Thursday, 25 August 2016

Just Seafood @ Sunway Giza; come satisfy your cravings!!

When talk about seafood, some may like it so much and some may not tolerate as much due to allergies. For me, I'm in the both. I love mussels very much as well as prawns but unfortunately I have allergies problem with it. So once in a while, I'll satisfy my cravings and I found Just Seafood restaurant provide the freshest and juiciest seafood in the town. Just Seafood restaurant is easy to access by waze and park at Sunway Giza, Petaling Jaya. You will find the restaurant at ground floor with the open air view in the mall itself.

Since its establishment in late 2014, Just Seafood has served the best of seafood from crabs and prawns to oysters and mussels brought in fresh daily. They do mean it fresh seafood to savour us served on table style in three signature sauces which I'm going to show. The restaurant has an open kitchen concept as you can see above so that the cooking process can be seen and maintaining good hygiene is their priority. 

Can't wait for the table to be wrapped up by the white paper and getting ready my hand with the plastics glove on. Actually you are encourage to use your hands to eat so that you can see and feel the freshness of the seafood. Useful tips here, take your photo first before you start your food and also get ready to have some sauce stain on your clothes.

The smiling guys in the middle is Terence Ham, founder of Just Seafood. "As our country so close to the sea, Malaysians are no stranger to seafood but to entice seafood lover, we offer a new ways and styles of preparing such dishes." said Terence which he learnt this culture of eating seafood while staying in Australia.

The happy staff pouring out the set meals which includes meaty crabs, giant prawns, extra large prawns, large clams, Chilean mussels, squid, potatoes, carrots, corn and served with rice or toasted bread. Above is the best selling Louisiana Cajun style signature sauces inspired and popular from Vietnam, whose the chef also a Vietnamese. Looking at it, the sauce has just the right amount of thickness and a bit spicy flavours which will make you fall in love immediately. For me, it's best to eat with a plate of white rice. 

Another speciality from Just Seafood is the LIVE OYSTERS imported from USA. This is my first time trying out huge live oysters and let me tell you what, come here and get yourself. According to Terence, USA live oysters can grow more bigger than your palm depending on the season but for sure they are LIVE and FRESH to serve to you.

Just Seafood set meals are catered for 1-2 pax, 3-4 pax, and 5-7 pax. The restaurant is also completely pork free and HALAL.

If you love satay, you'll definitely giving this reinvented sauce a thumbs up! This is creamy peanut sauce inspired by Malaysians favourite satay dish. It tasted spicy and aromatic nutty with soft creamy sauce. Best to eat with toasted bread when it still got the right hint of heat.  


Above is the chilli mussels that you might not wanted to miss out too. It tasted even more juiciest and spicy too.  

Looking at it sauce, you definitely can guess the very well known Buttermilk sauces which inspired from USA. The chef spares no expense when it comes to their ingredients, I mean a whole bottle of buttermilk is whisked into it special blend and freshly plucked curry leaves help to enhanced it flavour. Seriously it's tasted so filling together with toasted bread. 

My overall rating for this restaurant is 5/5 for their easy access location, comfortable ambience, tasty food, worth the price and good customer service by the staff. Thank you to Just Seafood and PIXARUS COMMUNICATIONS for the food review invitations.

Just Seafood
A-9-G, Sunway Giza, no 2,
Jalan PJU5/14,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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