Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Pearl launch PEARIZ fashion

First of all I would like to congrats to my friends, Pearl Tan for her success in Peariz, a new brand of fashion for a non- muslimah women. Why do I said so? This is because I always admiring her fashion sense which she always like to have a long sleeves on to make herself comfortable. Here's how she started the Peariz by the attitude of just do it! Above photo with Pearl wearing her own design Tamiyo.

Below are few pieces of the PEARIZ collection and every design has a reason as to why it exists. Structured, sleek, comfortable and elegant with tailor fit are their main objectives.

ECLIPSE its the moment Peariz was identified.

HERITAGE design is about the classic Kebaya.

TAMIYO made from quality silk print with swarovski arrangements across the kimono. Great for everyday wear and fantastic for occasions.

Price range from RM 250 - RM 656.

With a small team of 5, on the 18 June 2016, PEARIZ was born. 

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