Saturday, 29 July 2017

Come and participate SENIKOME PENG HENG @First World Plaza till Sept 2017

Do you know there's an arts and cultural centre at Genting? Have you visited it before? Recently I just visited SENIKOME PENG HENG located on First World Plaza, Level 3. Let me tell you more about this. But before that entry fees is apply.

Introduction of east coast

Seni represents art and kome is from the local Pahang dialect, kami in malay languange. While Peng Heng is Pahang, the name stated in historical documents of the Ming Dynasty in the 1520's which refers to the East Coast regions namely Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan.

The East Coast Arts and Cultural Centre will highlight various traditional art forms specifically visual and performing arts from the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia from July to September. One highlight is Joget Gamelan a classical dance that originated in the courts of Riau and Lingga in the 17th century. While the next highlight is silk screen printing also known as serigraph or silk screening also comes to the fore at the centre in the coming months.

Our culture

Shadow Play or 'Wayang Kulit'

Quail Trap or 'Jebak Puyuh'

Malay Traditional clothes

Others culture showcasing include kris while traditional games include Hopscotch, kercang and draughts.

Traditional games
Mancala or 'Congkak'

Wau and Kite

If you're an art enthusiast, you may want to pay a visit to this centre in this two months where different art forms are showcased every weekend.

29-30 July 2017 - demo on Batik Canting, you'll get to witness the beauty of batik making a technique of hand dyeing fabrics by using wax as a dye repellent.

26-27 August 2017 - silk screen painting

31-1 September 2017 - water colour painting demo

2-3 September 2017 - Joget Gamelan, the main highlight

9-10 September 2017 - demo on sketching

16-17 September 2017 - pottery

22-24 September 2017 - weaving demo

This centre also aims to foster a creative environment where traditional artistry can flourish through immersive programmes such as the Wayang Kulit and Batik dipslay that're coming up. There is also an experiential area for various traditional games where you can participate in Congkak and Batu Seremban.

Our people

Retail Shop

Nasi Kerabu

Keropok Lekor and drinks

You can also enjoy the delicious traditional dishes at the centre and shop for your souvenir such as fine textiles and pewter ware items. There's also a Reading Corner at the centre and you also can join the guided tours that're held 3 times daily. Admission tickets are priced at RM 8 for adults (RM 7 for GRC members) and RM 6 for children (RM 5 for GRC members). There's also family package priced at RM 25 that allows entrance to 2 adults and 2 children. For more info, visit . So what do you think of visiting SENIKOME too when you got the chance to visit Genting next time. For me as a Malaysian, some of the art and culture showcased really impressed me cause I don't really seen it before in our daily life. So why not just pay a visit especially those with family and children to gain some exposure others than the textbooks right?


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