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BETADINE X MAKNA; Break the 'silence' in Malaysian Women (Review + Giveaway Alert)

Hi ladies, 
hope you're having a good day and in the conjunction of Breast Cancer Awareness in this October, I have something very meaningful to share with you. As the title, BETADINE is supporting the National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA) to break the silence and help more Malaysian women become more aware of cancer prevention. Cancer may sounds a little frightened in every of us but when you look after your health and be aware of your own body condition, early detection and prevention does matter. So don't worry, let's join force together to help those need and this time BETADINE Feminine Wash Foam goes pink..Well, I know the packaging doesn't look that pink (Pink October is mean for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign) but let's check out my review here and how do you can help plus BETADINE is being generous to collab and I'm hosting the giveaway for you.

Do you really need a feminine wash ladies??
The vagina is home to healthy bacteria known as Lactobacillus. These beneficial organisms are essential for the protection of our intimate area’s micro-environment. Under healthy conditions, this good bacteria in the intimate area environment can help to maintain an optimal pH balance, while preventing unfriendly organisms from thriving. In order for the beneficial microorganism to have a healthy population level, prebiotics or good germs play an important role. Most people know that prebiotics are good for the digestive system, but in fact, they can also be beneficial to other parts of our bodies, such as the intimate area. This is especially important for women’s personal hygiene, as prebiotics help to populate these beneficial organisms in the intimate area micro-environment, thus could help in protecting against feminine discomfort due to pH imbalance. With prebiotics, normal flora of vaginal micro-environment can be restored to help maintaining vaginal health.

Beneficial Organisms
Unfriendly Organisms
(Others: Bacteria/Fungi/Protozoa/Viruses)
ü  Help maintain normal vaginal pH 3.8-4.2

ü  Suppresses the growth of unfriendly organisms
ü  Keep vaginal flora in healthy balance
c        Overgrowth can lead to infections in the intimate area
c        Can cause infections and disrupt vaginal pH
c        Create an unfavourable intimate area micro-environment by displacing beneficial organisms

Ideally, the female intimate area should have a pH level of 3.8 – 4.2. This means that at pH 9 – 10, most soaps and body cleansers available in the market can disrupt pH balance of the intimate area, which can result in infections caused by thriving unfriendly organisms. On the other hand, while water is safe for cleansing the intimate area, it is not always adequate.

Ladies maybe yes or maybe no. As far as I concern, if you're using feminine wash means you're having an imbalance in healthy intimate flora such as itch, odour and excessive discharge. Those symptoms I have experience it before until I need to consult my gynaecologists. Well, it does really a little shame for me (especially meeting the male Dr) but most importantly get yourself treated first. I still remembered my gynaecologist advise to clean the intimate area with salt water if possible at all time and do not use any of soaps or body cleansers. Took the topical antibiotics as prescribed and within a few days I started to experience recovery. Well after that of course I have been more careful in taking care of my intimate area. Clean with water and dry it at each time while during shower avoid the soaps near the intimate area and until this time BETADINE gain my trust on using feminine wash product again.

BETADINE Gentle Protection Feminine Wash is designed exclusively for feminine hygiene needs. It nourishes and supports the growth of your healthy intimate flora for natural protection against feminine discomforts.

Made in Germany

Its unique Tri care formulation combined with prebiotics provides daily protection from unwanted symptoms associated with pH imbalance. Tri Care contains:-

Immortelle – a natural anti-oxidant that helps to improve skin’s natural moisture levels
DeoPlex – a natural extract that provides effective odour neutralization
SyriCalm – a natural active ingredient that soothes skin, reduces redness and alleviates irritation.

A gentle formulation suitable for daily use including during periods.

What I like about it after a few days trying it out??
With one pump enough, the white foam texture on my hands it feel so gentle plus a very good mildly fragranced. During cleansing, you can see the bubbles soap but don't worry it doesn't sting even on a small cut after shave which I have experience it recently. After rinsing, I can feel instant moisture and feeling fresh. At the moment, I'm very satisfied to use it almost every day. I also find that this could be the best feminine wash product to carry if you're on travelling cause you know different country have different toilets habits. Just to make sure your intimate area is clean and comfort by the end of the day.

How to support BETADINE X MAKNA??

You too can join Betadine® Feminine Care in its effort to raise fund for MAKNA to create more breast cancer awareness this October! Simply purchase two bottles of Betadine® Tri-Care™ Daily Feminine Wash Foam 100 ml at Watsons pharmacy throughout the month of October. For every two bottles purchased, RM1 will be contributed to MAKNA. Two (2) units of 100 ml Betadine® Tri-Care™ Daily Feminine Wash Foam retail at RM 29.90. Only available at Watsons. Its campaign aims to #breakthesilence on breast cancer and to save lives with early detection, with pledge to raise RM 7,000 for MAKNA. For every two bottles of Betadine Daily Feminine Wash 100ml foam sold in Watsons, RM1 will be donated. For more information about Betadine® Feminine Care and participating outlets, please visit

Before I end this, thank you for checking out this post and here's my small appreciation for you..

A unit of Betadine Feminine Wash 50 ml will be given out to my first 5 readers (Malaysian citizen) who commented on my blog below "I Love Betadine".



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