Wednesday, 26 July 2017

G9 SKIN FIRST LIP STICK Review for Face too!!

Hi girls, I'm so happy playing with new lipstick colour from G9 SKIN!! Why I said so because the lipstick texture alike crayon that goes so well on the lips and also overall face!! haha..So sometimes you have to see people as a crayon, they may not be your favourite colour but you need them to complete the picture and same goes to lipstick!! Girls will never have enough colour to create different look of the day..Alright, let's see more details at below..

By the way, have you heard about G9 SKIN products before??
They're new Korean anti city pollution skin care brand that excludes various skin trouble factors and adds effective ingredients for healthy skin. I find currently is a trend of more anti pollution skin care seen. Does it really good??

G9 SKIN guard 9 harmful factors which caused from city life to protect your skin from UV rays, dry living environment of heater and air conditioner, air pollution of waste gas, fine dust and yellow dust, stress of drinking and smoking, global warming, irregular living pattern, cosmetics harmful ingredients, thick make up, wrong skin care habit. With 9 ingredients called as G9 complex help to purify and protect your tired skin to clean and healthy skin from lotus, ivy, pine sprout, eucalyptus, oregano leaf, chlorella, hibiscus, chia seed and green tea extract. You'll then have a healthy and beautiful skin after along with these optimised 9 effective guides for your skin trouble of moist, whitening, anti wrinkle, nutrition, elasticity, skin purifying, sensitive skin care, pore care trouble and UV care.

Alright after getting know about this new brand story, do you started to concern more about your skin?? and that's apply to our lips too so G9 SKIN introduced their FIRST LIPSTICK!!

'The newest lip stick you've never met and the best yet.' Really??
For me, I really like the creamy soft texture alike crayon feel. With only one time apply, you can get a perfect evenly vibrant colour on the lips and most importantly it's not easy to transfer. However to get along the lip line perfectly, you got to have some skills. For the packaging, I find it's just acceptable. Price vise cost about RM 70.

No 1 Midnight Red

No 2 Dry Rose

No 3 Dazzling Pink

No 4 Peach Brown

   No 5 Vintage Red

The vibrant colour is less transfer on the hand.

With one swipe using the make up remover, the colour are still stay on the skin but not too worry at the end it's easy to remove by make up remover.

Alright do I said it earlier that I apply those lip stick on my face too..haha..Yes why not?? I don't really know why I do that but the colour and the texture really make me happy to play around..I used no 5 Vintage Red as eye make up, for nose contouring I used no 4 peach Brown, for the pinky cheek I used no 3 Dazzling Pink and lastly I used no 2 Dry Rose on the lips. It's so easy just blend evenly with fingers and you can get that natural sweet pinky look as you see above!! Don't you think this is super cool?? and that's why I said you'll never have enough colour..if you thinking where to get it go to . Alright see you on my next post about G9 SKIN again. You also can go to their insta to check it out more.

colour *****
texture *****
packaging ***
price ***
overall ****

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