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#sarapandutchlady; MY 7 DAY Milk Breakfast Challenge (CHINESE STYLE)

First of all, I would like to thanks to DUTCH LADY for sending over a breakfast with milk for me to start a 7 day milk breakfast challenge!! Wow does it sounds difficult to you?? I mean to have breakfast in the rush hour and drinks at the same time?? Yup, I had accepted the challenge, so let's see how I can have my breakfast paired with milk first in the morning.

As we all know from small, calcium is needed for strong bones, teeth, good nerve and muscle tissue, however it's not produced by our own body. Being the sad part, statistics showed that Malaysian doesn't meet calcium requirement in our daily food intake.

Having breakfast is the most important meal of the day and milk also play the important role in providing the nutrients and energy we need to kick start the morning. Here's how I included milk in my 7 day milk breakfast challenge. See my exciting posts below.

MY 7 DAY Milk Breakfast Challenge 

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My usual morning breakfast routine is I must have a drinks first. I love nutritious drinks in the morning that make my digestive system to warm up first and prevent reflux. Talking about drinking milk at the breakfast is also one of my choice, some times if I got extra time in the morning, I'll blend my beverage with milk. A  smoothies is ready on the go!! Next is no matter how busy I'm in the morning, I'll eat my breakfast regularly no later before 11 am. Usually, I'll bring my home cooked food to the work place and I prefer Asian carbohydrates styles. See my posts above on Chinese style breakfast. 


Milk contains several important nutrients; a glass of milk (200ml) will give you calcium, protein, iodine, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins B2 and B12. DUTCH LADY Pure Farm Milk does gives benefits to us more than just a calcium. An example is protein which plays one of the lead roles in our growth and development. Vitamin A is crucial for healthy eye function, Vitamin B2 supports cellular functions that transform food to energy and Vitamin D3 aids absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

After this milk breakfast challenge, I truly can feel the importance of having milk at breakfast. I feel more nourish in the morning to kick start my day. 2 servings of a milk a day helps to meet your nutritional requirement and 1 serving at breakfast can provide 200mg of calcium to jump start your daily nutritional intake.

For more information on how you can incorporate DUTCH LADY Pure Farm milk in your breakfast, go to DUTCH LADY page on Facebook.


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