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See the label above, you know you're going to eat Korean food, a famous street food called Topokki. Myeong Dong TOPOKKI was establish in 2014, bringing together various Korean street food and a variety of Korean delicacies under one roof. Thanks to Miera, my lovely blogger friends for the invitations.  

The restaurant in One Utama is easily to approach and the layout look like a subway station in Seoul. There are also a few Myeong  Dong TOPOKKI outlet in Malaysia. Seeing the image, it recall my memory on how much I miss my experience stay and travel with train in Korea last time.

The restaurant concept required you to self serve; order, pay and eat at a harmony atmosphere with your family and friends. Let's check it out some of the scrumptious Korean food that I had ordered below.

My mother had ordered DOL SOT BIBIMBAP, a signature Korean dish served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with mix vegetables, chicken, a whole egg and and gochujang in stone pot. Green tea also included for the value set meal. The taste is always a thumbs up for me as the sauce make the whole rice a special mix of healthy eating.

I had ordered a Cheese Rabokki Ramyun, a korean noodle soup dish typically spicy in South Korea. (cheese ramyun + topokki). The soup or the sauce is thicker to match the chewy rice cakes. Personally this is my most favourite Korean food.  

Next is their mouth watering light snacks food. We had ordered Tempura squid, mini hotdog, Kimali, and Hangul chicken to try out. Let me tell you, I'm not a fried food lover but this is really making your taste bud craving for more. 

Even Charmander liking it!! Myeong Dong TOPOKKI drinks comes in 4 flavour of honey citron, honey vera, honey apple and honey jujube. The packaging is even cute right? So here's the main things, you not only can enjoy eating but you also could win some prizes!! See below.


  1. Record Boomerang with their food and be    creative!
  2. Upload and share on your instagram and facebook.
  3. #mdtchallenge #myeongdongtopokki and tag them on insta @myeongdongtopokki
  4. Win 5 days delicious meal!!

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