Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Top 10 Products you should buy from ezbuy

Screenshot of ezbuy mobile app.

Hi guys, 
today I'm going to introduce to you top 10 products that I'm interested to buy from ezbuy and I think you'll take a look too.

ezbuy (owned by EZbuy Holdings Limited) is a dedicated provider of professional online shopping services. Founded in 2010 by a group of aspiring entrepreneurs, ezbuy quickly rose to become Singapore’s first and largest overseas shopping platform. Introduced by Channel 8 news, Channel U Money Week, Straits Times and many other national media, 65daigou and its service become more recognized and popular. As of today, we provide shopping service from China, Taiwan, USA for more than 500,000 Singaporeans, 50,000 Malaysians, Australians and Thai people.We strive towards service excellence while keep our focus more on local demands so as to develop new services that better suit our customers.We will expand our service to more countries. When global network connects anyone to anything via internet, we acquire and transport anything to everyone that we serve. Technology makes life easier, service brings more comforts, we leverage on technology and dedicated to provide better service, ultimately, we hope, we create better lifestyle, simple and convenient.

Before I proceed to the products that I'll like to introduce to you, I think as a smart online shopper you should know that international shipping cost quite a lot of amount of money. I usually will look for how I can save while shop online. Get what I mean?? For this ezbuy online shopping platform, I found that they have this icon called Prime on mobile app. Just click on it and you'll find more info there or see the screenshot above.

You Should Buy From ezbuy

1. Creative sofa
    I have seen this item at my friends house last time and I find it so     cute. They're very comfort to just lay on it when I'm feeling lazy     or when I need some nap zzzzzz.....

2. Bean bag
    I have been looking for a bean bag at a affordable price and I           think I found that!! Gonna create a comfortable environment to       read and rest at home.

    Alright some times I need this small desk to do some work and I     find it so much convenience when you can fold it and move             around in the house.

    I found this bedside cabinets that's really suite my small bedroom     place. Yeahhh...

    I think I need this aromatherapy air humidifier in my bedroom to     enhance my sleep mode.

    I always wanted to decorate my house with photo wall style and       I can find a lot of beautiful design at ezbuy.

    This's a must have staircase ladder in the house especially ladies     like me and there's variety colour to choose.

    Now you might be thinking why I wanna have this metal bin in       the house. This look so elegant babe!! Haha..and also it might         last more longer compared to a plastic one.

    Well because I have so many shoes in the house, I think this             might look great organizer to stores my shoes.

      Currently I find this is a trendy umbrella to have before you             leaving your house.

So what do you think of some of the products you like to have in your house? For me, online shopping is so convenient in browsing some of the stuffs that I wanna to buy and get it done easily.

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