Sunday, 8 January 2017

PABLO Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart coming on 11 January 2017

Hi guys,
Happy New Year and Happy Greenery Year of 2017!! What make me so happy on the first weekend of the new year is hunting for a good food and here I'm at the PABLO One Utama, Damansara again. If you have seen my posts before PABLO has officially launches their first outlet in Malaysia on December 2016. Click to read the previous post. PABLO is famous of their biggest freshly baked cheese tart in Japan and now in our own home town!!

Starting with our matcha cheese soft serve ice cream (RM 11.90) and PABLO frute matcha with shiratama (RM 15.90). I personally like the texture of medium soft creamy cheesy matcha taste and the frute matcha drinks full of surprise in every sips. It has the jelly like at the bottom, shiratama (a ball of glutinous rice flour) in the middle and top with azuki (red bean) creamy taste. This whole drinks will make you feel of fullness of cheesy happiness.

PABLO freshly baked cheese tart available in chocolate and matcha flavour (RM 49.90) and not forgetting the Sabrel cheese in matcha (cookies) RM 36.90.

PABLO freshly baked matcha cheese tart with shiratama and azuki while the chocolate cheese tart with chocolate chips are available from 11 January 2017 ya! For me both taste equivalent good if you like the thicker or strong flavour. Tips to take out is consume the freshly baked cheese tart within 2 hours. If not 6 hours at room temperature and don't forget to keep chilled to enjoy for the next day no more than 2 days ya.

So for whom purchase a freshly baked matcha cheese tart with shiratama and azuki on 11 January 2017 you are entitled to redeem a mini matcha soft serve for free!! Alright, don't forget to try it out yourself and you can leave a comment below on what do you think after having it??

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