Saturday, 6 May 2017

THREE, #1 Japan balancing UV protector Review

When I first time heard about this name THREE, I knew this beauty items are somethings related to natural or organic..never thoughts it's actually from Japan I went to their launching of new ultimate organic UV protector at The Gardens Mall where their shop located..thanks to Careena (PR) for the invitations.

THREE made in Japan, products are based on achieving balance of the mind, body and skin. It actively supports the skin by boosting its natural mechanism to enhance the skin become what it was born to be. To accomplish this, THREE has taken particular note of the powers of essential oils and other plant based ingredients.


THREE balancing UV protector SPF 40 PA+++ 
30 ml, RM 166 for face

THREE balancing body UV protector SPF 50 PA ++++
80 ml, RM 229 for body

With Japanese Skincare Specialist and Trainer from Tokyo, Satoko Kaneko.

THREE balancing UV protector not just simple protection against UV but a multi defense approach. Created to actively defend and protect, it's a protector of more than 90 % naturally derived ingredients finished with a skillful combination of essential oils and botanical ingredients.

Before I left, I have checked out others products available at the store and I love mostly of the product packaging there. Overall I really like the store concept where it's look comfortable to walk in..I guess you can check it out yourself too at first floor, The Gardens Mall.


THREE balancing UV protector for face

THREE balancing UV protector contains 94 % naturally derived ingredients of essential oils, botanical oils, botanical water and plant extracts. Talking about the essential oils, I really love the smell from the product that can make me feel calm during applications and not too oily based as you may thought about it. This products also not only protect the skin from UV but also other external stimuli such as air pollutants and free radicals which I'm concerning about. The white texture is gentle on the skin and it does brighten up my face. See above photo with and without applications. My acne scar also look smoothened out however it doesn't cover it up ya. For the price vise, I think if you're a working adult you can afford for this quality products. far this products have been my favourite sunscreen for my face.

THREE balancing cleansing oil 

THREE also giving me to try out their no 1 best sellers products which is balancing cleansing oil. It's easy to use after applications just washes off throughly, leaving skin clean. For me, it's able to remove make up and I love the fragrance during cleansing. Overall, it does feel good after cleansing. Thank you so much THREE for introducing this lovely beauty brand to me.

"The power of nature is proven. 
Nothing can beat the gift from Mother Nature."

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