Saturday, 18 June 2016


Fried chicken is a very common food and also are the most favourite food in Malaysia. Agree? How about give a try at HARUMi fried chicken and let me know if you like it? For me HARUMi fried chicken is a combination of local taste with Taiwan and I guarantee you gonna like it as I do, eating it when it's still hot.

As you can see above HARUMi selling 3 types of part of chicken and 1 sweet potato which all are certified HALAL, delicious and good quality.

Here's the good news, as EVERYONE CAN BE A BOSS, HARUMi brings its business opportunity through franchise that will benefit young entrepreneurs like you. Call up the hotline no as you seen in the photo 016-520 8922 or find them at facebook for more information.

With an investment of only RM 3500 promotion price, you will be provided the tools of fryer, kiosk, frying tools and packaging materials by referring to the photo above. The return of investment is expected to materialise within a month duration and the profit margin is around 40%.

HARUMi is targeting to establish up to 3000 kiosk, 300 mobile trucks and 30 restaurants nationwide in three years time. Look like you still got the big opportunity to become their business partner right now.

All HARUMi chicken are supply from DBE Gurney Resource Berhad, a Bursa Malaysia listed integrated poultry company. You might familiar with it Gurney Chicken packaging found in the hypermarket and are also the biggest supplier for the most popular fast food chain in Malaysia, KFC for their best quality.

Gurney will be supplying the raw materials in packages, providing technical assistance, valuation of the kiosk location, advertising and marketing activities. All you need to do is just fry the chicken according to the standard operating procedure set by the company.

As far as I concern on the look of the fried chicken, it's looking more white then yellowish. This is because of the flour and oil that been using to keep their standard and quality of the fried chicken.

So how about give a try on the HARUMi fried chicken or even start up a business to earn more money. Thank you for checking out here and support BUATAN MALAYSIA!

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