Wednesday, 21 September 2016


HUAWEI honor 8 which is launched in July 2016 is one of my most anticipating mobile phone devices in this year. As a current user of HUAWEI honor 6, I am highly delighted with what Honor 8 has to offer to its user.

Now, I would like to 8 reason why I want HUAWEI honor 8 SO BADLY!

1. Longer battery life

First and foremost, battery life is one of the most important specification when I am choosing my phone. It is said that honor 8 could have a 10 hours non-stop video playback. This increases my interest towards the phone as currently my honor 6 could last around 1 day with normal usage while around few hours when I use it to take photos and videos during events. Hence, I really would like to have a phone which could last for one whole day even I am taking a lot of photo or video. Through this, I could eliminate the use of bulky power bank especially during blogging event. As you all know, carrying a power bank and taking photo is very troublesome!

2. Dual Camera for better photo an video quality

Honor 8 has a twin 12-megapixel camera set up inside the phone. One camera is colour while the other is monochrome which is used to boost the amount of light information that could be captured into the phone and process to make a better photo even in low light condition. This upgrade benefit blogger like me as I could just use the phone for all types of events and at the same time take high quality photos and videos. Other function that present in the phone is the selectable zoom function. It enable the user to select the area that he wish to zoom and blur out the background behind. This increase the versatility and variation of taking photo for events and it could produce results similar to a DSLR camera.  It is a big “YES” for me.

3. Finger Print scanner with “Smart Key” function

It has become a trend for HUAWEI phone to have their finger print scanner in the back of the phone which is much easier to access. With this finger print sensor, the user could easily unlock his phone just with one swipe of finger. Additional to that, honor 8 has a special “Smart Key” function at the finger print scanner. User can customized the push button for different command. For example, one press could take photo and two press could open up Facebook or Instagram immediately. It reduces the time for the user to find the frequently used apps. Definitely a must have for me!

4. 15-Layer Glass & Stylish Body

The current honor 6 has a similar design with I phone and sometimes when people saw me using my phone, they will ask if I am using I phone or other similar question. This is a downside of the old honor as they don’t not have their own identity. However, the current honor 8 looks very glossy and classy with its own identity and design. It has smooth, rounded edges and a size which fits perfectly in my hand.  Other than that, its back is made up of 15 layers of glass which give it a glossy and shimmery look. I am totally in love with its design.

5. Full HD Screen with special mode

Honor 8 has a 5.2” display with a Full HD resolution. This means that I could watch Full HD Korean Drama on my phone. Yay!! This means that I can watch my currently hottest handsome actor Park Bo Gum on the phone and he will look sharper and even more handsome. I can’t wait to use the phone to rewatch all my favourite Korean drama. Other than that, it also has a blue filter mode called “Eye Comfort” which tweaks the colour temperature to make it less harsh during low light condition.

6. Dual Sim

Due to my work, I have 2 sets of phone i.e I phone for company number while another phone for personal number. Hence, I feel very troublesome to carry 2 phones all the time. Honor 8 has dual sim function which enable 2 sim card to be used in one phone. This is definitely a plus for me as I could carry only I phone while able to have both my company and personal number online.

7. Fast Charging Capability

According to the specification, honor 8 only need 30 minutes to charge from 0% to 47%. This is consider very fast compared to the current honor 6 that I use. This fast charging capability is definitely a must for those non-removable battery as I could not swap with extra battery.

8. Ease to adapt to the user interface

Last but not least, the reason that I would like to have honor 8 as my next phone is that I am currently using honor 6 which has similar interface as honor 8. Hence, I do not need to spend very long time to investigate the phone and figuring how to set up all my application and shortcut. I could easily adapt to honor 8 and it will be like plug and play for me to use this new phone!

Here are the 8 reasons why I would like to have the all new honor 8. Hopefully, I will be the lucky one to be chosen as the winner. I definitely would like to have HUAWEI honor 8 as my next phone!!

To get honor 8 now, click the official page below

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