Tuesday, 30 August 2016

'There You Are' JESSIE CHUNG

Jessie Chung, an International Artist launches her first English EP song 'There You Are'. Above with her Artist Manger from Australia, Jonathan Timm and Darren Choy, Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia and Singapore. There You Are ' is produced by Andy James Court, a renowned Australian veteran musician who is known for his rock n roll style and has won over 30 international music awards. For this EP, a music video was also filmed and produced by Elijah Cavanagh, a film director from Brisbane, Australia. The EP will be available on various digital platforms and NHF outlets nationwide from 2 September 2016 on wards. 

Jessie Chung, a Sarawak born transgender, singer, actress, entrepreneur, wushu player, and also a certified medical doctor. I'm sure you may seen her at Natural Health Farm, a health retail outlets in Malaysia and also you may heard about her among Chinese people. This is my first time ever met her and I feel so proud of her!! She did everything well in her life. In this new EP, a new image of Jessie Chung with blonde hair portraying a different side of her who is energetic yet fun loving. 

"I would like to dedicate this EP to both my father and my husband, said Dr Jessie Chung. "I want to tell everyone that it is important to cherish your loved ones while they are still alive and I hope that through my music, I am able to touch the hearts of many and get this message across." 

The next day, we went to hear Jessie Chung sings!! 'There You Are' become Pollywood theme song official for the 'save your planet' campaign and also a fan club meeting. At the night, Jessie Chung rocks three songs; There You Are, Drive My Heart and Someplace Honest. I can see all the supporter cheer for her and not forgetting my mum and me too. Don't forget to listen to her new song as the melody of the songs will make you sing along too.

"I am not afraid of change and try new things."

Thanks to Pixarus Communications and Dr Rebecca for the invitations to get know more about Jessie Chung.

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