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The Fabulous 4th Birthday Party & Super Unboxing Gifts Bag!!

Butterfly is turning 4th this year and joining this community for 2nd year has really help me metamorphosis into a real butterfly. What I feel is this community has provide me a good opportunity to connect with the brands, explore and share it as part of my interest and hobbies. Whenever I got the invitation, I always find very exclusive and pretty much very excited for it. That's why I always follow up closely The Butterfly Project Malaysia Facebook to find out..If you just happened to know about it right now, go check it out yourself. So for this post it might getting a bit longer cause I'm very excited to share with you how we're celebrating our fabulous 4th birthday party organised by our mamasan and super huge unboxing gifts bag from a lot of sponsor!! See that butterfly bag looking fully contained to be discover out later. Are you ready to check it out with me??

Before the party started, we got the chance to GLITZ & GLAM at the studio booth with my awesome butterflies. I was stunned at their beautiful pastel back drop and until the photo taken was printed out, I got to say WOW!! The photo quality was really good with the special design of the butterfly birthday party on. Not only that, they also has sent mp4 file thru email to share. They called them selves the trusted and reliable photo booth in town. Check out GNG STUDIO BOOTH. I'm highly recommended this booth if you need them.

So the 2nd birthday party for this year started in the evening at Hello Deer, Uptown PJ. A beautiful casual event party space as I walked in. Kinda matching out the pastel theme.

Emcee Leonard aka Blogger too. Btw did I mentioned Butterfly also for guys that're into lifestyle sharing too..

Self introduction..from this side I can see my hair do did by myself beautifully..haha..

Unboxing birthday gifts bag with Blogger Sydney..I like to hugs her whenever we met!! Love her bling bling make up look..haha..

Unboxing it one by one..sitting besides me is Blogger Carmen and next to her is Blogger Liyana..that look was funny after all..haha..

We have so much fun when unboxing time and most of us shout when we saw our favourites products!! You know the girls things..haha..

My birthday unboxing Instagram sharing

What's inside my birthday bag??
  • wanderlusthings 
  • WLab 
  • orkidcosmetics 
  • 1028_my 
  • DollyWinkMalaysia 
  • MamondeMy 
  • neesyaskincare 
  • HadabiseiMy 
  • myclinelle 
  • AdidasBodyCare 
  • photobookapp 
  • PaxMolyMy 
  • GNGStudioBooth 

Makan time, chit chatting, selfie..and that pink cup cake was way too cute to bite..

Photo with our mamasan Tammy, founder of The Butterfly Project..I think I'm way got few similarities with her and she really inspired me a lot to just start what we love to do!! Thank you for always giving me a good opportunity to grow..huggss..Btw that cake looking super beautiful to eat right..

My butterfly pastel party make up..What do you think?? Thanks to those compliment me..I really love to try out new look whenever I got the chance to do so..

Blogger Bee Lee and Miera..

Blogger Irene, Pui San, me, Sin Nee and the lucky girls won the most gifts of the day Shin May..congratulations!!

Blogger Eros bro aka photographer of the day..Thanks for some of the beautiful photo used in this blog..

I haven't show you my OOTD yet right?? It matched the back drops!! haha..

Alright, Tammy actually allowed me to carry this poster back and I'm thinking of gonna start collecting it can Tammy?? haha..

So after party back to home, I started to try out a few things first..


I haven't heard about this local brand before and what they have inside the box are two types of cleansing, Enzymatic Refiner Scrub 75 ml and Gel Cleanser 100 ml. What I find special about the scrub is you can leave on exfoliant about 3 minutes to enhances the appearance of skin clarity, evens skin tone and promotes radiance. The cleanser itself is a soap free which skin can benefits from brightening effects during cleansing. Ingredients include AcquaBiomin Gem Blend, Acquacell, Ekstrack Silver Vine and Alpha Melight. For more info click on the products name above.

Mamonde Floral Hydro mist narcissus 
water holding system 120 ml RM 49
Thought of wearing make up all day long and after cleansing, I need this mist to help my skin getting moisture instantly. I love Mamonde prodcuts from Korea cause their main ingredients are from flowers and the smell of it super good!! Like Mamonde Malaysia Facebook and if you which to purchase online authentically you can click on this link.

HADABISEI FACE MASK Extra Rich for Dry Skin 
5 pieces RM 48.70
Made in Japan this mask soaked in 25 ml of beauty serum contained Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly. I got to say this mask is super moisture keep mask sheet and it soft waffled sheet made of cotton fits on the face perfectly to be absorb. Love it!!

Alright sleeping beauty time..till the next day


  3. Wanderlust Things Unicorn Eye Make Up Brush 10 pieces RM 89
  4. Mamonde LONG LASTING liquid eyeliner + waterproof effect 4 ml RM 39
  6. 1028 BIG magnifier mascara 8 ml RM 59.90

First things to apply, soothing gel to calm down the face in the morning before make up application. I got the beautiful blooming colour of palette, so I can't wait to play with it. With the help of pretty unicorn shape of the eye make up brush, the trendy orangish Korean style of eye make up can be achieve easily. Coming to the eye liner part, I received two different brand to try out, Mamonde and Dolly Wink. Both are black liquid eye liner but different in the way to apply it. Maybe because I'm monolid type which mean we tend to draw thick eye liner so I prefer the Mamonde one which I could adjust the amount at the opening of the container and draw it with the brush compared to the Dolly Wink pencil type. Lastly, apply the black mascara and the final look as the above. If you like the products as I mentioned above just click on the products name to check out it out. I also have a 10 % discount code 'BUTTERFLY10' for you to shop at . You got to check out this website as they sell all the fun and quirky things that you might fall in love with it.

Orkid COSMETICS Matte Suede Creamy Liquid Lipstick 
RM 39
Alright, these are the coolest matte lipstick I ever have!! A Halal and Vegan products created by our local Blogger. I feel so lucky to try out their 4 best new colours from top left Blush, top right Turnt, bottom left Mars and last Vibes. What do you think of those colours applied and overall look?? For me with just an eye liner and the lip colour on, you can create an effortless matte look easily like a 'Town Girls' make up look. Talking about the matte type lip colour, many may dry up your lips quickly but for this one it was just nice hydrate and nourish my lips thru out the day. I also received quite number of good compliments from the people around. Thanks for making them lovely..Click on the product name above to check out yourself.

Next gym time..What do I carry in my bag??


  1. adidas climacool PERFORMANCE IN MOTION SHOWER GEL 250 ml RM 10.90
  2. adidas climacool PERFORMANCE IN MOTION ANTI PERSPIRANT 35 ml RM 4.99

Before coming out from the house, I'll always make sure I did apply sun care to protect my skin. After hitting the gym, I usually will take shower first and later body spray. What's great about this two adidas products are their activated fresh capsules technology will release by movement or when you touch your skin. Super like the smell of freshness after shower. Highly recommended this. Next, I also find super interest in the body cream that said has 3x super strength and proven shaping results in 7 days!! Really?? For me, I apply it on my tummy only and it felt warms on the skin. I like the built in 5 stainless steel roller ball massage applicator which to maximise the application and with organic brown algae extracts helps in shaping efficacy. So do I see the results?? Well it said that with regular usage, you should see able to see visible results in 28 days for a sculpted body shape. I think I still need more time to finalise it. Lastly after got back home, I'll apply sleeping mask to keep my skin hydrate overnight. I like their unique formula which transforms into water droplets during application on skin so that it can be easily absorbed leaving hydrate and supple. Most importantly this light cream gel sleeping mask texture doesn't feel stickiness to fall asleep. Moderate to high rated.

Alright, good night..but before that usually we'll still checking out our phone on the bed if you're happen to see your photo and thinking where to get it done as a pieces of memories, download the Photobook App from either the Apple Store or Google Play. This is so cool than before where you can create and personalise it on the go!! Or for more info you can check out

Thank you so much for going thru my longest blog post ever!! I know it's a little bit granny but let me know which part or products do you want me to do more details blog post to share..looking forward from you..and thank you very much for all the sponsor x The Butterfly Project. Happy 4th Birthday again to all pretty Butterflies!!

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