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shizens VISAGE COLLECTION Review + Free Makeover + Contest + Official Launch 2017

Hello ladies, 
recently I have fun playing with my new make up collection from shizens called Visage. So if you see, it may just look a normal make up look. Yes!! This is what I'm about to share with you and it's gonna be an interesting post..

'Visage means a person face with reference to the form or proportions of the features.'

If you're familiar with shizens brand, this is what they believes everyone has a unique natural beauty that should not be concealed but to be revealed. Shizens is here to enhance the confidence level of everyone in revealing their uniqueness.

What do you think? Confident to reveal your own unique natural beauty but not overdoing it??

(make up)
The VISAGE COLLECTION make up consist of Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO SPF 50, Hue Duo Eye Shadow, Aqua eyeliner and Smack Lips. See the colour swatch above. Look like it's suitable on my warm tone skin colour. Let's see more details at below.

Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation 

Alright after prepping my skin, the next step is to enhance my skin tone using Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO SPF 50. This stick foundation make up base is easy to twist and very light wear with sun protection within. At the centre, it's contains an essential moisture essence imparted with Vitamin E. Comes with only one shade, it could lightly brighten up my skin tone however it couldn't cover much on pimples mark. Here's the tips, you can use a green corrector on the pimples mark to reduce the redness around for a better coverage.

Hue Duo Eye Shadow 
(Sepia Pink)

Looking at this pink palate, I really like the colour. I started it at my cheek using the left pink shadow to leave a healthy skin look. Then next using the right pink for my eye lids to create a very natural eye shadow without over doing it. Both colours are pigmented so you'll need a suitable brush to blend it well.

Aqua Eyeliner 

I find this is the most interesting products when I first saw it, an Aqua Eyeliner in a cushion base. Brush is provided for an easy applications. A quick drying formula upon applications, moderately pigmented liquid eyeliner, smudge proof and it could last for a few hours wear. Overall, I still like to use it for a soft eye liner look on my mono lid eyes and finish it with a eye lashes curler without mascara.

Smack Lips 
(Cherry Blossom)

Ending the look with lovely pink matte on my lips. The matte colour is moderately even out, moderately moisture on the lips (some times might feel dry) and could stay long wear without eating.

Finish look
What do you think?? Looking natural with less concealed cause you still can see the pimples mark around. The pink colour does help to enhance my warm tone skin. I think I achieved the VISAGE look easily without complicated step as you can see. For your info, I captured all the application steps shown using my Huawei P9 phone and natural lighting source from my bedrooms windows without further editing take place.

So if you're thinking to get this collections too, here's the irresistible introductory set at RM 199 for a limited time offer only!! See below.

(make up essential)
They're includes 2 Smack Lips, 2 Aqua Eyeliner, 1 Hue Duo Eyeshadow and 1 Shizens professional 6 brush set. Instead of  RM 1503, now at RM 199 available from 1 March - 31 May only at major Shizens stores.

FREE Makeover

How about experience VISAGE makeover first?? Sounds good right?? I have a unique code (VISAGE01) for you to redeem this FREE makeover at major Shizens stores. Just show the code or this blog post page to the beauty advisor to reserve your seat.

VISAGE CHALLENGE is a contest starting from 15 April - 15 May that you may join to win attractive prizes after the FREE makeover done. It's so easy just snap a photo of yourself after the makeover to show the make up effect and then submit your photo to Shizens Facebook (Inbox) or WeChat. See more at below.

Step 1: Visit Shizens outlets and experience a VISAGE makeover.
Step 2: Snap a selfie after you get your VISAGE makeover.
Step 3: Scan the QR code and follow Shizens on WeChat.
Step 4: Submit your picture with your details (name, IC, and contact number)

Official Launch
VISAGE COLLECTION Official Launch roadshow is coming soon on 24 - 30 April 2017 at Mid Valley (East Entrance Lobby). Don't forget to check out them. Follow Shizens Malaysia Facebook closely to find out more about the exciting activities and offers at the roadshow.

Alright until then see you there at the roadshow!!

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