Thursday, 1 September 2016

Beautylabo NEW Whip Hair Color Official Launch and Review

I was excited when I got invited to Beautylabo NEW Whip Hair Color official launch from hoyu Malaysia in collaboration with watsons at Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe, Sunway Pyramid. Girls whose doesn't like to have beautiful coloured hair right?? So that's why I'm here to check it out and share with you. Above are the 6 new range of specially formulated and improved hair color from Japan. Love the first color when I first saw it, Misty Ash.

Beautylabo NEW Whip Hair Color from hoyu is now available exclusively at watsons with the normal retail selling price at 
RM 31.69 per box. I find it's much more affordable and you can do it yourself.


Hoyu was established in 1905 and celebrated 100th anniversary with renewed corporate logo and slogan.  COLOR YOUR HEART expresses their corporate principle to continue providing products and services which color customers not only in appearance but also create a rich beauty from the heart. Hoyu also has a wide range of hair color which are made available in Malaysia market namely, Bigen and Beautylabo.

Witnessing myself on how to achieve the beautiful colouring results and shine with Beautylabo NEW Whip Hair Color. Hoyu has improved technology, quality and specially formulated offering easier application and better coloring results that you can do it yourself from your home.




Emcee Thanuja interviewing Miss Malaysia Vanessa, Miss Malaysia Carey and loyal users of Beautylabo on their own hair coloring experience using Beautylabo NEW Whip Hair Color.

Final hair coloring results on a natural hair and colored hair model. I think it is look so natural beautiful hair color and it suits every ladies without need to overdoing it. Next I'm excited to try it out myself at home. See below.


Items included in the kit to prepare before use. 

Prepare whipped foam by pouring the entire amount of colorant and developer in the mixing shaker immediately.

Finally tighten the cap and shake the mixing shaker strongly with both hands for 30 times. Strong shaking makes smooth and rich whipped foam. 

See above a rich whipped foam that we want to achieve!! If not shaken well, the mixture may be not whipped enough or in its liquid state and drip or come into contact with eyes. The smell of the whipped foam might not be pleasant.

Apply plenty of foam onto dry hair, you just need to scoop out the whipped foam on your fingertips. This is my first time trying to color my hair on myself. Do not worry as instruction leaflet in English is provided. Next, gather hair and blend whipped foam into the entire hair. It takes about 10 minutes to apply whipped foam.

Leave on for 30 minutes to allow foam color to develop. I even got the excess of foam in one bottle to apply on brother's hair. Lastly, rinse out thoroughly. Hair may be coarse when rising but the texture will become smooth when After Color Treatment is applied.


My hair is a coloured hair before the application. The hair color is getting uneven tone after a few months.


I'm using Beautylabo NEW Whip Hair Color in Misty Ash. My hair color look more even tone and beautiful. For a shoulder length hair like me, you may use full bottle. For a shorter hair, 2/3 amount to use while use 2 kits if you have longer or thicker hair. Alright here's the end, hope you find it useful and try it out yourself.


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