Friday, 24 March 2017

LIGHTBULB APPAREL goes Design Your Own T-Shirt Online

See the T-shirts above that I design at . What do you think?? Design it and wear it then!! That's the idea that I like and I have made this motivation pieces easily to him, KJ. See more at below.


On the day of launching, I actually design it on the spot. The website is friendly user for the first time being.

Official launching by Dexter Cheong (Co founder of Lightbulb Apparel), sponsors as above mentioned, bloggers and Lightbulb team at Yellow Apron, PJ.

Lightbulb Apparel is an establish apparel company making personalized T-shirts and uniforms for organizations and corporations with minimum order quantities at . Their clients include The Body Shop, Fitness First, Petronas and many more. Specializing in this printing T-shirts, Lightbulb Apparel has moved on to the next level of offering customized printed T-shirts via online at . This easy to use platform allows anyone to design and order their custom printed T-shirts at anytime and anywhere.

Customized printed T-shirts is in the process. Special thanks to Irene from Lightbulb teams.

Finally the pieces is done, so what do you think?? Does it look the same as the design on the Website and the printed one?? For you info, the wording in red will look more rich in colour when goes under the lights. Overall, I'm satisfied with the end products received.

Now, you also can started to create your own pieces by participating Lightbulb Apparel T-shirts design contest at . I also have a special 15 % discount code for you, so please don't forget to qoutes, LeeYannFriends. You may follow them on Facebook and Instagram too.


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