Thursday, 8 September 2016

#bersatuTENAGA song by Malaysian coming soon!!

TENAGA NASIONAL has just launched a social driven campaign called #bersatuTENAGA for our upcoming Malaysia day. So how do you can contribute is, just submit a simple about 1 min video according to the song and lyric that will be provided. Three local artist has joined this campaign. As you can see above they are Jaclyn Victor, Faizal Tahir and Elizabeth Tan. Check out their video at link below on how they do it. Watching them is so much fun!!

Now you can watch me on how I do to give support!!

Watch full video on my YouTube channel below

You can sing or dance and then submit your videos into Instagram by 9 September 2016. Do you know you could be part of the final music video that will be out on 16 September 2016. So let's 'bersatu tenaga' and good luck to you!!


'Happy Malaysia Day 2016'

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