Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Cure a Japan's Legendary Beauty product @SaSa

Cure is a Japan's legendary beauty product by Toyo Life Service in most Asian country since 2012. Their first launch monster product is Cure Natural Aqua Gel and right now they're adding in Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream exclusively at SaSa outlet. Thanks to Cure, SaSa and The Butterfly Projects for this invitations.

At the launch, with the speaker from Korea and my blogger friends, Sin Nee. I remembered she said although Korea has many good products but she had been loyal to this brand for more than 10 years.

Alright, let's take a closer look on each products.

No fragrance
No colour
No preservatives

Step 1 - Cure Natural Aqua Gel 
(RM 115)

Looking at the packaging, you may thought is just a normal gel cleanser but wait until you find it out yourself. This is the most remarkable skin care product that removes dead skin gently. The gel look clear visible. After washing and drying up face (this is very important step), gently massage your face until the gel turns white or feeling drying up. You'll see your dry, dead or rough skin being removed out and then rinse well. Using activated 90 % of hydrogen water for the best results, use it twice a week.

Step 2 - Cure Water Treatment 
Skin Cream (RM 169)

This cream is white in colour and the texture look alike silicon type. Upon gentle applying on the face, you can feel that the cream or the non toxic silicon forms a veil just like a splash of water. This process is because of the 75 % of hydrogenated water comes out to give extreme moisture. Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream also act as toner, moisturiser, emulsion and lotion effect. This is a super easy step if you're feeling lazy or rushing to continue with others step of your routine skin care. I also can feel a very minimal greasy effect, very minimal stickiness and it really can keep my skin hydration last longer. 

If you have a dry skin, combination skin, normal skin and even sensitive skin, you can use this Cure products for a clear, firm and supple skin feeling. Alrights, you can check it out yourself at any SaSa outlet.

Have a beautiful day!!

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