Sunday, 1 May 2016

I'M A SWEATER @sweatspa

Presentation of Gold Membership to Ning Baizura as Sweat spa ambassador by Sabrina Tang, founder of Sweat spa.

When it's all about sweat, here you are at the right place, sweatspa. Sweatspa is an up and rising wellness brand in Malaysia with the success of a few outlets started already. Today, this unique wellness centre reveals Ning Baizura as spokesperson and ambassador of sweatspa as you can see above. Ning Baizura is a famous Malaysian singer that has won various awards, a mother of one, and a business woman.

Sweat spa tour at Atria Shopping Gallery.

Each cabin utilises medical grade sun lighten full spectrum infrared therapy with emphasis on safety and comfort to detoxify, relax and rejuvenate the body.

Me with Ning Baizura. So happy to see her always looking gorgeous and yet down to earth artist.

"Sweatspa is the place for me to relax and rejuvenate before I start my day," shared Ning. "I love sweatspa because I get to sweat out toxins effortlessly. After each session, I feel so revitalised. I could not stop talking about it. So when sweatspa asked me to represent the brand, I was more than delighted to accept the offer because I was already a firm believer of this therapy having seen the difference in my skin, quality of sleep, stamina and overall health." 


Watch the video above where my mum and me experiencing sweatspa at Atria Shopping gallery.

Upon arrived, my mum and I did a body scan first, after the session, the Body Composition Analysis (Inbody) system will read the changes to track our progress. Next, we were moved to the cabins to start our sweating session for about 45 mins at the temperature of 65 degree Celsius. After that, just dry clean your body and no shower are required.

What we feel after the infrared therapy?

  • a lot of sweat and body feel detoxification
  • relief back pain 
  • burn up calories
  • improves circulation
  • skin appeared radiant 

For the first trial fee is at RM 88 per therapy.

Above photo with Sabrina Tang, founder of sweatspa. Sweatspa was founded in 2014 with the purpose of helping people gain vibrant health and beauty.

According to her, "Near Infrared Rays are best for wound healing and increased immune functions, Mid Infrared levels are best for increasing circulation and promoting muscle relaxation and Far Infrared Ray levels are used primarily for detoxification purposes." 

Lastly, thank you to sweatspa and PIXARUS COMMUNICATIONS for the invitations.

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