Monday, 31 July 2017

Whipping Cream for face?! (G9 SKIN Review)

As the title above, I know you might get confused so am I too at the first. See the box that I'm holding like a milk drinks right? haha..they're actually G9 SKIN WHITE IN WHIPPING CREAM from Korea for face!! If you want to know more about G9 SKIN brand stories, you can check out my first review on this link.

Help to achieve instant, natural bright and radiant skin. Love their packaging at the first sight. Now let's see closer on their cream texture.

White in colour and they're also smell good upon opened up. The cream texture is feel soft and light upon picking up.

So I tested it first at my hand, upon application I can see white water drop formulation appeared which is rich with Hyaluronic Acid to provides the long lasting moisturise effect. So I even it out and you can see the instant result and difference of both hand. Now guess which one is with whipping cream on?? I bet you know is my left hand side right..

Applying on the whole face with one finger picking up amount of the cream where tone up is desired.

So final result on my face. For me, I think it does achieve instant brighter skin as it said without over whitening effect however it couldn't cover up my acne scar. I also feel that the cream texture is just nice on my skin where I doesn't feel that stickiness. In fact when I worn it all day long, my skin does feel hydrated and looking more natural glow. I like to use it on the day time under moisturiser and as a primer to correct my yellow skin tone first.


Texture *****
Results ****
Packaging *****
Price ***

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