Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lajeune eLounge provide PESF Therapy (Shah Alam outlet Opening)

PESF therapy have you heard it or try it before?? PESF is a pulsating electrostatic field where you can feel the energy or some kind of power in your body that helps in your health. I mean that!! haha..Above photo is me and Misz Ella (Blogger) sitting to receive the 'power' of the therapy..see more at below..

First of all, congratulations to Lajeune eLounge for their outlet grand opening at Shah Alam!! At first, I have no idea of what kind of spa is this when I step inside. I only saw a nice sofa and a white machine there!! It's somethings like massage chair around?? haha..

Lajeune eLounge is a cozy hangout place for you to reenergize and regrain your health. Services include pain relief, beauty, eye care and overall health using PESF therapy.

This is the machine that I'm talking about earlier..eLIFE Electric Field Health Instrument connected to the seat pad or foot pad. PESF is a modern scientifically proven therapeutic apparatus that is applied for human's holistic treatment as an adjuvant means to advanced medication during which user is gently embraced by natural energy field. It helps to improve user's blood circulation, basal metabolic rate, cell oxygen transportabillity, autonomic nervous system, reduce the blood acidity, and comprehensively contribute the goodness on human's health with aspects of healing, recovering and maintaining.

Hey, I got the power to lighten up the pendaflour!! This is because during PESF therapy, there're energy flow in your body. Well you kinda can feel the current flow and the most important things is don't let others people come and touch you!! Otherwise you'll feel kinda shock of static charge and little pain may feel for both of you. You know my friends, Suki (Blogger) does that twice!! haha..During this therapy also, I feel slightly giddiness and uncomfortable too for the first time. However, after that I regain fine.

My boyfie, KJ trying out on the PESF therapy too..The remote alike shows blue lights on where the frequency of PESF therapy.

Wendy (Blogger) also trying out PESF therapy for beauty purpose in a room which provide more privacy. She said after the therapy the face feel more lifted than before. I guess I also want to give a try on beauty purpose too.

Here're the PESF therapy package for the normal, pain, eye and beauty purpose. To celebrate official opening, they're having promotion of BUY 1 FREE 1 package from 8-30 April 2017. You can check out this outlet at 2, Jln Selasih K U12/K, Taman Cahaya Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor. For any enquiries, you can call 012-5507780. You can also check out their website at or Facebook and Instagram. Alright that's all from me, let me know how do you feel if you have give a try on this PESF therapy.

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