" with a total number of 11,875 electrifying participants! The Electric Run 2016 is amping up healthy living by taking you on a 5k connected journey through light and sound on 7 May 2016. 

DJ heating up the atmosphere to start.

A perfect photo of mother Misz Ella and the son, Aiman.

 Electro rainforest...wish I can use the umbrella right.

 Beautiful course, however the lighting gone.

 Rainbow quite a sight!

  There are more beautiful course, however most of it had failed out due to the rain. Through the walk, it's a beautiful place and safe for the participants. There are people even bringing babies and stroller to the run. We actually enjoy the walk, listening, singing, smell the candy,touch the bubbles and selfie is a must. These could be more fun run with the family and friends without the unstoppable rain again.

 We actually had walk more than 10k steps, kinda fun, wet and tired already.

Do you see an angel light?

 Finally got my finisher medal for my first night run ever. Marked a new experience in my life.

The coolest part is got we got to eat ice cream to ease the thirst fast...ahaha... feeling yummy, wet and cold in such the weather.

 It's a celebration night until 12 am. However,got to go...wish I can take more beautiful photo and enjoy the night in the future.

A few voucher received but look like not worth it much.


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