Thursday, 4 May 2017

OSIM uStiletto NEW Leg Massager Review

Hey ladies, 
see what am I trying to capture?? I'm experiencing OSIM uStiletto NEW leg massager. Good or not let me tell you more.

As the saying goes give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!! However, it's not that easy when your leg have to bare the side effects of wearing know what am I talking about..

OSIM Asia NO 1 massager brand launched uStiletto for beautiful legs. Three patterns are available Elegant (top left), Homemaker (top right) and Kawaii (bottom center). Now, which one could be your style or personalities?

Experiencing uStilleto with awesome babes.

I have chose Homemaker uStiletto to try. Homemaker has a caring and sensitive nature that brings warmth and joy to the people around her. Her passion lies in culinary art, home decor and hospitality providing loved ones with a sense of comfort and belonging. The Homemaker treasures and values relationships. She especially loves hosting friends at home with her cooking. Life motto: There's no place like home.  

This is what I'm trying to capture earlier. uStiletto auto massage programs has pamper, relief, beauty, reflexology and sleep mode for daily pampering and beauty routine, shape and toned legs. The pampering features also includes adjustable intensity, customizable rollers speed, soothing warmth, hygienic and convenient, stretchable and fitting, light and portable. During the massaging, I can feel my leg being compress by S Tone Airbags and the S Care Rollers stimulating my foot, fairly pain may feel.

Alright, since Jojo Goh (Malaysian Celebrities) is sitting just next to me so let's take a wefie first. Adore her so much..

Any difference after experiencing the uStiletto?? Yes!! I can feel my leg immediately relieved and lighter footsteps. It's kinda really work if you're the one wearing heels most of the times. The most important things is you can pampered your leg everyday several times in a day at your own piece of home rather than visit a spa which you couldn't visit them everyday right.

OSIM also going to display the beautiful heels of sofa chair at their outlets. We all get stunned at that time!! Not sure if they're going to sell this but be sure to check it out and experience yourself..OSIM uStiletto price at RM 1888.00

Thanks for the invitations and the OSIM team. You guys really did a great job!

Finally, we walk out confidently with a pair of beautiful legs..

Enjoy watching this video from OSIM.

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