Saturday, 1 October 2016


Hi everyone,
I have being busy body to check out a new website called KEPPO.MY in a beauty workshop. The beauty workshop was conducted by a group of best friends and I'm glad to known them. Let's me share with you what happened on that day.

K = Knowing
E = Every
P = People
P = Particular
O = Object
MY = Malaysia

KEPPO.MY was established on 01 Jan 2016. Jimmy, the founder of KEPPO.MY created this to help SME Corp to increase in sales through advertising. KEPPO.MY utilizes hybrid technology, combined with social media platforms, delivers information to users about the offered products and services. Keppo also means "really curious" defines a condition when a person is want to know about everything.

If you had checked out the website, don't be surprise as KEPPO.MY mainly on food and beverage photo. KEPPO.MY is a platform that rewards your activities upon sign up and like. Alright, let's find out what happened in the beauty workshop at the below.

Kelvin, beauty guru started with the black mask as you can see above. It's a magic mask from Etermes FRANCE that provide ultimate aesthetic effects. Kelvin also shared his experience of having cosmetic surgery done and how this mask help him in skin regeneration. Personally, I like the super soft mask texture and how is it fit well on the face to absorb all the miracle of the magic mask. For more info, you can check out Ertemes Facebook.

Next is Steven, professional make up guru showing us make up on a bride. We're very excited to see step by step demo on how to enhance the eye make up especially. If you want to learn make up, you can come to BeLuxury Makeup Studio at Puchong or check out his Facebook too.

At the end of the beauty workshop, we received a certificate of participation from the BeLuxury Makeup Studio. Thank you for an informative evening that we spend and knowing such as talented people around. Don't forget to check out them ya. Have a great day!!

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