Saturday, 15 October 2016

#markets20; Shopping @The School, Jaya One

Markets 20 is at The School, Jaya One.

Last weekend, my boyfie and I had a date again at markets, The School Jaya One. Well what we know from the last visit is this shopping mall has a unique style to shop around. How's that different from?? Let's check it out...

Food trucks and food stall along the corridor at The School, Jaya One where I really enjoy eating along the way while we shop. Bare in mind, at least RM 50 to spend for 2 pax.

Entering the markets where you can see a map guide to shop your favourite booths. Not to worry as is only at the same level. There's variety of hand crafted items, latest fashion apparel, hand made accessories, vintage finds, limited edition garments and etc. I think this is a must place to come for young people to get what's trendy on fashion with affordable price. Perhaps you can negotiate it too. 

Next, I also find that markets has it own decoration theme where by this time they have a Japanese style. Look ma although it's simple decorated but the people there are the one who making the place warm to hang around. I also not forget to get a nice shoot of it. hehe..

There's also a mini stage for performance to entertain the people there. Good job to this young ladies cause she really can sing well.

Lastly, I also find that there's a ware house sale for motherhood to shop. Look like many people know to do their shopping at here. I can see the young ones or the whole family enjoy shopping at The School. Jaya One. Alright, here's the end of my touring around at the markets, Jaya One. Don't forget to like their Facebook and follow them on Instagram to see more update on their next markets. Until then, see you again..

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