Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Hi Tea; flowers tea for your health benefits

When I first received my parcel tea from hi-tea Singapore, I'm so excited to find out more about it. The scents of the tea is so aromatic once i opened up the parcels. They are even seal in a reclosable packets to ensure the quality. 

Flower tea consist each of a bundle of dried tea

 wrapped around one or more dried flowers. 

Dried lemon side = RM 21.30
Lemon grass = RM 24.00
Blueberry fruit = RM 42.90
Rosella = RM 34.80
Blooming tea = RM 12.2

So how to brew a flower tea? Can I mix around? How will be the taste? Let's find out together with me here.

Brewing Instructions

 2 pcs of Roselle + 1 pcs of lemon slice + 2 gram of lemon grass = Beauty + Super Vitamin C Booster.

Place above flower tea into a 300 ml mug or tea pot. Pour in some hot water to wash away the flower tea then add 300 ml of hot water.

Steep it for 3-5 minutes and here you are ready to serve. You may increase steeping time for each brew. Here's the look and the colour of flower tea mix. The reddish colour are from the Roselle flower. It smell good with the lemon grass and tasted sour because of the lemon slice. You may add honey for a better taste. Overall it feel rich and I'm enjoying it with Chinese style of brewing. 

As drinking flower tea is packed of health benefits, I'm adding my healthy snacks to enjoy in the evening while watching TV and relax after work. Life is all about living it. 

"Enjoy simple things with total intensity, while just a cup of tea can be a deep meditation."

Background of Hi-Tea
Hi-Tea was established in September 2014 in Singapore. High-tea is typically enjoyed by many Singaporeans and Malaysians and is a symbol to a luxurious lifestyle. However, it might cost them a lot. We as a flower tea business are out to provide our customers with the best of the best, in the most pleasant manner as we tend to make more friends! For that reason, we decided to name our business Hi-Tea (A short form of High-Tea, and a way of saying “Hi!” to everyone out there!) Looking at the slow growth of flower tea demand in Singapore, we decided to move our target market to our nearest neighbour, Malaysia. During our market research, we found out that Malaysia has an established flower tea demand among consumers. Many cafes are providing flower tea selections in their beverage menu. Within a span of 1.5 year, we grew to be one of the largest & leading Flower Tea Exporter & Importer in Singapore & Malaysia which supply the finest quality of Flower Teas to consumers & businesses. We provide a wide range of flower tea & fruit tea selections up to 35+. This number excludes the 50+ exclusive flower tea blend recipes which we are going to roll out in the upcoming months. Owing to the expensive rental and manpower in Singapore, we decided to start our business via online e commerce. This helped our company to grow fast and far. Nevertheless, apart from operating on our online platform, we are also supplying to restaurants and cafes, salon spas, retail outlets and many more. We have independent distributors spread across Singapore and Malaysia. Other than wholesale and supplying, Hi-Tea also explored into the potential of other kinds of partnerships such as sponsor of private tea events, office functions, bazaars, tea appreciation, health & wellness seminars and etc. 


I still got blueberry fruit tea and blooming tea to show to you so do follow my blog ya. Happy evening. 

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