Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Amez Care PADS Review

Last month, I got the best intimates comfort feeling when I started to use Amez sanitary napkin. Special thanks to Lee Chin Ming for sending over this for me to try it out. Let me share with you my experience of using Amez sanitary napkin.

Firstly, talking about my menstrual cycle most of the time is regular, usual amount of bleeding, some times menstrual pains, and I don't have any abnormal discharge or vaginal infections. So by right, I don't have any problem to try or use any brand of sanitary pad. It's just a monthly things that you used and thrown right. I believe most of the girls will agree with me. However, due to many information about dangers of current sanitary pads used and health concern, I have started to search for a good quality of sanitary napkin. Above photo is one of the brand that I'm very satisfied after using it, congratulations to Amez Care. 

Amez Care is a functional sanitary pads manufactured in Singapore with ISO 9001 QUALITY ASSURED FIRM and FDA approved. It has a chip technology of Negative ion, Far infrared and Nano silver to suppress the bacteria and viruses, improve blood circulation and soothe menstrual pain.

99.9 % Tested Antibacterial Effect

Sealed packaging and must close it back upon opened to reduce the leakage of the smell.

Amez pantyliner with 160 mm cottony top sheet to keep you fresh everyday (30 PADS), RM 11.90.

Amez 240 mm cottony top sheet with leak guard protection for day use (12 PADS), RM 12.90.

Amez 290 mm cottony top sheet with leak guard protection for overnight use (10 pads), RM 12.90.

Amez sanitary pads also has herbal ingredients extracted from Aloe, Peppermint, Tea plant, Chamomile, and Lavender. What I find the best things is the smell once it opened. It's a strong smell of a tea and flower. Believe me you're going to like it as much I do. Once it applied on, you will feel the super soothing and cooling effect which will make you calm and relieve menstrual discomfort. This is definitely what I'm looking for.

Amez sanitary pads has 9 layer of unique 3D ergonomic leg cuff, soft top sheet, functional chip with exclusive herbal extracts at the middle (green), protective layer, ultra thin Super Absorbent Polymer layer, breathable, 100 % anti-leak, strong adhesive with waterproof release paper and shield bacteria wrapping. You can get it at AEON Wellness and online at www.amezcare.com .

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