Sunday, 28 August 2016

Taylor swift went into Yenji CLAY CRAFT!!

I mean it when I said swiftie went into Yenji CLAY CRAFT. Well a basic cutie of swift finally crafted under guidance by the teacher Mandy. But first let me thanks to Yenji and Miera (blogger) for an awesome opportunity crafting experiences ever. Check out here on how to craft, perhaps you gonna make it as your new hobbies?? Learn new things in your life..

Upon arrival at Yenji CLAY CRAFT Ikano Power Centre, I was very impressed on the beautiful crafted masterpieces that was displayed out. No further thinks, I also must crafted out a beautiful pieces too but let me start with the most basic first, to craft a cutie. 

For your information, clay crafting are suitable for everyone! What do I observed is this outlets are always full with students from the children to the mature adult. They all came to learn how to craft from a basic to the advance clay art at flexible time. Meaning manage your time well and just come to the class and there is always a teacher to guide you. So no worries if you're a first timer!!

Taylor Swift CUTIE crafting moment

The clay materials are provided by the Yenji and for your information, their products are high quality standards as they manufacture own materials locally. You also may use their stationary provided to help in crafting. For a basic cutie projects of your choice, you can get it done by 3 classes. Meaning each classes per day, you may need to spend 2-3 hours to craft each part. However, I went more than that because I'm not satisfied on how I crafted the clothing part earlier and decided to redo again. Well, still not to worry about that as the teacher there will very helpful to guide you to the end. Finally, my Taylor Swift cutie had crafted!!  

Although, it may not look exactly the same but I had learned so much on how to craft a toy clay with your imagination and patience to do it. The crafting courses from basic to advance are available at the price from RM 400 to RM 1200 with up to 3 projects of your choice.

Above photo are with the teacher Mandy and Chris, founder of the Yenji CLAY CRAFT. The teacher are very experience in guiding their students. You just need to think what do you want to craft and they will guide you on how to do it. No necessary skills needed as long as you have the passion and patience to do it. Look out for them as they are available a few outlets at Klang Valley and also Penang.

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