Friday, 10 June 2016

HerbaLine Puchong, Beauty and Feast Spa party

I'm so lucky to get invited to the HerbaLine FACIAL SPA and Mama Kim Puchong. Thanks to Sidney Kan, blogger for the great chances at here. Ladies who doesn't like to be pampered once in a while spending big money might be a hurt. However, at HerbaLine, I do like their philosophy of providing burden free and service to customers that include EAT WELL with Mama Kim and LOOK WELL at HerbaLine FACIAL SPA, Puchong. Let's check it out together at here.

I was impressed when I first walked in and it feel like a garden with the smell of pandan on the floor to welcome the guest. Upon arrived earliest, they served me a cup of Chinese tea and a warm towel to relax first. 

Front counter of HerbaLine Facial Spa and displaying beauty care product from HerbaLine range.

Beauty and massage treatments specifically designed to restore and revitalise your body, mind and spirit.

With warm water it helps to relaxes peripheral nerves and remove dead skin by brushing it. 

Soaking your legs and allow the little fish doctors to remove the dead skin on the feet. 

Massaging area, we got the chance to have a quick massage at the shoulder and hands. It does really help to lightens the body.

It was used to be a traditional custom and also has become the most popular natural beauty regime nowsday. I used to see my Indian friends doing it but I haven't yet experience any. Well look like I should give a try at here. Price at RM 59 - RM 109 with treatment time from 45 mins - 90 mins.

Boiling up the aroma therapy to help relax and refresh by inhalation. Kinda a good idea to try it out at home.

The most interesting part is when we entered a room full of white sea salt. Feeling like sitting on the beach but this one you need to soak it up yourself in the sea salt to help deep clarifying your skin and body. With my friends Jenny and Angelica playing for the second round. We just feel like don't want to come out from the room right? Thanks to Jenny for the beautiful shots using her new camera. Posted the beautiful photo on the instagram for the contest. You may check out more interesting photo by the hashtag below.


Next, moving to massaging area and cleaning area. The interior are looking natural environment that able to provide comfort and stress free feeling. 

Moving up to the next area is the facial spa where you get to look well with the facial treatments provided. I will find it out more next time and promise I will going to share more with you soon. Checking out the brochure while writing this blog, the treatments provided are price from RM 28 - RM 280. There are special rate also provided to the student and senior citizen. Look like I'm going to bring my mum coming over here to enjoy 50 % discount rate. After the facial tretments, they will served you a lemongrass tea to refresh yourself.

There is a room for feminine shape discussion session as you see to help you to feel more inner confident. After the short tour in the HerbaLine FACIAL SPA, here's the beautiful ladies of the day. Above from left, me, Angelica, Jenny, and Elana. Proceed to the feast party see below.

EAT WELL with Mama Kim
Hearty meals are prepared with emphasis on nutrient, freshness and deliciousness.

The delicious fruits drinks and the starter salads already make me feel so healthy. Look you gotta to look well and eat well right. Here's the idea at HerbaLine.

Welcome words by Mr CK Low, Managing Director, Herbaline Group.

Got our main meal Sauna Mee which is their specialty. First time trying this, the soup are clear and are so delicious. They will keep adding on soup to keep your bowl of mee warm until the last sips. Awesome cause I do love to drink soupy.

We are so lucky that each of us at the same table got to win lucky draw from the HerbaLine. Thank you HerbaLine for the great night at here.

Lastly, a boiled deserts with Lemongrass drinks. yum yum..

Thank you for reading and if you need a beauty treats and relax in luxury style, find HerbaLine as they have many outlets within Malaysia and Thailand too.

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