Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Looking at it title, I'm sure that people who love coffee and tea will come for this expo. Gather all interesting stories of coffee and tea in the Malaysia, although this is a small expo but you definitely can find a heart warming coffee or tea for you. So come to Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang till 24 July 2016. Check out each booth specialities as below.

Product Creation 

(Nanyang Essence Coffee and Milk Tea)

Nanyang Essence Super Rich White Coffee and Brown Sugar Milk Tea reduce sugar formula replace with Brown Molasses sugar which contains variety of minerals making it a nutritious source of energy drinks. Another amazing fusion drinks is Nanyang Essence Durian White Coffee with variants of D24 Durian King and Musang King Durian available. One tasted sweet while another one tasted bitter, guess which one is the durian coffee?? Ask for a sample drinks when you visits their booth. The more you drank, the more durian taste came through, a pleasant flavor that really worked well with the coffee.

HL Nest 

(Yakuno Black Soybean Barley Green)

 Black soybean as a tea instead of soya bean drinks like?? You gotta to check out this special Kuromame (black soybean) from Tamba, Japan which only harvested once a year, a blessing from nature for your health. A new different taste of tea that you should try it out at the expo. Above are the Oolong tea, Rooibos tea, and original black soy bean tea with caffeine free.


(Summa Coffee)

Green SUMMA Cafe catch my eye on how their prepare a coffee by just spray 1-2 times or more for taste in hot or cold liquid. It was so easy and fresh as the day it was brewed. While Seven classic is a multi botanical premium phyto nutritional products for optimum health and longevity. It tasted like a Ribena taste. Checked out them at the expo.

Golding Tea 

(Modern Chinese Tea)

This is the most interesting part in the expo, brewing a puer tea while listening to her stories of tea making process by herself at China. HUANG CHEN HAO TEA ART since 1990 is a family business with hand crafted puer tea and tea set available from GOLDING TEA. The tea taste sweet and smooth to the throat, kinda my favourite tea of all at the expo. With bloggers Betty, Ivy and Shin May. Wish I can follow her to learn more about Chinese tea in the future.

Hexin Tea 

(Traditional Chinese Tea)

A tradition tea right away from China and I like their tea gift set available. If you wanna look out for some beautiful tea set from China, come drop by at their booth.

Green Image Organic 

(Dream coffee and Biogreen 2U Oatmilk)

My favourite booth when comes to all green and organics stuff. BIOGREEN DREAM COFFEE OATMILK has unique recipe combined taste. It's mild and smooth feeling like dreaming in the day time. Meet my friends as well Jia Yi at her booth.

Super Food 

(Super Essenso)

Super is my father favourite coffee brand and with the latest Super ESSENSO MICROGROUND COFFEE are available in two packaging as you can see above. They have an exclusive offer only for this expo with purchase, saving, and free ESSENSO MUG or ESSENSO THERMAL FLASK. Visit their booth for a free 1 cup ESSENSO MICROGROUND COFFEE 8oz (3in1/2in1). Enjoying my coffee at the expo as it's really tasted good.

Alright, although this is a mini expo but I have so much stories to tell, so just go visit them before this 24  July 2016.  Details as below.

Coming soon...please mark your date down.

Forte Expo (M) Expo Sdn Bhd formed in 2011, Forte

 Expo (M) Sdn Bhd provides services and solutions to clients who 

do not have proper space to set up their own businesses. Besides 

our principal event, a career fair themed “My Future”, we are 

continuously looking to expand our footprint in other events such 

as Property, Automotive, Beauty, Health, Bridal and more. Last but 

not least, we do provide promotion space at corporate towers as 

well. Vision: To become one of the top event companies in the 

industry that provides multi event-related services. Mission: To 

gain clients’ trust as we seek to fulfill their needs.

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