Saturday, 29 July 2017

Top 15 Food to hunt @Sky Avenue over weekend stay!!

(No 1) Good morning from the cold hill here and I'm having a light breakfast at San Francisco Coffee, Level 4 to warm up. A creamy hot chocolate and salmon croissant is just perfect to kick start the day!

Hi foodies and you're clicking on the right page to check it out! What to eat when you're up at the 6118 ft?? Let me share with you the Top 16 food to hunt at Sky Avenue, Resort World Genting over a weekend stay. Note that some of the food shown here may be non-halal.

Sky Avenue is a new lifestyle shopping mall where you get to dine in, be fashionista and just rock your way when you're up at the hill!

Level 4 - Awana SkyWay
Level 3 - Fashion & Lifestyle
Level 2 - Fashion & Lifestyle
Level 1 - Casual Dining
Level M - Park Avenue Lounge
Level G - Zouk (coming soon) 

(No 2) Next is visited Starbucks Coffee Reserve at Level 3. Have you heard about them before? For me, I just realised them and they have 4-5 types of new exotic rare and exquisite coffee available, brew on the spot for you to enjoy a cup of hot coffee. Kinda another new experience in Starbucks Coffee Reserve if you're a coffee lover. You got to check them out.

So after some light food, let's go visit SENIKOME PENG HENG at First World Plaza, Level 3. What're exciting there to see? Read at here.

(No 3) Lunch time at Palsaik Korean BBQ, Level 4. Oh yes cause the feeling of eating hot BBQ are just perfect in the cold weather! Palsaik denoting 8 flavours of pork that serve in famous Korean BBQ style. All food served are so delicious and service are also good. Highly recommend to come here again with a group of family and friends to enjoy variety of dishes.

(No 4) Next door to it is Dal.komm Coffee shop at Level 4. So I decided to stop by to have some tea. Ya cause is tea time. Dal.komm Coffee reminded me on the very popular K-drama TV show, The Descendants of the Sun! Kinda feeling Korean style at Level 4. Haha..They not only serve caffeine, I find their menu are quite special and variety of drinks such as tea, juice, bingsu and deserts are available too. So I decided to give a try on their new deserts. Yum yum..

(No 5) After got some rest in the hotel, we came back to Sky Avenue for reloading activities, haha I means dinner time now. A must place to visit DC comics Super Heroes Cafe at Level 3. Simply because if you're a fan of DC comics like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and so on..and every single things in this retail cafe concept store are full of your favorite DC comics!! Suddenly I talked like a child mentioning which are my favourite heroes while waiting for my food to arrive..haha..So the food presentation was really impressed and the taste of the food also was quite satisfied enough. I think this cafe store is for everyone especially family and children.

(No 6) Since we're staying overnight at Genting, so I decided to try a nutritional soup as my supper at Tian Ma Bird Nest, Level 4. I know it's sounds expensive for my good night beautiful sleeping..haha..But once in a while when you up at the hill right.

(No 7) Next door to it is Koong Woh Tong at Level 4. Famous of their herbal drinks and jelly, I got to grab this back to hotel to drink to cool down my body system and rest well. Ok see you on the next day..


(No 8) So for the next day and also last day at Genting, we skipped breakfast and prepared for check out. After that we straight heading to Level 1 for variety of casual dining place and we choose Tampopo as our brunch spot to try. Tampopo is famous of Japanese ramen that you must try and the price of a bowl of the ramen was quite expensive but worth to try. I'll still recommend this to you if you're a ramen lover eater like my boyfie, KJ. By the way, this is non halal.

(No 9) We're still lingering around at Level 1 where I spotted a beautiful grand place and cute pau available at Wan Hoi Yam Cha to try for the tea time. The pau presentation are definitely so adorable while the marmite chicken and dim sum was a surprise to me. All of them are delicious however I didn't get to try on their famous birdie cookies in the cage that I'm holding in the photo. I think I'll come back again to try that and the best time is in the morning before sold out.

At the same level too, I like to go hang around at the desert area where I find most of my favourites are there. See below.

(No 10) Feeling cold but I'll still grab my most favourite ice cream shop, Inside Scoop at Level 1 to enjoy.

(No 11) Tokyo secret at Level 1, The No 1 Japanese cheese tart famous of their delicious freshly baked tart. Cheese tart lover shouldn't miss this out! By the way, they're also just added a few new items too. One of it, is the cheese tea drinks which it tasted sweet cheese and refreshing tea taste at the same time. You got to try this out if you haven't. For me, this is good!

(No 12) Thinking of bringing some cake back and Just heavenly at Level 1 was one of the choice of delicious cake available.

(No 13) Not missing out delicious Japanese waffle to bring back home, Madame Waffle at Level 1.

(No 14) Wondering what to eat for the dinner, come to Morganfields at Level 1. I was quite attracted with their shop design at first and when I went inside I saw the cute piggy fly at Morganfields. haha..The home of sticky bones presents good old fashioned barbecued pork ribs and they're really tender perfection taste. I'm kinda miss them already!

(No 15) Alright thought of perhaps I'll feel hungry down at the hill later, so I have checked out Canton-i at Level 1 for supper. haha..They're famous of their roasted duck and wanton noodle to try.

Now you might be thinking how to eat so much of foods in 2 days time??
Tips if you're coming in 2-4 pax, order 2-3 variety of food that you really want to try and enjoy sharing portion to avoid food wastage. That's really work. Alright, that's all from me at the moment and thank you to Jay, PR Resort World Genting for the Food Blogger invitations of 36 Hours Food Trail at Sky Avenue. I'm looking forward for the next ventures at Genting and share more with you. Do follow me on my blog and others social media platform. Thank you for checking this out and hope to see you soon.

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