Thursday, 26 May 2016

Jonlivia HOT PANTS burn 3X FATS for a slimmer you

Hi everyone,

Yes, I'm wearing Jonlivia HOT PANTS. What's that? 
It's a new line of exercise clothing that you can worn it throughout the day and anywhere you may go. The design of the pants look fashionable, comfortable and easy to mix and match or even turn it into sport outfit immediately.

When I first received and worn it at home, during sleeping time, I can feel the heat and sweating inside. Hey, this is a very good points that even when you are sleeping you can burn fat at the same time. I know if you are a ladies whose reading this especially will wanted to know more about how Jonlivia HOT PANTS can help you.

Jonlivia HOT PANTS burn up to 3 times more fats,

and you are even burning them by not doing anything 

and just wearing them.

Jonlivia HOT PANTS has a special airy fabric, the inner part is green colour.
Jonlivia is the first full length hot pants available in Malaysia with their new upgrade technology, a ventilation pants that allow the perspiration out and in which you may feel more airiness inside when wearing it.

Jonlivia Air HOT PANTS

Jonlivia have been in the hot pants industry for about 2 years and know what's the current problem faced by the customers who want to slim down by just wearing a hot pants. They have been selling short hot pants earlier and then they started selling the long one but it didn't take long before it hit them. While the long hot pants are truly effective, the air flow became an issue to those who are slightly more sensitive. So Jonlivia invented a new kind of fabric that is situated right between the high quality of neoprene. Unlike the other hot pants in the market, you can see two tones of dark colour of Jonlivia HOT PANTS. This is to allows the perspiration not trapped inside the pants after your workout or sweat. Thus, this is why this new range of Jonlivia HOT PANTS is called Jonlivia Air HOT PANTS.   

Jonlivia HOT PANTS is 100% original product. To avoid counterfeit, they provide code to be scan to make sure your Jonlivia product is genuine.

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