Thursday, 18 May 2017

BAUSCH+LOMB Biotrue ONEday lenses Reviews

Everyone loves to have a pair of beautiful I'm not excluded from it. With my mono lid and small eyes look, I definitely looking for some things that can enhances my eyes without over doing it. When BAUSH + LOMB introduce Biotrue ONEday lenses, I decided to give a try. Let me tell you how true these lenses can stay in my eyes..haha..

BAUSCH + LOMB Biotrue ONEday lenses designed to work like the eye for comfortable vision throughout the day with 78 % water content matches cornea's water content, 16 hours of moisture mimics lipid layer of the tear film and 100 % oxygen consumption that meets oxygen level of the open eye needs. Biotrue inspired by the biology of our eyes and a box of lenses contains nesofilcon A with 30 soft contact lenses. Priced at RM 125 per box is available at all leading optical outlets nationwide.

Biotrue ONEday lenses is a premium daily disposable contact lenses and is made from HyperGel, an innovation that combines the best of conventional hydro gels and silicone hydro gels and is set to be the next generation of daily disposable material that retains 98 % moisture longer and fresh throughout the day. 

Alright how true is that after I have worn it for a day??

In the above photo, you can see my eyes looking 'sui wang wang' meaning alike sparkling water..haha..simply loving this look..As I'm not a frequent user of wearing lenses, at the beginning I may feel discomfort wearing it throughout the day. Perhaps my eyes haven't accepted a foreign body inside. My friends then suggest to slowly increase the hours of wearing lenses until my eyes get to adapt it. I guess this is quite an useful tips and after a few times, my eyes started to feel much more better in comfort. When you started to feel comfort, visual performance does improved well. Talking about comforts, it's always related to moisture retains or not too eye drying during lenses on. This is very important points cause you don't want to have an eye drop on every hourly to prevent dryness and sounds torturing on your own eyes. Overall for me wearing a lenses shouldn't be a force into your eyes, take time for your eyes to adapt to it first, slowly increase the hours of wearing it and then lastly get a good quality or trusted brand product. I'm quite satisfied on this Biotrue lenses help to enhances my eyes through out the day.

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