Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Xmas Party @Wings musicafe (2016)

Hohoho..Merry Christmas!!
You know this coming festive season is all about celebrations with your family and friends. So does Wings Musicafe here where you not only can listen to their live songs performance from the local artists and musicians, you also get to enjoy specially created dishes during this Christmas season only. I'll show you here how's the Chef putting in creativity and effort in each dishes that you must try it out.

Olaf (light yellow) and
 Rudolph (light red) drinks
Who doesn't know Olaf name, the cute snowman in the Frozen Dinesyland movie where the Chef brings it this elements of surprise in the drinks. I remembered the Chef ask us to observe the making process of this Olaf drinks where the sudden explosion shows how's Olaf melt when experiencing summer in Malaysia!! Haha..What a stories to tell but you definitely going to enjoy this soda like taste. While Rudolph also may recall back your childhood memories because of the Ribena taste.

Mumbo Jumbo Burger
Hearing the name you know it's going to be the main or heavy meal you can order during this Christmas season. It consists of two pieces of beef patty, one piece of chicken patty served with vegetables, tomato and cheese plus specially designed Fries Tree and not forgettable the unique sauce by the Chef. I'm satisfied with the taste and filling experience.

Salted Egg Chicken Chop
I'm going to tell you that this is my favourite dishes. I like the salted egg taste and the combinations with chicken chop is just right away. This is so fragrance and delicious taste. I also find that the mashed potato has turned into snowman by the Chef. So tempting to try  this dishes again. Hehe..

Fries Tree
As you seen earlier, this Fries Tree is gonna be the top decorations item in the most in house cafe. The Chef delicately designed it with the intention that you'll remember this special Christmas moment at Wings musicafe. This Fries Tree has three flavours of Tangy Curry, Chessy Primero and Mexican Chilli. A new way to enjoy your boring fries right? Give a try this when you gather around.

 Luncheon Man
Seeing this cute appearance is an inspiration to recreate Ginger Bread man by the Chef. Brings along your kids, they'll love them too!! Yum yum..

Christmas Platter
This platter is the combinations of cheesy ham sausage, snowman mashed potato, luncheon man, and fries tree are well decorated for this Christmas season to enjoy with your family and friends. 

Alright, plan your date to any of the Wings musicafe during this Christmas seasons to gather, listen to the happening songs and enjoy the food!! You'll find no regret as the atmosphere here is all about feeling good. Thanks to the Chef Clement Tay and Nolans (Wings Musicafe) for the invitations.


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