Friday, 23 June 2017

XiaoMi Mi5: High Spec Budget Phone of the Year! Where to get it CHEAP and FAST!

XiaoMi shock the world through their flagship Mi series phone in the year 2012. The company had manage to sell over 10 million Mi2 devices over 11 month’s period. It was a tremendous achievement for XiaoMi.

In year 2016, XiaoMi continue to launch their flagship phone Mi5 to catch a portion of the hand phone market. Comparing with its competitor, Samsung, HTC, LG and iPhone, what is so special about this phone? Let’s check it out.

1. Price
First and foremost, before we select which phone to buy, we will definitely check out its price and compare with other brand. Mi5 cost around RM 1,000 while Samsung S8 cost around RM 2,999 and Iphone 7 cost around RM 2,789. Looking at the price, Mi5 only cost less than half the price of Samsung and iPhone!

2. Hardware
Looking at the price, most of us will think that Mi5 should be a low end phone with a lower price. However, YOUR ARE DEFINITELY WRONG!!! Mi5 is a worthy competitor for iPhone and Samsung.
It is using a beastly Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor which is one of the fastest mobile processors available in the market. It has better processing power and energy efficient without the overheating issue. In addition to its Snapdragon 820, Mi5 has a variant of either 3 GB or 4GB of RAM which is be plentiful for any application and games usage. Combine with its GPU, Adreno 530, gaming performance is also a great on the Mi5. It has no issue in playing high end games available in the market.

3. Display and Design
Mi5 has a 5.15″ 1080P panel which could be said one of the best we have seen. It has a vibrant and saturated colors, deep blacks, great contrast, and excellent viewing angles. Moreover, the vibrant and adaptive brightness feature enable the user to has a good sunlight readability in which improve the user experience even more.
With a dimension of 144.6 x 69.2 x 7.3 mm, Mi5’s build quality is on par with other high end smartphones. It feels solid in hand and other small tiny details such as tactile feedback from power and volume buttons and flush camera are the features which increase the ease of handling the phone.

4. Additional Features
a)      Finger Print Scanner
Below the display, there's a physical home button which also can be used as a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner is incredibly fast and accurate. It could be said to be on par with iPhone which probably has the fastest and most accurate fingerprint scanner on the market today.
b)      Mi devices compatibility
XiaoMi is more than just phone manufacturer. They produce all kinds of other electronic devices and gadgets such as headphones, fitness trackers, TV and so on. One simple example would be if you fall asleep while wearing Mi Band fitness tracker, Mi5 will can automatically enter Do Not Disturb mode.

c)      IR Blaster
Mi5 is embedded with IR blaster which could replace TV or even air conditioning remote control.

Combining all these features and design, Mi5 is a definite must have phone with low price and great performance. Now, where could we find the phone with even cheaper price in the fastest way?

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