Monday, 28 November 2016


 I have started to wear hot pants a few months ago and I really find this is the most practical fashion ever. Have you try a hot pants before?? You gotta check it out here why you should at least get one for yourself first!! Above are the new Jonlivia S+ hot pants and arm shaper that I'm wearing from Jonlivia. Thanks to Olivia.


Jonlivia hot pants is made in Taiwan with high tech fibers of 100% genuine neoprene material. The 70% of neoprene and 30% of polyester and nylon material increase body heat when coming contact with the skin upon wearing it, resulting in more sweating and burning internally. So don't worry if you have start feeling sweating inside the pants, Jonlivia hot pants also known as airy fabric that allow moisture move away from the skin. Jonlivia S+ also have added new features on caring instruction printed in the pants, in case you forgot how to wash this pants. Easy just hand wash after every use in cold water with soft detergent.

Jonlivia S+ is ...





I find that this new Jonlivia S+ hot pants is perfectly fit to body shape to look more slimmer. Upon wearing it, you could sweat three to four times more and it's also a breathable pants. This hot pants also has soft compression feeling on the skin and yet stronger on stitching side so that you can stretch to the maximum while doing your workout.

Another great products is the Jonlivia arm shaper that comes with the additional pocket to keep your phone compared to the previous batch. 

Alright after knowing benefits of wearing a hot pants, you can now wear Jonlivia Hot pants S+ to anywhere and anytime. I personally like to wear it most of the time to anywhere. It's so simple and yet look fashionable too to match. For example, if I'm at home I'll wear it to do my simple work out or I'll just wear it to bed time to keep me burn fats while sleeping. Next, if I'm going out I can match to look smart casual outfit to help me keep burn fats while wearing it throughout the day. This is how you can implement a fashionable healthy lifestyle. For me, this is the best fashion apparel you must have!! Get yours on . Follow Jonlivia Facebook and Instagram too.


If you own an any brands of hot pants before and it's started to torn out, you now can get a new hot pants with the super offer ever below from Jonlivia!! Alright, don't forget to check this out ya. Have a good lifestyle!!

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