Saturday, 8 April 2017

Neutrogena deep clean brightening Regime & Review

When Neutrogena delivered this box to me, I'm so happy to find it out. Neutrogena is a brand of health and beauty care solutions with long standing heritage founded upon genuine relationships with dermatologists, skin experts and consumers. Recently, Neutrogena also has announced our lovely Hollywood stars, Nicole Kidman as the Neutrogena Global Brand Ambassador.


As a beauty enthusiastic, I'm very concern on the brand reputation before I give a try. For this time, Neutrogena Deep Clean offers a wide selection of cleansing products to try on. Now, what's so big deals about cleansing a face?? I believe it's just a soap and water will just do right. How about deep cleansing face?? At the current, I'm concerns about my dull skin with a few pimples mark around. Let me show you my daily skin cleansing with Neutrogena.


Neutrogena deep clean brightening 
foaming cleanser 100 g
Excuse me about my sleepy face at first, and yes wake up in the morning after brushing teeth, the next things is washing face. It does has formula lathers to rich creamy foams as you can see above and the soft smells of Mulberry extract will slowly awaken you up during cleansing. Simply liking it as it said that has a brightening power for cleaner and more radiant skin with every wash.

Neutrogena deep clean brightening 
cleansing oil to foam 142 ml
After a long day out and back to home, shower is a must!! Well before that with the make up and all the dirt's on, I use this cleansing oil to remove it first and then when get touched with water, it transformed into whitey bubbles to blast away all the residue leaving skin clean. Now, using this kind of dual cleansing with one wash is a beauty trend to go and it must prove effectively. Here, I share my useful tips that you may use an eye and lips make up remover first to wipe off before using the cleansing oil for completely remove all your make up on. I like this cleansing oil texture alike clear gel, less foamy and fresh feeling after cleansing.

Neutrogena deep clean 
blackhead eliminating daily scrub 100 g
After cleansing my face, I use this daily scrub on my nose area. Thought of scrubbing on the nose area only, I eventually applied it on the whole face. The beads is so gentle on the skin and it does have a nice fresh smell of cedar wood extract. Kinda like very enjoying a facial time. It's also said that effectively eliminate blackheads from the very first use and prevent new ones from forming. Well, I do find less trying to squeeze out the black or white heads around in a week time.

Alright, I have tried them all out. Now if you asked me which one is my favourite?? I'll said each of them works just good on my skin at the moment. I like the smell, the texture and the feeling of clean face. Sounds like I have a happy clean skin after all with Neutrogena deep clean set. Should you want to get more info follow them on Facebook .


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