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Top 10 Quirky Things found in the Hotel on the Park staycation

Hotel on the Park sounds like fun to stay when you're at Resort World Genting. If you doesn't known yet, formerly known as Theme Park Hotel has redesigned modernly with still retained it number of rooms to accommodate more family members especially in the exciting space as Genting is expecting an influx of visitors with the soon to open Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park. Hearing that I'm also pretty much very excited to come up here again but before that let me share with you if this Hotel on the Park is going to be your choice of stay next time. Located at the door steps of the Arena of Stars and the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox World Malaysia. It's also not far from the Sky Avenue lifestyle mall and Sky Casino by walking distance. The Hotel on the Park image logo is so cute right? Now lets see more..

1) Sitting on the giant pinky chair

2) Posing with the giant colourful cups

3) Must take photo of self reflect mirror wall

At the lounge area and my first taught when I entered, I feel like Alice in the Wonderland for a moment..haha..don't you think so?? The giantic pinky chair, giantic colourful cups and self reflect mirror wall photo opportunity that you must take when you're at here. Be cautions not too fall down or knock your head. Next is going up to the room..

4) Find your room no on the floor!!

Hotel on the Park is perfect for those who like to stay together and for the first time, Resort World Genting is introducing hotel rooms which can accommodate up to six people. The Sixers rooms have three queen sized beds including a bunk bed in a 300 sq ft space. This is very suitable for families or groups of friends who prefer to stay together in one room as the more the merrier. Room facilities include telephone, IDD access, tea and coffee making, kettle, open top safe box, standing shower, TV, mini fridge, mineral water, free room wifi, bedroom slippers and fan.

5) Once entered the room you'll see the 'wow' art of living wall where cupboard seen, TV can be on so don't worry..

6) Pull down this two pieces of roller curtains together to see the whole art of picture and it's brilliant!!

7) The kettle with message on and colourful cups, even the phone too..

8) Hugging the pillow with the Hotel on the Park badge on..aww

9) Totally adorable and comfortable slippers on your feet

10) The toiletries packaging are also so cute..

If you are coming in a slightly smaller group, they also have the quads rooms which have the two queen sized beds and can accommodate up to four people in an approximately 260 sq ft space. Hotel on the Park has 271 rooms at its main block and price starting affordably from RM 222.

The next I wish I can wake up like this every morning seeing the sun rise in the cold breeze weather cause my holiday mode is still on..

..and having breakfast together at Eatopia, which offers a quick bite, value for money and convenience with its grab and go concept. So sitting place are limited and not suitable for children height but if could get a good spot like this just enjoy it first..

Saw the beautiful view while eating, that's the Talking Garden..let's check it out just at the behind of the Hotel on the Park..

Talking Garden sounds interesting right and they mean to scan on the QR code or tap on the NFC to learn more on this little garden..while the Nepenthes, the colourful of tropical pitcher plants are taken care well..if you care, you can also sponsor a pitcher plant to help them keep growing..

Alright, happily ended my short staycation at the Hotel on the you find my Top 10 list of quirky and playful things in the hotel?? To book your turns click on

Room *****
Facilities ****
Safety ***
Service ***
Price ***

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