Friday, 30 June 2017

How old to start an anti-aging products? (NUTOX REVIEW)

Quarter life crisis:- going to late 20 age, I always wonder if I can always stay young. Talking about looking young, using an anti-ageing skin care products are one of the option that many will choose. As the title above, how old are you should you start an anti-ageing skin care products?? Check yourself for visible signs of wrinkle, loss of elasticity and firmness??

Received NUTOX STAY YOUNG set to try on. I like the overall packaging and the colour red white combination giving an elegant and mature feel. Actually I'm pretty much excited about this brand cause my mum have been the loyal users before and I'm also going to share this awesomeness with her too. The NUTOX skin care set consists of cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser for day and night. Follow the step to look younger in 7 days.

Using Bird Nest Collagen that helps to promote cellular regeneration, improve skin condition and protect against visible signs of ageing while Oxyfusion is an unique technology that infuses high level of oxygen into the skin that boosts absorption of Bird Nest Collagen.

Clean and help brightens the skin with Bird Nest Collagen and Oxyfusion. This cleanser is perfect for normal to oily skin type. I like the rich white foam lather up and smell so good during cleansing. It really help me to kick start of the day.

A lotion toner that help to moisturises, nourishes and pH balanced formulation. With Bird Nest Collagen and Oxyfusion, it's perfect for all skin types and especially for dry skin. Just apply on the palms, you'll see a clear light weight texture and gently pat onto skin till thoroughly absorbed. No fragrant smell.

This serum is a new and improved concentrated of Bird Nest Collagen and Actigenic+. It help to restores and rejuvenates skin to look younger in 7 days!! It's really work?? Perfect for all skin types, I don't like it but I really love it!! Pump out the clear lightweight serum gel and apply on the face to neck. Smell so good, it's also fast absorbing into the skin leaving no stickiness and fresh. I find my skin texture is getting smoother than before however my acne flaws will not easily get away.

118 Malaysian women who have tried NUTOX ADVANCED SERUM CONCENTRATE agreed that they look younger in just 7 days! 98% of women noticed lesser appearance of wrinkles and smaller pore size while 97% also said that their fine lines became less pronounced.

This milky white cream helps to firms, lifts and tones up the face with Bird Nest Collagen and Oxyfusion. Perfect for all skin types and use it in the morning. The cream texture has just nice feeling on the skin without stickiness. Less fragrant smell. Skin is ready to put on make up.

Use it in the night to help regenerates and rejuvenates the skin. The white cream and also less fragrant help to moisture and correct an uneven skin tones.

Alright, which one of the hand is looking more better than the other one?? haha..I believe is my left hand side cause it's packed with the bird nest collagen on..haha..From my hand itself, you can see the difference and result in smoothen out the fine lines.

After using it for about a week time, I find this range of skin care products are suitable for my dry skin type. The products has just right amount of texture in each bottle and most importantly absorbed well into the skin leaving fresh. The smell of the products also was really good. For me, I do find my skin getting smoother and firm. Overall, I'm very happy using it and same goes to my mum too. I also will recommend you to start include an anti-ageing skin care products by the age of 25 if you're concern about early visible signs of ageing seen. NUTOX STAY YOUNG skin care set are available at all major pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide. For more information, follow NUTOX on Facebook here.

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