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Lemuel Beauty; All in One Cleansing Tissue Review

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if you have seen my Instagram post on this cleansing tissue (not a facial mask ya), I'm going to share my experience and more information at here. Thanks to Jordan from Yubros Asia for sending this to me.


 Well as a beauty enthusiast, I always advise my friends taking good skin care is so much important as much as you like to look beautiful with make up. However, sometimes due to busy schedule and when comes to the end of the day, it's become too tired to take a shower and continue with your night skin care routine. Does it sounds concern to you?? For me, some times it does!! So what usually I do is first remove make up with make up remover or cleansing oil, next using face wash or face scrub to clean thoroughly while taking shower, and last is just applied on sleeping mask and go to bed after drying my hair. Those also taking 3 steps within one hour to complete. What about yours shortcut night routine?? Let me know in the comment below to share.

'Convenience Cosmetics in your Hands'

Lemeul Beauty All in One Cleansing Tissue is made from Korea and this new brand has been in market for less than a year. Above are the 2 pieces of cleansing tissue removed from the packaging.  The cleansing tissue has natural fabric and patented Rooibos essence which is suitable on all skin types including sensitive skins. The essence which white in colour are absorbed well in the fabric without dripping out. 

Rooibos meaning "red bush"; scientific name Aspalathus linearis is a plants growing in South Africa's. The plant's has linear growing structure and needle-like leaves. As a fresh leaf, rooibos has a high content of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Benefits of Rooibos is anti ageing, promote healthy skin and improve blood circulation. 

See the grove lines above, maximise this 1st cleansing tissue by wiping away all your make up gently. What I find is, this cleansing tissue can remove my make up effectively especially on the eye area and it doesn't sting my eye. The next step is you can just rinse off your face with water or go into shower. I actually had tried not using any facial wash for 3 days!!

The last step is maximise the 2nd cleansing tissue by wiping it over your clean face again and let it dry. After using it, I can feel my skin is softer and moisture. The best part of it's on the 2nd pieces doesn't contain any unclean or make up residual left due to not using any facial wash or facial scrub. I also use it to wipe over my neck and hands. The cleansing tissue is concentrate enough to apply from face to hands.

After the 3rd day of using Lemuel Beauty All in One Cleansing Tissue, not only cleaning effectively, I also find that my pimples mark at my left cheek had lighten in shades. I'm so happy that I could observed an amazing result within 3 days. My rating for this products is 5 stars for the cleaning effectiveness, moisture feeling all night long and super convenience in travelling too. You may find more information at or facebook.

For your information, Yubros developed in South Korea. The Lemuel Beauty brand and all its products are distributed and marketed by Yubros Asia Sdn Bhd. Yubros Asia was founded by 2 brothers to work with companies to nurture and grow their brands in the right markets via the most effective, efficient and economic channels. To find out more, you may visit

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