Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Deep Layer of EXTRA HEAVY MOISTURE TREATMENT SYSTEM at PRO hairdressing team

About 2 weeks back, I had done a permanent straightening on my hair and it look beautiful. Unfortunately my hair feel dry than before and hair treatment mask must be applied each time washes to keep it nourish. I'm so thankful to Fibiee for the invitation to get treated with the new hair treatment system from MoltoBene, Japan at PRO hairdressing team, Subang.

PRO hairdressing team
 58G, Jalan USJ 10/1B, 47620, UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor.
(Same row as Maybank Taipan, opposite Starbucks and Coffee Bean)

Everyone has permed or coloured hair today. In order to restore the damaged hair, deep layer gives inner and outer repair to your hair and leads to strong beautiful hair.

As you can see above my hair is still look beautifully straight but it started to feel less smooth than before. Reading on the information about the Deep Layer EXTRA HEAVY MOISTURE TREATMENT SYSTEM while my hair was being shampoo and head massaging. I felt so satisfied especially I just finished my night shift and came over here to get a little pampered.

The Deep Layer of EXTRA HEAVY MOISTURE TREATMENT SYSTEM consist of 5 steps hair treatment system that able to achieve superb moisture effect to hair. After the hair washed, step 1 started by applying fibrils, a high molecule hydrolyzed keratin penetrate into the damage hole in the hair. If there is more hair damage, the better penetration into it. Steam it for about 15 min. The next step 2 to 5 was done at the sink only which is very fast by applying the repair ingredients that effectively gives moisture to high damaged hair by repairing inner and outer hair components. The Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine Treatment with water repellent coat the surface of the hair to keep the repairing result and then washed it away. 

Thanks to Ah Man and her assistance for helping me to get back my hair moisture to the origin again. As you can see and compare with the photo earlier, my hair feel instantly moisture, smooth and silky with my beautiful straight hair are still on. This hair treatment once done can last up about 1-2 weeks depending on how much your hair damage and with the Deep Layer Home Care Treatment, you can keep your hair moisture sustain longer before the next Deep Layer treatment. You only can get it done at the salon from the Step 1-5 with the price starting from RM 200+ depending on your hair length. Check it out at your saloon if there are using this hair treatment system and you should get it done to get strong beautiful hair back. This is a guarantee satisfactions result and thank you for reading.

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