Monday, 3 October 2016

Wings musicafe @SS2 celebrating 13 years of Anniversary

Good Music, Good Food and Good Friends is the best short description to describe what I had experienced in this cafe.
Congratulations to Wings musicafe for celebrating 13 years of anniversary at SS2 and special thanks to Penny from KetchUp for the invitations.

On that night, I feel so happy that I could be part of their celebrations where they gathered the current performers and in the same time they served their new menu to enjoy. Can't wait to try it out.

Pearl Milk Tea and Honeydew Milk Tea where they use wheat based and red tea in their milk tea creations. It look rich in texture and tasted smooth.

Wings Bacon Salad with the in house salad sauce created by the Chef. This signature Italian salad sauce is in bright yellow hue, sweet and tasty. I guess you won't find it elsewhere the sensation of the taste. Recommended you to try this or you can ask for the sauce!!

Chef Creamy Pork Chop is a signature dishes at Wings. The pork chop have been marinated with several special spices, coupled with their aromatic garlic white sauce, salad and potatoes to enjoy while listening to their live shows.

 Bacon Risotto is their newly launched creation by the Chef. An Italian dishes idea with the fragrant rice with rich bacon rolls, creamy white sauce and other spices. Tasted good and it's one of the Chef recommendations.

Mix Grilled dishes where you can satisfy your various cravings at the same time. This is an good idea for people like me, I mean I'm a variety eater not a quantity eater. This mixed delight comes in combos of chicken, pork or fish and complemented with cheese ham sausage, in house salad and classic fries. What make it special is this mixed dishes served on sizzling hot plates with their sauce.

Magic Fries has many different flavours to surprise you!!
Flavours start from classical, Tang curry, Mexican chilli, Taiwanese pepper salted, the signature Wings Italian sauce and the Cheesy Primero.

Others than the good food and the good show, we also get to know the upcoming singer in the Wings 5th album produce in Malaysia. I'm very impress on how their interest and singing skill will lead them to full fill their own dream no matter what age are you. 

Chatting with the Wings owner (in the middle). 

Wings musicafe is a definitely one of my favourite list of cafe to visit again. You got to enjoy delicious food while listening to good music of mostly Chinese and English songs at night with your friends.Not to worries, they have a few outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Melaka too. So do check out them and give support on our local music.

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